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  1. Franklin

    The Ma Goos will be live streaming on Youtube Sat March 13 @ 8:30 EST

    Hey All! Check out my original/Classic Rock cover band The Ma Goos will be live streaming on Youtube Sat March 13 @ 8:30 EST. Here is the facebook event. I will try to find a youtube direct link: https://m.facebook.com/events/489673572022385
  2. Franklin

    I finally found my Dumble!!

    Too bad I'm short over $100k... https://reverb.com/item/28922973-dumble-overdrive-special-1989-black-robben-ford-spec Even if I was rich, that's more than $100k I would want to spend on an amp. Unless it was an investment, and the whole Dumble thing has to be topped out on the market prices.....
  3. Franklin

    Quarantine Blues

    I'm really tired of playing with myself..... lol!
  4. Franklin

    What would cause a cackling sound with a guitar?

    Hey All. I have been playing for many years and never had this happen. I have a new to me 90s American Tele that had SD p'ups installed at some point. There is a cackling/cracking type noise that I am hearing that is slightly lower in volume than the guitar, but super annoying to me. I know it's...
  5. Franklin

    Fender '65 DRRI loses volume and tone after 20m to 1 hour of playing.

    So my old Fender '65 DRRI now loses volume and tone after 20m to 1 hour of playing. It started out subtlety, and I didn't know if it was a pedal/cable, cold solder joint or a tube going bad. Then it became more obvious, then once when I hit on my RAT pedal it started farting out every time I dug...
  6. Franklin

    What ever happened to Jambands?

    The genre seems to have died off a few years ago. My last band was "a band that jammed" like the Allman Brothers. We played Dead and Phish songs too, but quite a few Classic Rock covers and originals. I say we fell into the "type 1" jamband. Somehow we were pigeonholed into being a "Dead band"...
  7. Franklin

    Gig gone incredibly AWESOME - tell your stories....

    We had a lot of fun reading through the "Gigs gone horribly wrong" thread". Can we have a thread about gigs that turned awesome; without it devolving into a bunch of groupie/sex related stories? :) I've been married the whole time I've been playing out, so I don't have any of those to share...
  8. Franklin

    Anyone else dealing with diminished playing ability due to health or age?

    Hey All. I have some inflammatory issues, which I believe are due to severe allergies. About 10 years ago I realized the "rheumatoid arthritis" symptoms would bother me in the spring and fall. A year or two before I took an allergy test and learned I was allergic to everything except pet dander...
  9. Franklin

    Recording overdubs with guitar and amp in the same room is unacceptable?

    Here is a question I am sure has been asked before. I was asked to do a couple of guitar track overdubs for someone at the studio they are recording at. When I was told I don't need my amp/not to bring it I wondered why it would matter. It turns out they wanted me to record electric guitar...
  10. Franklin

    Guitar and keyboards, two small or one combined rig?

    Hey all. I know the answers will depend on what type of band I want to play with, the genre, and personal opinion, etc. What I am looking for are the simple (combined keys/guitar or jsut guitar) digital set ups that go direct to the PA and sound good enough for live playing. What are the under...
  11. Franklin

    Vote for "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider"? Dead Covers Project

    Here is a version of the Grateful Dead's "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider" done by my band Corkscrew. We submitted it to the Dead Covers Project for 2013. Now we need some votes!! So, go to youtube and watch the video. That part is mandatory! ;) If you like what you see, please hit...
  12. Franklin

    "China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider" video

    Here is a "China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider" video my band Corkscrew recorded on 4/20/12. We re-created "Europe '72" in celebration of it's 40th anniversary. hbW7b4_0xGM The other guy's guitar craps out at one point, and there is a little mix up on verses in "I Know You Rider" but I...
  13. Franklin

    "Cumberland Blues" 04/20/2012

    Last Friday my band payed tribute to the Grateful Dead's album "Europe '72" for it's 40th anniversary. Someone video taped it, and this is what was sent to me this am; http://youtu.be/m4NKohJPqD4 m4NKohJPqD4 I hope there will be more, this is the first tune of the show and we were...
  14. Franklin

    How to intonate this monster??!?!

    I bought one of these bad boys for my 40th birthday, but my dream was to have a National Resolectric or a Mosrite Californian by then. Anyway, how the hell do you set the intonation on these trapeze tails!?!? :huh Do you adjust the floating style bridge/biscuit or the tail somehow...
  15. Franklin

    Jeff Pevar and Guitarness

    Anyone ever catch this local CT delicacy? Jeff Pevar is a CT native son, and seems to put on shows here regularly though I think he lives on the North West coast somewhere. He was just here in CT this past weekend, but I had a show too. He is putting on a show on April 1st in Simsbury with...
  16. Franklin

    How to get good quality recordings of existing songs for looping?

    Hey All; Im wondering how to get good quality recordings (of existing songs) for looping? What I'd like to do is make some new tunes off some Beatles, Who, Zeppelin, etc. loops. Years ago I used mp3s when I couldn't find .wav files, but I also have not been on file type sharing sights for a...
  17. Franklin

    Which battery or DC powered mini amp?

    Which mini/micro battery and/or DC powered amp (Fender Mini Twin, Marshall Micro Stack, Line 6, Supro Mini, Smokey Amps, Pignose, etc..) is worth considering? Which should I avoid? A headphone jack is not madatory, but desirable. Thanks!! So far here is the response list: The good (or...
  18. Franklin

    My 10 yo son's original tune, studio recorded and a video!!

    My 10 yo son is a classic video game nut. Remember the original Donkey Kong consol game from the 80's? He wrote a song about the "story". He wrote all the lyrics and his music teacher added a line to the chorus, tweeked the bridge and added music. He then sang and recorded it in studio with his...
  19. Franklin

    Reverend Sensei 290. A honeymoon review!

    I finally joined the Reverend club! A Sensei 290. I wanted a short scale guitar set up with low action for a while now. I play a lot of slide and have my strats set up higher, but enough to still play traditonal fingering. Between age and lack of daily strecthing/practice my hands wear out by...
  20. Franklin

    G Guitars in New Haven CT is closing

    Another one is biting the dust, G Guitars in New Haven is going out of business. http://www.gguitars.com/ They have a guitar I'm interested in, and I called to see if it's still in stock. They have a potential buyer, but may be closing at any time. They have some cool guitars in stock still...
  21. Franklin

    BMF Effects owners? What'd'ya got?

    Hey there. I have a BMF Effects Purple Nurple on my effects board, that and the Zen are the two pedals that have stayed on my board since adding them. I had been using it as a high gain rhythm and also as a high gain lead pedal. Lately it has been most a rhythm. I found a great sweet spot on...
  22. Franklin

    Drop in chassis for DRRI as replacement amp?

    Does anyone sells prebuilt amps built on DRRI chassis? My DRRI is about 8 yo now, I don't see it lasting much longer. I can send out this one robe rebuilt, but I'm wondering if the are pre built ones for sale. Thanks in advance!!
  23. Franklin

    EH Double Muff

    I just pick one up. It's def a bright pedal! It is def a noisy one too. Is it a silicon style Fuzzface or a Muff? Is a Big Muff a silicon-ish type FF? :hide2
  24. Franklin

    Deciding on what pedals to remove sucks!!

    I don't like making these choices. The pedals are on my board because I like them or need them. Now it's time to re-asses the set up for two different type bands. That and I want to add ones back I miss!! LOL!! It sucks, as I'm sure you all know. :)
  25. Franklin

    What is a great SS amp head 50 watts or more?

    Hey All! I'm putting together a stereo guitar rig. While putting together items to sell to fund a nice tube head I realized that I don't really have anything of value I want to part with. So it'll be a handfull of pedals. So, for @ $200 what is a great SS amp head 50 watts or more? I realized...
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