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  1. Tonekat

    NGD! 1976 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty-Found My Holy Grail

    Very nice, I have a '72 LPC I love.
  2. Tonekat

    Have people forgotten shred guitar?

    I tend to think of Satriani as the most melodic shredder there is. He's on a plane above the typical shred stuff. EVH, IMHO is like that too.
  3. Tonekat

    Real 59 Les Paul into a real Dumble

    Yeah, I don't know if others were listening through ear buds or tiny computer speakers, but I streamed it though my stereo and eq'd a little and it sounded great!
  4. Tonekat

    MXR 6 or 10 band EQ pedal?

    I have the old blue 10 band, A/C powered, I need to hook it up.
  5. Tonekat

    Which 1 city would you travel to in the USA to find the "perfect" (vintage/used) guitar+amp?

    I would look in non-destination cities. Where stuff from the 70's and 80's is somewhere in a back room.
  6. Tonekat

    Sold DiMarzio Super Distortion

    PM'd on the SD.
  7. Tonekat

    New Gibson line of amps

    Is this going to be like Bogner and Line 6?
  8. Tonekat

    Masters Of The Telecaster.

    Bill Kirchen.
  9. Tonekat

    Billy Joel?

    I saw him once, in 1972 at a 1600 capacity theatre, with 700 folks there to see the headliner, The J. Geils Band. He had a grand piano, a guitar player with a red Tele, and a drummer. He performed "Captain Jack" among other early songs.
  10. Tonekat

    Went on a "Craigslist Adventure" today and brought home a new friend

    I knew someone back in HS who bought one new right after they changed to silverface, with 2 x 15's. Nice score!
  11. Tonekat

    Obsessed With The Mellotron!

    In KC live, Fripp plays COTKC on a midi keyboard to an iPad with software.
  12. Tonekat

    Do you like Strandberg guitars?

    I received a HSS Boden 6 string Standard Trem a couple of weeks ago, and its hard to walk by it without picking it up. Fun guitar!
  13. Tonekat

    Who invented pinch harmonics?

    I remember a Leslie West interview in Guitar Player that I read in the library in HS where he described how to do the pinch, and that's how I learned it.
  14. Tonekat

    Price Check-Marshall 30th Anniversary

    My band played a gig in Fairfax, VA, and the previous band's guitarist had the whole 30th Anniversary half stack. He offfered to let me use it for our set and I took him up on it. It was a blast to play through. Very striking appearance-wise, too.
  15. Tonekat

    what wattage speaker is in your deluxe reverb

    My '65 has the trem-mod to take the trem out of the circuit, and a variable negative feedback control in the ext. speaker jack. Love these mods.
  16. Tonekat

    what wattage speaker is in your deluxe reverb

    Not a tight fit at all, I have the backpanels on.
  17. Tonekat

    what wattage speaker is in your deluxe reverb

    My '65 Deluxe Reverb has an EV SRO "Coffee Can" 12", heavy, but man does it sing when the amp is turned up!!
  18. Tonekat

    Moving abroad!....Now lets talk about power supplies and such!

    Mr. McPherson will be with you after he finishes his haggis, neeps, and tatties. I loved exploring the Highlands for two weeks in July 2001, and thought that I could live there. Good luck!
  19. Tonekat

    Completely Stupid Amp Purchase - Fender Quad Reverb

    Nice to read about a different amp. I'd keep it. This and the Super Six must be the guitar amps Fender had in mind to be in the same band with the monster PS400 Bass/anything amp, with all three 18" cabs.
  20. Tonekat

    Quinnamp/Shad rip you off? Contact me please.

    You're on the bus or you're off the bus. :cool:
  21. Tonekat

    Ampeg V4 4x12 Speakers?

    Oh, thanks for that, now I remember he had the V4 head and the V2 tall cab!! Thing was formidable!
  22. Tonekat

    Mic alternarive to SM-57?

    An engineer turned me on to the Stedman N90, dynamic, with a 30mm EV element that's the same as the EV RE-20. It can handle guitar amps with ease, lots of headroom. Discontinued.
  23. Tonekat

    Les Paul neck angle - is this too extreme?

    Does the tailpiece have to be socked all the way down?
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