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  1. quantech

    Meet Jeff. Your new, expensive digital friend?

    Kinda bulky. Kinda overpriced. But kinda cool?
  2. quantech

    Sum who? 4 dudes all using KPA for Metallica medley

    Ran across an interesting video on YT earlier, thought it might be of interest since it involves, what appears to be, a pretty stout use of the beloved Kemper. I noticed 4 non-toaster KPAs all racked up stage left, so I assume all three guitarists and the bass player are using them. No idea...
  3. quantech

    Headrush/Gigboard users - this may be obvious, but...

    It just dawned on me earlier today that besides being a pretty cool modeler, I can use my Gigboard as a really nifty IR audition tool. I've said in a couple different threads that I love the fact that the HR/GB can load a near limitless number of IRs (although I think someone else here...
  4. quantech

    Aiwa Exos-9...anybody here have one and/or tried with a modeler?

    I've seen pretty much nothing but rave reviews on this "mighty" portable speaker on Amazon and YouTube and would really like to find a portable, battery-powered (rechargeable) yet not anemic sounding speaker to use with my Amplifire for spontaneous mid-volume jam sessions both indoors and...
  5. quantech

    Looking for any help or advice trying to update a Johnson JM250

    I recently picked up a Johnson JM250 head for a pretty good price and I am trying to update the firmware. Currently it has 1.02 and I've tried 1.05, 1.712 and 1.714 and it just isn't working! I've tried 3 different computers...one running Win7, another running WinXP and another running Win98...
  6. quantech

    Zoom G3 patch forum/community?

    I didn't intentionally set out to pick one of these up, I just happened to stumble upon a demo unit for a really good price and figured, what the heck, might be fun to play around with. So far I'm digging it and the sounds I can coax out of the unit. Will probably make for a nice little unit to...
  7. quantech

    What's the best simple controller to use with PC-Based modelers?

    Hello all, I don't know if this has been posted before or not, but I didn't see any recent postings so here goes... On my PC at home I use Guitar Rig, NI Amplitube, Waves GTR, Peavey ReValver MKIII, Studio Devil and a few other guitar modeler programs/plugins but have no way of doing any...
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