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  1. Terry McInturff

    "Comets" belong in outer space...not in your finish!

    Recently I did one of my finish consultancies by phone for an indie builder having some finish problems. Among other topics we covered came this: "Sometimes when I buff I find a number of little raised comet-shaped flaws in the finish!". Perhaps some of you have experienced this too! What's...
  2. Terry McInturff

    "Dumble Mods" for a red-knob Fender The Twin?????

    Hello all, Ive obtained one of the amps for next to nothing and Ive read of so-called "Dumble Mods" for them, but have not been able to track down exacting info about them. Does anyone here have a link to instructions for doing so? It's a much-maligned amp, but I had the head version years...
  3. Terry McInturff

    Beck's Bolero

    Hello all, One of many fantastic things about TGP are the various threads regarding songs or artists that have moved a person. I read those threads and listen, ponder, and learn. I have discovered so much great music...or have re-visited so much great music...via the various TGP threads and I...
  4. Terry McInturff

    "Loaded for Bear"..a couple fun additions to the TCM Sound Lab's gear

    I just completed going through these two and it was well worth the effort! 1953 Newcomb G-12 and 1963 Magnatone M-10. The Newcomb's sound and personality is very similar to that of a 50's Tweed Deluxe, except that the Newcomb has a tighter bass and is a tad less compressed. It's like a Tweed...
  5. Terry McInturff

    Buff 'n' Stuff

    Hello all, From time to time there's discussion regarding finish sanding and buffing. And I receive PM's about the topic occasionally. Here's a few things to share from my POV: 1) The final pre-buffing wet sanding of the finish is kind of "the grand finale" of the finish, because every step...
  6. Terry McInturff

    TCM Consultancies conducted by Terry McInturff

    Hello guitar builders! I offer a 100% confidential consultancy service for those who would like to shave years off of their building learning curve, solve production headaches, and much more! PM me here at TGP for more information. Conducted on-site, by Zoom, or by phone!
  7. Terry McInturff

    Some practical "drying" hints for the small builder

    Hello all, There are so many practical hints to convey it is hard to know what to share! The subject of "drying" is itself, vast. Here are some very quick tips regarding "drying". 1). To dry guitar wood to the ideal 6%- 8% moisture content Tools needed: small-ish enclosed (but NOT completely...
  8. Terry McInturff

    What is the best semi-gloss concrete floor paint (one-coat) these days?

    Hello all, It's so wonderful to have this forum of friends....friends-in-guitar....to be able to come to for advice. Just wonderful! OK...it's high-time that I paint the concrete floor of my humble shop! Current shop in-place for around 20 years (smaller than my previous one, but back then had...
  9. Terry McInturff

    Is the quality of the control cavity/wiring EVER going to be an issue in the world of high-end electric guitars?

    Hello all, I suppose that the title says it all. What say you? Does this unseen world of craftsmanship...or lack of it... matter to you?
  10. Terry McInturff

    Mesa Boogie Bandlander 50w head?????

    Experienced users tell me about it. Thanks!
  11. Terry McInturff

    The perfectly flat ultra thin finish is the hardest to perfect..here's one requirement of many...

    With practice the typical factory grade finish can be achieved...and you have to be able to do that level first, repeatedly, in order to graduate from Ford to Ferrari, as it were. Granted, I have not inspected an actual Ferrari finish in many years and don't know if it's actually good...
  12. Terry McInturff

    What overdrive will get me into singing Mesa MKIIC territory?

    Feeding into the front end of a mildly crunchy early 1970s 50 watt Marshall ??
  13. Terry McInturff

    Big manufacturer's video displaying poor finishing technique and dangerous practices...

    I won't say who.... I just watched a major USA guitar mfg's video which describes their finishing process. - The sprayers aren't keeping the spray gun parallel to the surface, rather they are quickly sweeping the spray gun in an arc. This results in a coat which is notable thicker in the...
  14. Terry McInturff

    The nine words that hold the key to achieving an accurate surface.

    "Lower the high spots to meet the low spots". Obvious, right? But in practice this can be very challenging to execute, and in fact an entire chapter on guitar making could be devoted to the various sanding techniques...some of which aren't very obvious at all. The key is to drop the high...
  15. Terry McInturff

    Neumann KH310 monitors...

    ....are just wonderful. I've been using mine for about 4 months in the TCM control room and I am loving them. I'm very pleased! Any other users here? These are my first modern 3 ways, and I'll be triamped for ever more. Wes Lachot told me to get them, boy was he ever right!
  16. Terry McInturff

    45 years in the guitar biz..if I made it, so can you!

    Hello all, 45 years ago yesterday I departed NC, bound for Phoenix Arizona and one of the first classes held at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. I have been a full time builder (plus many years augmenting building with repair/restoration work back in the day) ever since and even though the...
  17. Terry McInturff

    Six grocery store items your shop shouldn't be without!

    There are more than these six that I mention, and so I look forward to YOUR additions to the list! 1) Viva paper towels (plain white, NOT pattern-printed) Literally the best paper towels made and the only ones I keep at the shop! Uses (besides cleanup): polishing cloths, quick and versatile...
  18. Terry McInturff

    If HiWatt had made a Tweed Deluxe in 1953..it would have been my Newcomb!

    Hey, meet my newest amp, Newcomb! Newcomb was made only in the year 1953. He was made by Newcomb Audio Products Company in Hollywood, California. This company made numerous products for broadcast use and for P.A. use. To my knowledge my amp...a Newcomb G-12...was the only guitar amp that they...
  19. Terry McInturff

    Neumann KH310 monitors are great...a (long) home control room story.

    Hello all, I've worked on the acoustics of my control room on/off for 4 years now, and have finally arrived at the "this is gonna work!" stage. I am blessed in having an old friend to advise me (periodically) who has made a big name for himself as a studio designer...Wes Lachot...
  20. Terry McInturff

    Turned down accepting a free amp.

    Baldwin Exterminator in great shape. A total white elephant..except that it's blue! Just couldn't justify losing that amount of studio space! I was however gifted with a few other cool vintage amps, I'm incredibly blessed. But man, the Baldwin Exterminator is HUGE
  21. Terry McInturff

    Warm Audio Bus Comp users?

    Well, how do you like it? Any QC issues?
  22. Terry McInturff

    Show a pick of your rack of "obsolete" recording gear you still use!

    I find myself using the same combinations of outboard gear often, and so I'm rearranging my racks to put the various combos of stuff in closer proximity. This here rack as you can see is a motley assortment of things from 1974-1988 or so. Everything has had it's PSU recapped and a number items...
  23. Terry McInturff

    FX loop goodies!

    I love an amp that has a good FX loop and when playing live I put the time based effects in there. When recording, I utilize the FX loop a lot! When recording just about anything, I'm a firm believer in getting the sound right at the source, rather than to do a lot of EQ-ing etc on the...
  24. Terry McInturff

    What weighs 18 pounds and sounds fantastic in the FX loop?

    1977 Klark Teknik DN27 graphic equalizer. Best sounding graphic ever made. Anything that Klark made after around 1985 isn't the same...great for PA, but not for tones shaping. The early 80's DN27A sounds good too but lacks the Sowters. -28 hand wound inductors, one for each band -proportional-Q...
  25. Terry McInturff

    The tremendous savings earned by making your own cables!!!!

    Any home studio owner should be able to solder cable connectors expertly, no problem. Its easy!! Look at the savings...... -A Mogami Gold 3 foot long TRS/XLR cable sells for $44.95 - The wire used...Mogami 2534....sells for $1.12 per foot -A pair of perfectly good connectors with gold contacts...
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