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  1. lespaul3013

    WTT: El Cap (v.2) for Eventide Timefactor

    Yep...let me know... My El Cap is basically new. I just want something with presets and I miss my old Timefactor. Box/papers/etc are included obviously. Let's work a deal!
  2. lespaul3013

    FS/FT: Voodoo Lab PP2+

    Selling my PP2+...comes with original box/papers/etc. Great condition. Works 100%. A bit of Dual Lock on the top and bottom. I'd be willing to trade for a 4x4 plus some cash from me. Price is $110 shipped/PP'd.
  3. lespaul3013

    iStomp Issues in Chain

    I recently setup a pedalboard for a friend of mine. I bought him all new pedals with the exception of a couple of Digitech iStomps that he already had and wanted to use (against my recommendation). Here's the chain: Guitar - SP Comp - Keisman Thunderbird - TC Spark boost - Dunlop Volume X...
  4. lespaul3013

    FS: Strymon Timeline

    Strymon Timeline up for sale now...was gonna trade, but I need the cash at the moment. It's 9/10 condition Comes with original box, manuals, power supply, etc. $400 shipped via USPS Priority w/ insurance and tracking No international buyers - CONUS only. I can send pics upon request -...
  5. lespaul3013

    FS: Strymon Flint

    Strymon Flint is for sale. 9.5/10 condition...works 100% Comes with original box, papers, sticker, etc. Less than a year old $265 shipped...USPS Priority w/ insurance and tracking CONUS only. I can send pics upon request - Photobucket is acting up on me for some reason today. Thanks!
  6. lespaul3013

    FS: Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod

    9/10 condition Works 100% Comes with box/manual/etc. Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod - $100 shipped SOLD
  7. lespaul3013

    FS: PRS Tremonti Treble (price drop 1/25)

    I'm trying to get rid of anything I'm not currently using to fund another gear purchase (aren't we all?)...here's what I have pickup-wise: None of these pickups have been installed in my guitars...I somehow managed to buy them and then never got around to installing them... :jo Anyways...
  8. lespaul3013

    TMG DRHive

    Anyone have any info or experience with these?? http://taylormcgrath.com/drhive/ They sound amazing in the YouTube videos I've seen, but I haven't seen or heard anyone using this pedal with humbuckers (which is primarily what I'll be using)...so I was just curious to hear some feedback before...
  9. lespaul3013

    Completely Re-doing my Drive Section...

    The Rig: For the past few months my drive section has gone... Xotic BB Pre -> modded DS-1 -> BYOC TS808...then these go through a delay and verb right into my Port City Pearl head which is basically just a super clean pedal platform, so I get all my drive from pedals. The Style: I play...
  10. lespaul3013

    Check out my band everyone!!!! Need Support!!

    Hey guys, I'm in a few different bands and play everything from funk to country to hardcore...so I don't discriminate musically speaking ;) My hardcore band, Aperture, recently recorded our first EP in our drummer's basement (keep in mind we're all around the age of 18) so don't hate on us...
  11. lespaul3013

    Modern Country Techniques/Lessons

    I'm looking to learn how to get that modern country "rock n' roll/twang" vibe goin'! I'm a big fan of the newer country stuff that has a little bit of a rock feel to it (IE. Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, etc.). I've been asked to play in a band that does a lot of this music - a lot of...
  12. lespaul3013

    Small Pedalboard for Gov't Mule/jam stuff...**UPDATED**

    Hey guys...I need to put together a small pedalboard for a jam band that's gonna play a lot of Gov't Mule, Toto, and even some old school funk! I use a Port City Pearl 50 watt head and 1x12 cab with a PRS SC and a Hollowbody II - so my base tone is SUPER clean and nice - the PC amp takes...
  13. lespaul3013

    Any Goodrich VP Users Here??

    I just ordered the passive 120 w/ the tuner mod...had a Hilton active VP before, but I really didn't like that it had a power supply and no specified "tuner out" - so I'm gonna give this one a go and see how I like it, anyone else here have one? I haven't seen them talked about too much...
  14. lespaul3013

    CB RAH vs. DLS mkIII

    Can someone try to explain the differences in gain structure, saturation, clarity, etc...I'm debating between these two to replace my Bearfoot Model H - I like a pretty clear tone with no fizz around the edges (that's why I'm dumping the Model H)...so any input is welcomed :)
  15. lespaul3013

    Pedal for EJ Rhythm into a SUPER clean amp?

    ...any suggestions?? Right now I'm using the Bearfoot Model H, but its just too gainy/fizzy. I'm looking for that big/huge "Keith Richards"-ish grind that EJ uses as his base tone. I've got a nice TS-style pedal and a FF to boost it with, but I still haven't found a pedal to get me that...
  16. lespaul3013

    Couple Questions (Martin D-15 content)...

    Hey guys...never owned an actual acoustic before, but my boss has a Martin D-15 that sounds absolutely beautiful - its not exactly a "looker", but the sound is to die for - so I'm gonna try to trade my MIA Tele (that I never play) for it. A couple of questions... 1. I would mainly play it...
  17. lespaul3013

    Like a SHOD but with more gain??

    I LOVE my SHOD...but it's just a little to low gain for my needs right now - what has the same dynamics, feel, and tone of the SHOD but with more gain...definitely not looking for super high gain, probably more along the lines of medium gain.
  18. lespaul3013

    MusicomLab Issue - Please Help!

    Hey guys...a buddy of mine is wiring up my new board with a MusicomLab Switcher at the heart of it. He's got it mostly finished; however, in "direct access" mode Loops 5-8 will not engage. Loops 1-4 work fine, but the last four just won't turn on. The pedals in the loops are all on, and the...
  19. lespaul3013

    Univibe In a Boss-Sized Enclosure...

    ...with a standard 9v power supply...got one more space on my board - trying to fill it - GO!!
  20. lespaul3013

    What's an '86 Boss PH-2 worth??

    Got a local guy on CL that wants to trade a MINT condition '86 Boss PH-2 for my Neunaber Mono WET...I couldn't find any sort of value on the web. Is this a good straight up trade? Or do I need to ask for it + cash, or another pedal/item? Thanks!
  21. lespaul3013

    Two OD's for a Clean Pedal Platform...

    ...GO!! I've got a Port City Pearl head...its a great pedal platform, now I'm just looking for some new OD's to try out. I wanna stay away from super boutique stuff, but I'm up for any suggestions. I won't pay over $150 per pedal. I'm thinking a medium gain pedal...then a higher gain...
  22. lespaul3013

    Stereo Question - Is This Normal?

    I don't usually run stereo, but I have a Timeline and a Stereo WET on my board and I really wanted to try them in stereo...so I plugged the 1st output into my normal amp (Port City Pearl 50 watt head) and then the 2nd into the Vox AC30 we have at church. I was expecting the same type of...
  23. lespaul3013

    What makes a good rhythm player?

    I read a Jimi quote a while back that was something to the effect of "there are a lot of lead players out there, but the real players are the ones that have the rhythm too..." can't remember it exactly though... Anyways, what do you think makes a good rhythm player? Discuss...
  24. lespaul3013

    PSA: New Neunaber Delay Sound

    http://www.facebook.com/Neunaber.Technology Downloading as I post...looks cool...
  25. lespaul3013

    Help Me Pick a Fuzz!!

    Hey guys...need help choosing a fuzz...that's the only effect I'm really missing at the moment. Here's my rig: I play primarily humbucker guitars through a Port City Pearl 50 watt head that is basically a super clean pedal platform. Here's what I want: -A dynamic fuzz (I ride the volume...
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