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  1. CharAznable

    Flatwound Strings

    So I bought a Godin 5th Avenue a couple of weeks ago and put flatwounds on it so I can get an authentic jazz tone and feel.. and I'm in love... they just feel great and play great. Also, slide works fabulously well... can't imagine playing slide without flatwounds now. And now I'm wondering...
  2. CharAznable

    Les Paul Les Paul prototypes?

    In all those early 50's videos, like this one Les Paul and Mary Ford are playing what look like very early Les Pauls, with top mounted input jacks and a different control arrangement. Here's a good picture of one: What Les Pauls are these? Prototypes? Customized 52's? There's a lot of...
  3. CharAznable

    Eddie Van Halen: Closet prog and fusion head

    The thread about why Van Halen didn't put out more music in his lifetime got me thinking. I always thought that he never put a solo album because his solo album would pretty be the next Van Halen album. But thinking about certain things he has said and done over the years... take this from his...
  4. CharAznable

    Nostalgia is a powerful drug

    I'm deep into a Spotify fueled rabbit hole of 90's music.... I remember where I was and who I was with the first time I heard each song... good times and bad times, but mostly good... the 90's was a good decade to be a teenager. Dammit getting old sucks.
  5. CharAznable

    Off Center Tune-o-Matic?

    So I have a famous single cut guitar made by a company who is notorious for exactly this type of crap. Now, I love this guitar. It's a tone monster. Plays great (except for this) and sounds amazing. However, I was wondering why it was so easy for me to drag the high E off the fretboard...
  6. CharAznable

    Wear on PRS wraparound bridge?

    So for a while, I've had annoying string buzz when bending on the high frets of the high E string of my PRS Mira, which I've played the hell out of for 11 years. I thought it was due to fret wear, but I finally got around to a fret level and crown and there is still some buzz... I dug deeper...
  7. CharAznable

    Bringing my first guitar back from the dead

    So I realized some time ago that I better learn to do fretwork myself as this area seems to be quite thin with luthiers since the passing of the great Dan Carbone... My PRS Mira, which is my #1, having had 11 years of being played daily, is showing some uneven wear which is manifesting itself...
  8. CharAznable

    Mac switching to ARM

    Dammit I hate architecture transitions... With an 8 year old Macbook Pro that I was looking to replace this year, the announcement that Apple will switch to fully in house ARM chips for Macs really puts me in a quandary... My Mac MO has been since forever, splurge on the highest end config...
  9. CharAznable

    It's amazing the difference pots make

    My 2003 Faded SG.. my first good guitar. As I got other guitars, I realized how dark and woofy it is, and how the controls don't really do much of anything.. can't clean up with the volume knob, and the tone knobs are either full on or full off. Bought a Mojotone kit and put it in, and wow...
  10. CharAznable

    So my 7 year old wants a sampling keyboard

    "I want a keyboard with a microphone that records what I say and it plays it back when I press a key" Somehow, in the vacuum, he figured out he wants a sampling keyboard. What should I get him? He messes around with Garage Band on his iPad.
  11. CharAznable

    Just what the world needs: Another version of Round Midnight

    Quarantine, so why not. Please be gentle, I'm not a jazz player
  12. CharAznable

    Sealing a ding in a poly finish

    So my 2009 PRS Mira has a tiny ding at the edge that took off a chip of poly, exposing, but not damaging, the wood underneath. I don't think it's fully necessary to leave it as if never happened, but I do want to seal it so the wood is not exposed. What's the best way to achieve this?
  13. CharAznable

    State of Frippertronics pedals 2020... Boss DD-200? Something else?

    OK so I want to get a delay/looper pedal for Frippertronics style loops.. that means Long delay time, >5s AT LEAST. The ability to set feedback for slow, slow fades. The ability to hold and play over your loop. Strymon Volante and Strymon El Capistan look like they're still up to the...
  14. CharAznable

    Fender Mod Shop? Any Experience?

    https://shop.fender.com/en-US/mod-shop/ Has anybody ordered from the Fender Mod Shop? Do they ship fast? Was the guitar to your expectations? Should I do it?
  15. CharAznable

    Fishman Fluence users... how well do they play with fuzz?

    Looking at noiseless pickups for my Strat, and I've really enjoyed the Fishman Fluence demos... However, I'm a heavy fuzz user... I have a Fulltone '70 dead first in my signal chain, before any buffers. Since Fishman Fluence pickups are essentially active... how well do they play with fuzz...
  16. CharAznable

    Current state of strat noiseless pickups

    So I have a stock Am Std Strat that plays like butter and sounds great acoustically, but I've never really bonded with the stock pickups. Kind of bright and thin and f*cking noisy to the point that I'm not even moved to plug it in. So I'm looking to maybe get a replacement pickguard with two...
  17. CharAznable

    Overdrives comparable to OCD v1.0

    So I have a very early, low serial number OCD that is absolutely fantastic and has become the cornerstone of my rig. I got it for like 80 bucks back in the day but lately I've realized that v1.0's are now considered magic fairy dust mojo unobtanium and are going for like $400 on Reverb. If I...
  18. CharAznable

    It's finally happened... my son has asked for a guitar

    He's six, and he's grown up watching me play. He's smart and observant. One day, when he was asking about careers, I told him "you should study something you love" and said "Did you study guitars?". It made me sad to tell him, no... Anyway, yesterday he's looking at my guitars and asks...
  19. CharAznable

    Tubes from an organ pull... anything useful here?

    A keyboard player friend of mine harvested some tubes from and old organ and gave them to me. Top to bottom: Tung Sol 12AU7 Made in USA (rest of letters are faded) Sylvania 12AX7 LV7 68 61 08 Ei ECC83 Yugoslavia Sylvania 5881 and Tung Sol 5881 that are marked differently yet look absolutely...
  20. CharAznable

    NGD: 2011 Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Picked this up today at an estate sale for $500 which a cursory search tells me was a really good deal. Virtually unplayed, with the sticker still on and plastic on the back cover plates. P90's sound like rock'n roll perfection when played into the cranked Tweed Deluxe. Just needed a...
  21. CharAznable

    NGD: Gibson Firebird T 2017

    Bought on an impulse last Saturday from AMS for $999. First time ordering a guitar online, so I was a bit nervous. I am amazed that a guitar in a gig bag in a box can be shipped via Fed Ex and arrive not only unmolested but in tune. Came sealed in a Gibson factory box. Presumably no one at AMS...
  22. CharAznable

    PSA: Pelham blue 2017 Firebird T $999

    Woke up, opened my phone, first thing I see after opening Facebook is a cleverly targeted ad for a 2017 Firebird T for $999 at AMS. 5 minutes later, $1k poorer, not yet fully awake and I'm waiting for a Firebird to arrive next week. If you want reverse headstock and Steinberger tuners, now's...
  23. CharAznable

    Simple box or pedal for direct clean sounds?

    Here's the requirement: A modeling (or otherwise) box that will give me a nice, basic (Fenderish or otherwise) clean sound when plugged direct. Don't need effects, don't need scores of models. I'll be getting all dirt and effects from pedals. I have an HD500 that is overkill for this, and I'm...
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