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  1. hasserl

    Any Tech Info On New SF Fender Amps?

    Hows it going guys? It's been awhile since I've logged in here. But some discussion about the new silver face amps (Twin Reverb & Deluxe Reverb so far) has been going on, and looking at Fender's marketing ad copy they claim they've modified the normal channel with what they call a modified...
  2. hasserl

    Ampeg Mystery Amp

    I played thru an Ampeg today at a blues jam, and I'm trying to find out what model it is, and it's turned out to be a bit harder than I thought it would be. This is not a vintage Ampeg amps, it's one of the newer models, blue diamond covering, top mounted control panel like a tweed Fender...
  3. hasserl

    Check out the Backline at this jam!

    A Goodsell Dominatrix, a Jet City JC20AH/MEsa Boogie Theile Cab, and a Victoria 20112. Nice! The Jet City may seem outclassed in the company of these other two higher priced amps, but I can tell you that it holds it's own quite well in their company, offering a different voicing choice than...
  4. hasserl

    Had to pull out my backup amp last night, a Crate Powerblock

    I've been hauling a backup amp to gigs for years, never had to use it, but I had it there just in case. For the past few years it's been a Crate Powerblock. I tried the amp out once I think, just to try it out and make sure everything worked, then I stuffed it back into it's soft case and...
  5. hasserl

    Any Experience Micing Archtop for Live Use?

    I'm looking to start an acoustic duo playing mostly blues with a buddy who will play acoustic bass and we'll probably bring along a harp player from time to time as well. I assume we'll want to amplify things at least a little, and I figure a small PA will do the trick for both instruments and...
  6. hasserl

    Here's something nasty

    This is the power tube board in a Carvin Nomad, it had a problem: After I got the board out and removed the socket there was a large pile of carbon deposits under the socket. I cleaned up the board so I could see the extent of the damage. The terminal in the center is the high voltage...
  7. hasserl

    Fixing Stripped Out Strap Button Screw

    Went to get my old Jazz Bass the other day and saw a screw laying in the bottom of the case. What the ..... ? It's the button on the upper horn. It's been loose for awhile, but I procrastinated about tightening it up, and now look what's happened. I tried putting it back in place, but it just...
  8. hasserl

    Playing Bass for a gig, what did I get myself into?

    My first instrument is guitar, but I've played bass for a long time now, mostly just blues and blues rock stuff. I try to play at least a set or two at the blues jams I host, or the ones I go to. At some jams I'm fine with just playing bass when the place is packed with guitar players. It gets...
  9. hasserl

    Any Experiences with My Gear?

    I've been getting a lot of emails lately from this site "My Gear" but I've not seen anything about it on any of the forums I've been to. Has anyone checked into it or bought/sold anything there? http://www.mygear.com/
  10. hasserl

    Backline amps for blues jam

    I head up a group of jammers here in Orange Co and we have several jams that we hold on a monthly basis, I host one of them and I have assistants that host the others; combined we have 3 to 4 jams a month, spread around at different venues in different parts of the county and also out in the...
  11. hasserl

    Dissappointment w/ Rebel 20

    Twice now I've played thru one of these amps at a blues jam, and both times my experience has been disappointing. The guy that owns the amp sound really good thru it (though I prefer him thru his Vibrolux Reverb Custom), and I've heard the clips, seen the vids of others playing thru it that...
  12. hasserl

    Rick Danko of The Band, is he faking it?

    Or should I say "was"? What is the deal with the guy. I noticed while watching The Last Waltz that often it looks like what Rick is playing on the bass is nothing even close to what is coming out of the speakers. Somebody's playing bass, and it makes no sense that it wouldn't be the damn bass...
  13. hasserl

    Amp Challenge: Fender Deluxe Reverb vs Carvin Nomad

    After having just installed a fresh set of JJ's into a SF Deluxe Reverb I set it up next to my old Carvin Nomad and was playing them side by side when I decided to plug in an AB box and go back and forth between them and turn the camera on and record it. I thought it might be fun for you guys to...
  14. hasserl

    Kay Speed Demon

    I know this isn't the kind of guitar most players here will dig, but I believe there are some out there that dig these old Kay's like I do. I picked up this old Kay of the Bay awhile ago, but it needed some electronics work and a good setup, and I was doing too much business travel and had amp...
  15. hasserl

    Clip from a Blues Jam last Sunday - Fool For Your Stockings

    Played this at a jam last Sunday. Considering how things can go horribly wrong at blues jams, especially with non-standard songs, I think this turned out fairly decent. Ignore the clams, the sax player and I were trying to play off each other during the lead breaks...
  16. hasserl

    Super Reverb Sample clips

    I just uploaded some clips of my Super Reverb from a bar gig last year. These were recorded with a Sony digital camera set to video mode, so the fidelity quality is not so good. The video's were too dark to actually see anything, so I stripped the audio from them and uploaded those files. Though...
  17. hasserl

    Tempo drags on Soundclick?

    I posted this in the Lounge, but got no response at all. Has anyone else ever noticed the tempo dragging real bad on clips uploaded to Soundclick when you stream them back? I uploaded a couple of clips of my Super Reverb, thinking I would share them, but dang, they drag so much they sound...
  18. hasserl

    My new creation - tweedylishious!

    Just finished up a new amp here and I've been playing it all weekend, just really digging the tones. This is a bit of my own creation based on a Weber 5E3X2 (also known as a Double Deluxe), but with quite a bit of twists and tweaks to the circuit. I took major liberties with the circuit, most...
  19. hasserl

    Tweed lovers, check this out!!

    This is a Weber 5E5A kit amp I built. It turned out great, IMO. I am loving the tone. That big ol 15" alnico mag speaker sounds incredible. I ordered the cab with the tv front design, I really like it. And here's some pics for those that like to look at the insides. Here's the board...
  20. hasserl

    Can anyone identify this 6BQ5?

    I've got these Baldwin labeled 6BQ5's and I'd like to know who the mfgr was, if possible. These tubes sound fantastic! And in a recent comparison with seven different EL84/6BQ5 tubes these were the best. That group of seven included Amperex, Telefunken and RCA along with some other newer brands...
  21. hasserl

    Little Martha

    Here's a clip I did out in the shop of an old Allman Bros tune. This was done with a digital camera in movie mode, so the quality is not so great, and my 10 year old son was operating it. But I still think it's pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7hr6YdfL8E
  22. hasserl

    Crate V32

    Anybody check out the Crate V32 Palomino? A friend brought over his new amp last week and I got to spend quite a bit of time playing with it. This is a VERY nice little amp! He had already replaced the stock speaker w/ an Eminence Tonker, which he said was a great upgrade. (I love those...
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