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  1. J

    Those that ordered a custom guitar and… hated it?

    I have only had one custom built. The only thing I didn't like about it was a choice I made. I had the side dots on the neck done with abalone. Some of the pieces they used were a bit dark on a rosewood fretboard and were hard to see in low light situations, like gigs. I kept going to the...
  2. J

    Do you use more than one guitar when gigging?

    For me, it has depended on the band and what I needed. I have almost always taken at least two guitars. I have played a few gigs where I only took one. In these situations I typically stayed on one guitar for the whole gig unless there was a reason to change, like trem vs hardtail. I was...
  3. J

    USPS Stepping It Up?

    USPS wasn't good for me with something I received this week. It took a week to get it to me. Other orders I have placed at the same place have come via FedEx and they get here in two days, three on rare occasions.
  4. J

    HSS vs HS Pickup Layout

    I have almost converted one of mine to an HS more than once. I thought this would be the perfect configuration for the tones I like. I think it will take a strong single coil and a lower output humbucker to work well. The rest would be getting them both adjusted for a balanced output when...
  5. J

    How important is color/finish variety in your collection?

    I have some variety in my collection these days. There was a time where it seemed that I only wanted cherry sunburst guitars. Over the years I have expanded to other colors. If I am looking for a specific model of guitar I try to get something a little different than the others I have. I...
  6. J

    Would you rather have an SG or a Tele

    Such a hard question to answer since they are completely different animals. This is comparing apples to oranges. I voted tele just because I have more of them than I do SGs and have owned more of them overall. It really depends on the music I am playing on which one I would grab. The SG has...
  7. J

    Attention HSS Strat People

    There are so many good choices. About any low output PAF type of pickup will work well. Off the top of my head and for no real reason other than this was the first one that came to mind is a Duncan Pearly Gates. I would wire the switch to tap the pickup when you switch to that in between...
  8. J

    Choosing a 335 type guitar.. so many options!!

    From someone that owns a 335, 339 a few Les Pauls and other singlecut guitars similar to a Les Paul, they definitely sound different. There is a different bloom to the notes and more of a softness and warmth to them. They don't have the bite in the attack of the note like the solid body...
  9. J

    Choosing a 335 type guitar.. so many options!!

    I had no clue that Heritage was making guitars for Harmony. I just looked it up. I am kind of surprised that they would take this work on when I think they were behind on production of their own brand of guitars. This also explains something that I saw that I couldn't figure out for the life...
  10. J

    Wow Fender jacks up prices again.

    I am fortunate enough to have all the guitars I could ever need, and probably a few more... I bought good USA made stuff when I bought it. I am actually thinking about thinning some out to be honest. I just don't use most of them and don't have anymore room to store more. The prices of...
  11. J

    Wow Fender jacks up prices again.

    The supply chain issues are so bad right now that manufacturers are scrambling for materials and parts. I was recently told by a sales rep at a large very well known place that Fender came to them and bought every Fender branded pot that they had for retail price and they have hit other places...
  12. J

    Choosing a 335 type guitar.. so many options!!

    I have a 335, a 339 a PRS SC HBII and a HBII Artist. The PRS guitars are quite a different beast than the Gibson guitars. The PRS guitars are fully hollow where the Gibson guitars are semi hollow.
  13. J

    [MYSTERY SOLVED] Fixes for Dead Notes?

    I am not seeing anything in the specs of those two sets up pickups that would possibly explain what you found. I know that a strat is the pickup configuration that has this issue the most often due to the 3 pickup configuration. That can be a lot of magnetic pull. It usually manifests in a...
  14. J

    The one guitar that you regret not buying when you had a chance

    I passed on a PRS Private Stock Hollowbody II that was featured in a PRS calendar. The price was just more money that I could get myself to pay for it. A woman bought it for her husband for a birthday gift. I ended up getting an artist pack version of the same guitar but it doesn't look...
  15. J

    Spring loaded pickups, huh?

    https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/tools-by-job/tools-for-electronics/humbucker-helpers/ If you cut the screws off, the next frustration you will have is when you are adjusting the pickup and it drops into the cavity because the screw isn't long enough to lower it that far.
  16. J

    PRS' Headstock shape is why I can't...

    I honestly really like the PRS headstock. I like the Santan headstock as well. The one I am not too big of a fan of is the one on the Silver Sky. The guitar I will NEVER buy because of the headstock is a Tyler. I can never get along with that thing. Not to mention that I think they are...
  17. J

    Recommend me a PRS

    Reading comprehension is a difficult skill... That is the second post I have misread today.... Well, disregard most of what I said please...
  18. J

    Choosing a 335 type guitar.. so many options!!

    I did this quest once. I ended up with a 335 dot and a 339. I found that the real deal was what worked for me. I still have them both, although I am going to be thinning my collection down a bit and am thinking about whether either of them will be leaving. If I were going down this road...
  19. J

    Recommend me a PRS

    They did make some McCarty's with P90s. You may be able to find one of those. That sounds like what you are looking for. I have seen only seen an occasional 594 with P90s in them. Those are very scarce. That would probably be a good fit as well if you can find one. If the P90s isn't a must...
  20. J

    Recommend me a PRS

    That is the twin to my 594.
  21. J

    Need warmer pickups for bright Les Paul

    You could change the volume pot to a lower ohm value. That will darken it up. You can also add resistors to the circuit to achieve the same thing. I have had a couple of guitars that I had to do this to. One was a Les Paul Traditional.
  22. J

    Buyers excessive questions

    I completely agree with this. He is having buyer's remorse already. That isn't going to go well for you. You are better off addressing it now before you ship the guitar out and spend more money. This will be an issue once he gets the guitar, for sure.
  23. J

    Reverb Search Woes...

    I see strange things in the searches on Reverb frequently. I was just on there earlier today and looked at my feed. I then did a search for one of the items I have setup and saw things that didn't show up in my feed. These items should be showing up in the combined feed. I then went and...
  24. J

    PRS quality issue

    I would either return it to GC or contact PRS customer support. That is the only two options I see. If you have someone else touch it PRS could refuse to take care of it. Their support is good.
  25. J

    Fret size, material, tone?

    I currently have over 30 guitars and I have SS frets in 4 of them, 3 Suhrs and 1 Anderson. I can't hear a difference. I do feel that bends on the ones with SS are smoother. NS can have a smooth slick feel as well if you keep them polished. When I had Suhr build a custom carved top standard...
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