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    Facebook band page sharing

    done a thread like this and had success getting a few likes and checking out some of TGP users cool bands and liking their pages. Misewell do it again here is mine https://www.facebook.com/Recluseband post yours and like each others pages. Dig it
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    Joe Bonnamassa: "That’s where the Black Keys and Jack White have succeeded and I’ve f

    The way I see it is that although I think the newer BK and JW stuff is not the best their old stuff was great. Listen to BK's Junior Kimbrough cover album and you can feel the emotion in the music even though it is covers. Whenever I see or hear Bonnamassa I just get the sense he is a average...
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    Trust me it's music related.. Pot Heads! RANT

    Exactly I like the green for mostly when relaxing at home watching concerts or rehearsing/jams.... Gigs definitely not. Recording though Is pretty good stoned as well i found
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    Who is the Most Underrated Guitarist?

    For me Josh Homme Jonny Greenwood (not really underrated I guess) Billy Corgan Gordie Johnson Jeff Martin
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    What impresses you more? Great rhythm playing or lead playing/soloing?

    used to love solos and general leads now I am more into the overall rhythm and structure of the song. I still like lead stuff only when used appropriately or part of a whole song or sprinkled here and there.... Can't stand those players that solo for like 80 percent of the song or play long ass...
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    recommend me some meaty rock music please

    Great band and album
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    Royal Blood (for all those who claim rock is dead)

    Crazy to see how quick they came up.... I started listening to them in the summer and they were unheard of here in Canada.... now they are on the radio all the time and I see ads and hear people talk about them. It's awesome... Gives me hope for my band which is also just guitar/drums... I do a...
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    No Love for the new Pumpkins album?!?

    I like the songs and lyrics and think it is a great debut album for sure but I don't listen to it often as I PERSONALLY think the guitars sound very irritating and grating... Lame reason not to listen to an album but it actually annoys me so I don't listen to it often. I still stand by my...
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    Can good music and vocals overcome trite lyrics?

    IMO yes but In the end I always prefer music with a good meaning and purpose and true emotion in it. That said the new Royal Blood album is a lot of bland lyrics but I still think it is great catchy and awesome sounding music... You gotta like that kind of music for what it is.
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    No Love for the new Pumpkins album?!?

    I am with a lot of folks on here....Gish I like but don't listen to often because of how it sounds (lame reason I know but the sound of everthing on that album irritates me after a song or two) Siamese Dream is amazing and really reminds me of getting through a tough time in my life so it is...
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    Loving an artist, but not their tone

    one of my fave bands is Radiohead and although I do love their later guitar sounds ALOT actually their early 90s distortion tones are soooo ugly to me. Also Primus....Love them but his guitar tones are very meh. Bass tones are pretty good usually and the guitar DOES sound awesome in Shake Hands...
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    Put together your favorite band's greatest hits album

    Queens of the Stone Age 1.Millionaire 2.Burn the Witch 3.No one Knows 4.Medication 5.Song For the Dead 6. Lost Art Of Keeping a Secret 7.I Think I Lost My Headache 8.Sick,Sick,Sick 9.Turnin On the Screw 10.Smooth Sailing 11.3s and 7s 12. Someones in the Wolf
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    Most jaw dropping live music experience?

    best show I have ever seen ? O'Brother at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto last year. They really set an atmosphere with smoke machines and those caged lamps hanging everywhere. I forgot I was in a smallish bar/club and thought I was in a deep cave listening to this band go from clean trippy parts to...
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    Is There a Guitar Player You Feel Like You Should Really Love But Can't?

    Joe Bonamassa .... I just can't like the guy. He is talented and seems like an ok guy but whenever I see and hear him play it just feels cheesy and forced or something. It is hard to explain
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    Booked based on FB likes?

    I think it is pretty standard for people to judge your band on how many likes you have and how your facebook looks. I know I do ! I always look at a band page and notice if they look like a legit band and not some fool around high school band. I try to check out the music of most bands...
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    Big Wreck

    Big Wreck is an amazing band!! glad to see them getting attention here. I love the album The Pleasure and the Greed. This song is amazing especially qng-3npCIYs If you want to hear other great Canadian bands check out Big Sugar (blues/rock/reggae) and The Tea Party (middle eastern/blues/rock)
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    How do YOU find new music?

    Gary Clark JR!! I know he is pretty well known now but I remember seeing him on the 2010 crossroads festival dvd for the first time and had "Don't Owe You a Thang" on repeat for days... same with Bright Lights. Some people I know were disappointed with his Blak and Blu album but I loved it...
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    How do YOU find new music?

    I find new bands from word of mouth by bandmates,friends and family.... Sometimes I will look up a band I really like on youtube and look at the side suggestions for other songs by bands I don't know and see if I like it.. Usually get caught up in youtube for hours doing this and seeing what new...
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    **LONG READ** Had a Craigslist deal gone wrong last night..

    Wow as I avid user of Kijiji (Canadian Craigslist) this worries me.. I trade and buy stuff all the time.. Sorry to hear OP
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    Songs in open C tuning.

    Lovin the suggestions guys , really liking that moody blues song. I just tuned my acoustic to the CFCFFC and it sounds awesome... very inspiring. I have already come up with a killer song idea
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    Songs in open C tuning.

    been playing this tuning and hammer in my hand all afternoon!!! man i love how the high strings sound like a 12 string with this tuning
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    Songs in open C tuning.

    Thanks for the links I LOVE Gordie Johnson's playing and Heated is one of my favorite albums by Big Sugar... hell it is just one of my favorite albums
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    Songs in open C tuning.

    thanks guys I'll check out the tunes! I love that Soundgarden song too and sounds pretty easy to learn utterhack!
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    Songs in open C tuning.

    Have not played acoustic in about a year (I know crazy) I have been on a heavy electric downtuned binge with my bands but I tuned my acoustic to open c last night and can't get enough of the exotic riffs I'm getting Was curious what songs are in Open C I could learn, I already have been laying...
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