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  1. war-knuckles

    First guitar advice for 13 yr old

    Id have to disagree. I got a killer Yamaha acoustic for 300 bucks that sounds just as good if not better than some big acoustic names 3x the price.
  2. war-knuckles

    I am loking for a tube head under $350........

    Anyone have any impressions of bugera infiniums? I know the old bugera amps had reliability problems, the g20 looks a bit interesting tho
  3. war-knuckles

    First guitar advice for 13 yr old

    This is good advice about an instructor but not everyone learns that way, I didn't learn that way. For me what worked was constantly having a guitar in my hands at about ten years old and listening to the Allman brothers endlessly. Lessons can have the potential to turn guitar into homework and...
  4. war-knuckles

    First guitar advice for 13 yr old

    If I recall correctly, a buddy of mine years back had a predator laying around and wanted to repaint it or something and stripped the paint off the body only to find that it was like press board junk and not even real wood. He wasn't happy. never did get repainted.
  5. war-knuckles

    Davy Knowles Playing the Rory Gallagher Stratocaster I built.

    Awesome dude. Awesome. rory is one of my favorite players and a huge influence on how I play. it's a shame he's often overlooked.
  6. war-knuckles

    First guitar advice for 13 yr old

    Pacifica and one of those line 6 practice amps off craigslist for 50 bucks. That's the route I'd take.
  7. war-knuckles

    I am loking for a tube head under $350........

    The ones I've seen are 40/20 watts?
  8. war-knuckles

    I am loking for a tube head under $350........

    The thd univalve looks pretty interesting, especially with the hot plate built in. Anyone have one and care to share their impressions and pros/cons?
  9. war-knuckles

    I am loking for a tube head under $350........

    I've got a maz38nr, and a tb35
  10. war-knuckles

    I am loking for a tube head under $350........

    I don't NEED a new amp as I've got a dr z and a vox bruno, but I have a lonely 1x12 avatar cab and would like something a little less raucous. I do have an egnater rebel 20 but I have 350$ burning a hole in my pocket so i'm wondering what the best options are for more of a "bedroom" type amp...
  11. war-knuckles

    Shipping a guitar to Spain, is it worth it ?

    When I lived in Spain getting things from the us in the post wasn't a problem but for whatever reason shipping anything out of Spain was an absolute nightmare. maybe everything changed in the last 4 or 5 years but I wouldn't use the spanish post for anything more than a post card and even then...
  12. war-knuckles

    Shipping a guitar to Spain, is it worth it ?

    If you ship dhl or some other similar shipping company it shouldn't be much of a problem but under no circumstances should you use the regular post, I lived in Spain and lots of things tend to go "missing". Roughly about half the packages I sent from Spain either never arrived or were so damaged...
  13. war-knuckles

    NPD! JOYO AC Tone

    I am completely dumbfounded that there's been this many responses to this thread AND NOT A SINGLE PERSON addressed the fact he said his eyebrows were in orbit. That's way more interesting than the actual thread, and I have no idea what it means. Where does a saying like that originate? Is that...
  14. war-knuckles

    BOSS MD500 user settings?

    I remember reading in one of the threads someone came up with a pretty convincing electric mistress setting, I'd love to know what the parameters are
  15. war-knuckles

    delay freaks - what digital delay is the current top of the line?

    Dd500 seconded. Tons of great sounds, stereo options, and imo most important, EASY. easy to dial in usable sounds, easy to navigate the menus, easy to change parameters, everything about it has been made easy. don't regret mine at all
  16. war-knuckles

    PSA!!!! G&L ASAT bluesboy sdotd

    299 on musicians friend right now, stupid deal of the day
  17. war-knuckles

    BOSS MD500 user settings?

    I know there is a PDF for the dd500 with a ton of user created patches I was curious if any one knows of something similar for the md500. (Don't tell me facebook, I don't have it!) Or if anyone would like to share their favorite settings that would be cool!
  18. war-knuckles

    King of the $50 (or less) pedals???

    The DOD gunslinger is 31 dollars on amazon, KILLER drive. I don't know how they aren't sold out yet, ridiculous price.
  19. war-knuckles

    Sold ******Eventide MODFactor!******

    Looking for some new toys, this thing is awesome and can do just about anything mod related you want, super tweakable and sounds great! $215 PP and shipped, Or make some offers! Interested in new pedals, i'm pretty set on drives at the moment but try me! Let me know what you have and we...
  20. war-knuckles

    Recommend a cheap Reverb

    If you are taking CHEAP cheap, the caline snake bite is surprisingly good for the money
  21. war-knuckles

    Dumble style pedal?

    I don't know anything about dumble style stuff, but I got a Mojo Hand Extra Special which is apparently high gain dumble (higher gain version of their DMBL pedal that people seem to like) and it's pretty awesome. I think you can find them used around $100
  22. war-knuckles

    Opinions on after market guitar case

    @placebo62 As well built as anything, lifetime warranty, good storage space, headstock support, tough as it gets, supports on bottom for strap buttons, nice looking...i have the double case and having two back straps makes it easy to carry two guitars and a 1x12 amp and my pedal board easy...
  23. war-knuckles

    Opinions on after market guitar case

    Another vote for mono. not exactly keeping the price down but they are great cases.
  24. war-knuckles

    Need 2 delay times - 2 simpler delay pedals vs "delay MFX" units.

    You can find an eventide time factor for relatively cheap, at least in comparison to others like the timeline. Tap tempo is a must imo, but the thing about it which made me think of it reading your thread title is that each delay preset has the ability to use two completely different delay...
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