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    Quilter vs tube amp

    I have PRO BLOCK 200 and a DR Z Therapy and a Amplified Nation Wonderland overdrive I can the quilter close the the Wonderland and almost dead on to the Z i mostly have the limiter dial at 9 to 10 O'clock and the gain in the 2 O'cock area and I get sag thats very tube like
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    Most touch-sensitive amp with healthy gain on tap?

    Amplified Nation does this
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    I don’t understand why these guys spend all this $ on a plexi, and...

    all my amps, including my high end amps sound great without a pedal to get me there, with that said; add boost or drive and and its just gets better also a boost pedal makes getting all my pedals balanced for equal volume or unity as some say
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    Calling Thiele cab users...

    thanks,, great info EV's are my favorite speaker ever I was looking at the Mesa Boogie Thiele with a 90 watt speaker
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    Calling Thiele cab users...

    happy holidays to all,, I'm needing a 1x12 cab.. always have been interested in the Thiele design. So here is my question. these cabs are on the small size, which i like. I always see them on the floor and not on a raised cab stand.. So any one ever tried a Thiele on a cab stand and just...
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    Optimizing tube/valve life

    turning the amp on and off puts a lot of hits on the tubes just use the standby to warm the tubes and lesson the power hit do this on power up and powering down many have said to change tubes yearly...i do follow that myself with that said ,I know guys that have gone years with out...
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    Amplified Nation

    i believe so..
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    Amplified Nation

    I have a Wonderland Overdrive and its a stellar amp that does it all it is a head and i play it thru a 1x12 open back with a EVM Do you know recently Joe Bonamassa has been using these amps
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    Quilter Overdrive 200 Speaker Recommendation:

    i had a tone block and moved tp a pro block 200 .... both amps worked great with evm 12L
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    Amplified Nation Amps - What are your experiences?

    just a few weeks ago i got a Wonderland Overdrive 50 watt took me several days it learn and get to sounding to my likes i have been lucky to own some very truly amazing amps over the years, each was great for what it was, this amp is my game changer. i can dial it in to give me just any...
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    Which Dr Z for me?

    I have a Dr Z Therapy and play it thru a 1x12 cab with a Evm speaker i just plugged in my most powerful hum bucker pick up guitar dialed down the Z's master 8 0'clock and volume to 7 o'clock the amp still sounds great with and with out pedals i can talk over the amp at volume if that helps...
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    Your favorite Dr. Z Amp?

    i really enjoy my Dr Z Therapy
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    Dr Z Route 66 - the Savior!

    i can say pretty much the same, but it is about how i feel about the Therapy i recently purchased this head thru my 1x12 with a EV wows me
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    some info needed about 1979 Boogie Mark II A combo

    thank you all great info.
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    some info needed about 1979 Boogie Mark II A combo

    from what i understand the first Mark II's had less gain then the B and C versions' which is fine for me along with that a few other quicks like popping when engaging the foot switch i really like the tone and sustain they have i have read they can be upgraded to B and C specs for me its...
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    some info needed about 1979 Boogie Mark II A combo

    saw a pretty clean Mark II A for sale today quite sure the foot switch is not original .. one button and its a round metal box i've always scene rectangular shapes has the eq option and no reverb ,,,missing one black tab on the slider,, should be a easy find the speaker has no markings but...
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    One speaker to rule them all....which one?

    for me its a EV.. no matter what the amp is..
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    has anyone tried this 'Tilt a speaker' thing?

    standback.net been using these for years never had a problem at all
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    Quilter head owners...what cabs?

    i use a pro block 200 and a rocket 1x12 pine cab that was beefed up to handle a ev speaker perfect amp and cab for me
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    Quilter Appreciation Thread

    my amps were a germino lead 55 and a vintage sound pro reverb i bought a used quilter tone block, used it with a 1x12 cab with a ev then thing i did was sell both my tubes amps now the the ev cab I'm using with a pro block and havent looked at another amp since
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    Do you use/prefer solid state or tube amps?

    tubes do sound great. although, amps sound different with each re-tubing tubes are expensive and dont last long enough to make them worth my while getting my tone consistent is key for me. SS does that and pedals get me to what ever clean, overdrives, or more there are a lot of choices for...
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    Any Vintage Sound amp owners?

    i had a vintage sound amp that was a blackface pro reverb clone it was one his his first amps he built. and it was a killer sounding amp my amp tech was blown way with the workmanship one of my best amps for sure. you shouldn't have any concerns
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    Best home pratice amp

    a friend uses a mini cube and it sounds great, I just use my quilter pro block at 2 watts
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    Fender Twin Reverb...is it Worth it?

    a pro reverb is half the power of a twin, and plays and sounds just as good..
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