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  1. kccheers

    Sweetwater Ebay Deal Aleret.....

    Sweetwater, as good as they are, never "discounts" their gear on any regular basis. Musicians Friend almost always will drop 10%, sometimes more, you just have to call and ask. Well, I was wasting time skimming thru Ebay and came upon this deal thru Sweetwarer for a new MIM Lonestar Strat in...
  2. kccheers


    I took delivery today of a Classic Player Jag from Sweetwater. Have'nt owned a Jag of any flavor, so this one was priced so that it wouldn't hurt much if i didn't like it and wanted to flip it or send it back. Now, one of the cool things with Sweetwater is that you can pick the exact guitar you...
  3. kccheers

    Epi LP Question.....

    Does anyone here know if youy can remove the gold trim ring around the pups on this EPI LP? Cheers from KC
  4. kccheers

    Fender PSA......CS content

    For those of you who are so inclined, Musicians Friend has a box on their webpage that says "Once in a Lifetime Guitar Sale-Phone Only, Call Now"... So, the deal is this: They are discounting their CS NOS '54 Strats in various colors from $4000 to $2400. This might not be your cup of tea, but...
  5. kccheers

    Fender Tele HB options

    MF is closing out their MIM 1972 Tele Deluxe FSR in the Sparkle finishes. It comes with Fender Humbuckers. Can anyone tell me what options I might have in replacing the Fender HBs? Thanx in advance
  6. kccheers

    Cleaning Tolex....

    So, I have a Fender Prosonic amp head that I'm looking to "liven up" and clean the tolex on a little. It is in great shape, just a little musty looking.:nuts What should I use? Thanx in advance.....Sam from KC
  7. kccheers

    PSA.....MF email coupon

    OK, I know that some of you have had the Sh*t Fairy land on any deals with Musicians Friend......I haven't. Maybe it's because I live down the road from the warehouse and can pick up any order in 30 minutes without fear of a lemon or shipping damage. Anywho.... I get this email tonight with a...
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