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  1. bigtone23

    If you could have only one bass under $1000???

    If I were to have one bass, it would certainly be an active J bass. The onboard preamp allows minor adjustments to fake/emulate other bass tones. A close 2nd would be a P/J, but I would have a push/pull pot or switch installed so the P pickup can be run in series or parallel. This way you can...
  2. bigtone23

    Fender U.S.A. Jazz Bass. Value?

    Is the serial # starting with US12xxx...? $1000. +/-$150 depending on whether it's an American Standard or American Special. Pics help.
  3. bigtone23

    Favorite Big Muff?

    For bass, my 1984 V6 Muff rules. It has the proper scoop and low end.
  4. bigtone23

    “Meat and Potatoes” bass tones?

    Your 4 choices are right on track with my list, which is easily condensed to 4 basses. ** designates the most useable and wide swath of tones with the minimal amount of instruments **P with flats P with rounds **J with rounds J with flats **Stingray with rounds **Active 5 string (typically a...
  5. bigtone23

    Short scale vs. Mikro

    Good choice. Mikros are really cool, but finding strings is a trick. Regular ol' 30" short scale strings are a breeze to find.
  6. bigtone23

    Commercially available bass cab with tons of low end?

    From personal experience, these cabs have a noticeable low end bump tuned into them. Mostly because they are obviously front ported to do so: Ampeg 410HLF, Markbass 104HF, Genz Benz 410TXB. Use 2 to shake foundations. Lots of Orange and older Peavey in use for Doom stuff, too. However, as...
  7. bigtone23

    NBD: '97 Squier Pro Tone Precision Jazz Bass

    Agreed, the original JV and SQ Squiers were really killer, almost too good. The first wave of CV and VM (from around 2010-2014) also were built a little too well. I played a Squier Dimension V and loved it. I was then looking for a Squier Dimension V when I found my MIM Dimension V for $350...
  8. bigtone23

    NBD: '97 Squier Pro Tone Precision Jazz Bass

    Great deal! The Pro Tones were the first Squiers (after the initial MIJ run in the early/mid 80s) that were done really well. Cool woods and hardware. Pickups were generally good, too.
  9. bigtone23

    Guitar players rushing the tempo... Go along and speed up, or hold back the reins?

    As a bassist and drummer, I have a pact with the bassist or drummer to allow some musical tempo fluctuations, but to also hold back a downhill snowball. Once it speeds up too much, too soon, it sounds pretty bad. Guitarists often can use and appreciate the acceptable tempo variance as a form of...
  10. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    Here's my modded Patriot (I call it RicRiot). Moved the jack to the side, added another SF, 3 way switch and a Hipshot Xtender on the E. Turned a great bass into an outstanding bass.
  11. bigtone23

    understanding string gauges

    I agree, 45 60 80 105 is more balanced and even across the strings. Oh, do I ever not like 50 70 85 105 flats (like Chromes). The D& G are way too stiff relative to the A & E. When I changed out my Chromes, I bought two sets and made a hybrid, used the 45 65 80 from the lighter set and the 105...
  12. bigtone23

    I really want to try playing bass guitar, but....

    This will get you farther than the bass. However, the newer Affinity Squiers are not bad at all. A little attention to set up, nut filing, etc... and it is great.
  13. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    I started buying Peaveys because they were such tremendous values. $150 Foundations, etc... It was also fun to play a Peavey when Peaveys weren't cool and have the haters eat their hat. Those days are over, the bargain pricing is rare and people accept and search out these gems. The Super...
  14. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    You have stumbled on what was the greatest secret in the bass world, until about 8 years ago: 80s USA Peavey. These were < $100 basses for a long time. Now the secret is out and they command $400. Which is still a steal relative to anything Fender puts out. The Patriot was their lowest priced...
  15. bigtone23

    Getting addicted to bass

    The world needs more bassists. Especially ones that 'get it' and don't play like guitarists. It's super fun to get to gig as much as you want to!
  16. bigtone23

    PJ bass pickup replacement questions

    Yeah, plus it's got a cool, foucused/pointed midrange character to it, relative to a soloed neck pickup. I like it for copping a John Taylor kind of tone without having to get a different bass or changing amp settings.
  17. bigtone23

    PJ bass pickup replacement questions

    In those incredibly rare times I use a soloed J bridge pickup, it's accompanied with a little bass boost. It gets the volume matched up as well as giving a solid low end support.
  18. bigtone23

    PJ bass pickup replacement questions

    Yep! It's best to look at it as a P with a tone modifying extra pickup on it. You can try adjusting the J pickup as close to the strings as possible, without getting that magnetic warble. Something I do on my P/J is put a series/parallel switch on the P pickup. In parallel mode, the P pickup...
  19. bigtone23

    4 String B-D

    I have a a bass dedicated to BEAD. Just the usual nut slot widening and a set up for the thicker strings. I played it for a couple gigs but ultimately missed the G.
  20. bigtone23

    Bass newb! P/J pickup output difference

    It's the age old conundrum of mixing singles with humbuckers. There are pickup sets that tend to mix well. I have used the classic EMG P & J together with great success. I also have a set of Wildes: P46/J45L that also have very consistent volume output when set to similar heights. Typically, a...
  21. bigtone23

    PB vs PJ Bass... less neck dive?

    Both the P and J bodies put the strap button nicely above the 12th fret area. This goes a long way in stopping neck dive, look at the G&L ASAT, Gibson EBO, Fender Mustang, that button is much closer to the neck joint and these are commonly known to dive. The trend for wanting ridiculously light...
  22. bigtone23

    Fender PJ's are there any noticable sonic differences between the models?

    There will be noticeable difference in the tonality of the 3 instruments. Preamps aside... The Charvel with the Dimarzio Models will have a more 'modern' aggression to them. The Models were the original "more" pickups, designed to replace the 'classic' sounding pickups of the 50s-70s. The Jag...
  23. bigtone23

    Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe V USA 2002 anyone?

    I have a 97 US Dlx J (Suhr era pickups) v as well as a 00 US Dlx P V. Both are killer basses and fully stock. The most common thing I see modded is the preamp and maybe the pickups. Everyone has their tastes and preferences, I find the stock electronics to be perfect for my needs. The necks...
  24. bigtone23

    50s P Bass single coil vs later double coil?

    This is spot on. I'll expand on it. The single pole piece per string gives a more pronounced attack to the note. Look at the Stingray for a hyped version of this. The single coil has a wider bandwith, it not only has more pronounced highs, but the lows actually go a touch deeper. It's also...
  25. bigtone23

    Suggestions for a cheap, capable bass amp?

    I would find an older, used Peavey TKO/TNT and then get a drive pedal of your liking to meet your requirements. Generally, the TNT has more power and is band friendly.
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