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  1. sandcastle

    Into The Doors?

    Yea, that's a great sketch.
  2. sandcastle

    Would you take your amp at band practice?

    I usually use amps provided, but sometimes I schlepp the whole rig out when I want to run it through it's paces, like after I change something or add a pedal.
  3. sandcastle

    What are you listening to right now?

    & various other cuts from the album.
  4. sandcastle

    Man steals $8,000 Les Paul Standard by shoving it down his sweatpants in Ontario, Canada

    That is true in seven states. Probably should take that one off the books at this point.
  5. sandcastle

    Gibson... I forgive you. (NGD)

    Yes, nice guitars.
  6. sandcastle

    How many folks have a stereo rig?

    I'd say give it a try if you a curious, see if it works for you. For me it was an outgrowth of exploring ambient guitar weirdness. Not sure if it's worth it for performing, at least at the bottom feeder venues I (used to) play at, but it sounds cool. Especially with the Sustainer in the Strat...
  7. sandcastle

    What are some of the most meaningful lyrics In a rock song?

    Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow.
  8. sandcastle

    Les Paul Love

    I thought it was. I used to have an Electra MPC. It was an excellent guitar, sold only to make ends meet. It had the cartridges and all. Very nice guitar. I have only one pic of it, a friend and I at a Gong Show way back in college. He's playing the Electra, I'm on the Crestwood, also a...
  9. sandcastle

    Les Paul Love

    =2321529&hash=83628dde707a66e254912e9527fe96df']Attach files What manufacturer is this?
  10. sandcastle

    What are some of the most meaningful lyrics In a rock song?

    All we are is dust in the wind. Dude.
  11. sandcastle

    Les Paul Love

  12. sandcastle

    Les Paul Love

    '94 Standard
  13. sandcastle

    My music videos (animation)

    Cool thanks for the info. I've been experimenting with some of the same tools. Interesting to see this new tech become available.
  14. sandcastle

    My music videos (animation)

    Very nice! How did you rotoscope? Did you use any AI styling software?
  15. sandcastle

    Stereo Rig, is it this easy?

    I split my DD7 out into identical (combo) amps, no effects loop. No problems at all.
  16. sandcastle

    Recommend me an album to listen to all the way through tonight

    Donald Fagan - Nightfly. Because it is amazing. Cool subjects, amazing production, humor.
  17. sandcastle

    Tell me about the Dead. You know, the Grateful ones.

    I rather like Terrapin Station. A few other tunes. Ripple of course. I tend to like band 'phases', individual albums or just singles, not a bands' whole output.
  18. sandcastle

    If you had to limit yourself to 18 pedals on your board

    You load 18 pedals and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.
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