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  1. Goldwing

    Lets see some Mesa Boogie's TGP.

    Love my F50. Have it from 7 years or so. Great cleans and once you get the OD channel set it, it's a delightful to play... (I'm thinking in re-housing it as a Head only)
  2. Goldwing

    Good clean channel. No fender, Hiwatt or Mesa

    wow!... nice article!
  3. Goldwing

    Good clean channel. No fender, Hiwatt or Mesa

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I'll try to dig a little more on the Bogner too
  4. Goldwing

    Good clean channel. No fender, Hiwatt or Mesa

    thanks! yes, the Peavey is a good choice, I wish they still made the Head version. But I've seen those often on ebay. I'm not very fond on Marshall but almost seems like there is no other choice..
  5. Goldwing

    Good clean channel. No fender, Hiwatt or Mesa

    I'm not interested in the Fender-sound or Mesa or Hiwatt. Mostly because I'm looking for something different than the first 2, and for the Hiwatt, it is very complicated to find Hiwatt in the catalog of backline providers. I'm looking for something more british-sounding, nice and sweet. The...
  6. Goldwing

    Mesa Boogie F-100. Too Good to be True???

    IF you want to tight the sound of the distortion channel just place a good TS pedal as a booster in front of it and use the contour mode...An EQ on the loop works great too. As is already stated there is no "edge of breakup" sound. Use a pedal for this or for the marshall-crunch sound. Other...
  7. Goldwing

    Need help with volume pedal in fx loop on mesa f-50

    Just use a boss FV50L... it works pretty good with my F50.
  8. Goldwing

    Low wattage, high clean headroom?

    I can think in at least two reasons: -Weight. -What's the point in having 100watts if you are going to be mic'ed anyway?... -Size and portability..
  9. Goldwing

    The "I love the clean on my non-lonestar mesa boogie" thread...

    Mesa F-50.. great fat cleans.
  10. Goldwing

    Dark amp vs bright amp?

    Mesa Boogies? I think that rather dark doesn't it?
  11. Goldwing

    Porcupine Tree tone?

    I've seen the incident tour a few weeks back. I can tell for sure that JWesley was using a nova system and a VintageFx COlordrive in his pedalboard. The Wah of SWilson seems to me like an old standard CryBaby, maybe the Classic one. Collin was using a Gig-rig and only EBS pedals, amps and...
  12. Goldwing

    boogie F100

    http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=885856 all you need to know about F-series....
  13. Goldwing

    5 watt amps, are you serious?

    Bands around here often doesn't have enough PA. They only have 4 channels for vocals and maybe keyboards. The power isn't big also. If some good bar have PA is often crappy. When I was playing in a covers band we have to buy a PA. We all have works and did that for hobby so you might say that...
  14. Goldwing

    5 watt amps, are you serious?

    There are some valid points around here. Let's play an scenario.. hypothetically: You are on an open scenario.. in a baseball field maybe.. IF you have a PA of 120watts and one amp of 5 watts and you mic'ed. Then you have let's say 100watts of sound trough the PA. IF you have a Hiwat 100...
  15. Goldwing

    5 watt amps, are you serious?

    Now days everything goes trough the PA. But if you don't have a good one or specialized monitors with independent mix for each member of the band it becomes a hell. Try to sing and hear your guitar trough the same monitor-speaker while at the same time the mix of the drums, bass and keyboards...
  16. Goldwing

    Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace Gain Boosting Pedals?

    I'm interested in which pedals are suggested here but I think that maybe you need to combine a gain booster pedal with an EQ in the loop for that metal tone...
  17. Goldwing

    Porcupine Tree tone?

    I trust you word really. But for me it sounds close enough. I wont forget that SW used an "old boss distortion" so it could it be a TurboDistortion an Os-2 or a DS-1. I've tried myself the OS-2 and it gets really close to the modern hi-gain rhythm sounds of PT guitars..
  18. Goldwing

    Porcupine Tree tone?

    Thnks. I found this clips of the xtreme pedal http://www.vilo.net/mp3/ampsamples/Marshall/jtm45xtone/ it seems very similar to (oh god... I'm gonna say it) a Boss DS-1... ups. doesn't it?
  19. Goldwing

    Porcupine Tree tone?

    Could a Hiwatt custom 50 + a BadCat 2-tone give the distortion rhythm sounds? I think its the hardest to achieve. The solos can be obtained by using the Boss DS-1 or a Rat...
  20. Goldwing

    I Love Pink Floyd, but why don't I like any Hiwatt I've tried?

    I agree that the volume is important, but also the voicing of the amp. It's true that Gilmour uses his amps as amplification mostly, but if your doesn't have a similar voicing to a hiwatt or Fender then probably you would not get the tone. I know because I gave up trying to obtain a good tone...
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