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  1. LJD

    PRS Multi-Scale

    I don't understand the surprise reaction, PRS regularly claims that Private Stock will build you whatever you want. Doubt the CNC was programmed for a double-neck either, but have seen a few...
  2. LJD

    Doing a Neck Thru Tele build - Jerrification Update

    That is amazing, congrats.
  3. LJD

    Ed's Crow Hill Archtop "Alyssa"

    Ho boy. I passed on a chance to get a build from Eric a few years ago and now I think by the next time I'll have the money to get one he'll be too busy/pricey. Amazing work, Eric.
  4. LJD

    NGD: Languedoc

    nice stuff, but every time I see/hear a 'doc demo and there's no syrupy overdriven stuff to feature the harmonic blooms it's kinda a let down.
  5. LJD

    NGD: Languedoc

    dreams come true!
  6. LJD

    Semi or full hollow for $2500 or less

    used PRS HBII @1:59 for endless sustain (with TS, comp, Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue)
  7. LJD

    NGD: Yes it's a Languedoc!

    Some of you doc owners mention your "second order"... So once you get through you get contact/responses? Can I pay one of you to get my email to Paul? 10+ years of trying... take my $10k!!!
  8. LJD

    NGD: Yes it's a Languedoc!

    Do Doc's have a treble bleed?
  9. LJD

    NGD: Yes it's a Languedoc!

    If those shots are from last night, Trey told the audience he was playing an older guitar that was made for him around 1996. I was listening to a stream, I figured it was one of the first Koa's. Guess not.
  10. LJD

    Crow Hill Archtop Hollowbody - Build Complete!

    Great review. Stunning guitar.
  11. LJD

    New Artinger Hollowbody - teaser!

    Nice Cats Under the Stars inlay!
  12. LJD

    NGD: Yes it's a Languedoc!

    Nice sound on Winterqueen. The album version sounds very single coil, I wonder if Trey played a Fender for that recording. I know recording is tricky and it's misleading out of the context of a band, but try opening up your top end and using less gain on your "first stage" tubescreamer. Get...
  13. LJD

    NGD: Yes it's a Languedoc!

    Holy ****ing man cave! All that work and Trey goes and changes his pickups to StagMags, and $650 worth of Tone Tubby Purple Haze speakers. You're not done!!!
  14. LJD

    NGD: Yes it's a Languedoc!

    Ohhhhh baby. Dreams DO come true!
  15. LJD

    EDIGREG's Koa Equator Instruments Standard Build

    These guitars look great but the sound seems to miss the mark. Too much woof in the low end, too boxy and boomy. I'm not hearing any chime or ring.
  16. LJD

    UPDATE! with REVIEW! Paul Eliasson & Cocobolo come together for my dream build

    That guitar deserves a better headstock inlay. I'm underwhelmed by the font.
  17. LJD

    What is THE most resonant and lively guitar you've ever played, and...

    It may not apply to this sub... my 2012 PRS HBII. The strings try to leap off the guitar if you put too much into it. Rings, chimes, sings.
  18. LJD

    NUGD-Equator Mini

    I dig the uncovered pickups in a HB. Tempted to try that.
  19. LJD

    New Crow Hill Guitar Hollowbody, follow the build process here, with Photos!!!!

    I was following this latest one on Erik's Facebook page. Just bonkers. The leaf side markers are a brilliant touch. Tell us about the comparison please!
  20. LJD

    A True Vintage pre-CBS Partscaster

    All I could see was the before and after, if there was a description of the process I missed it. Was it filled in with a normal routed middle section?
  21. LJD

    A True Vintage pre-CBS Partscaster

    How is the Floyd Rose route returned to normal? I want to do this to an old USA Squire that was transformed.
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