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  1. J

    Sold USACG CBS Strat Neck

    listed on Reverb as below. discount for TGP folks! $140 shipped and PP (reverb link removed)
  2. J

    Sommatone Roaring 20 prototype

    Kind of a random thread here. I was thinking about amps that I've had in the past, specifically an early Sommatone. I bought it from someone here, and it was allegedly a Roaring 20 prototype. Cream tolex, don't think it even had 'Roaring 20' on it anywhere. Sold it on TGP years ago too. Was...
  3. J

    FS: Weber 12A125A

    Title says it all. Weber Classic series 12A125A 12 inch Alnico speaker. 4ohm, 20 watts. Great for your Fender style needs. I used it with a Vibro Champ, really woke it up! Should work well in a 5E3 circuit as well. $old! shipped and PP in CONUS
  4. J

    FS: Winfield Typhoon, Silverface Vibro Champ

    Both great amps, but GAS strikes again. Gotta move 'em to fund a new purchase. Prices include PayPal and shipping in CONUS. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Winfield Typhoon - great take on an AC4 type circuit. Get your vox grind and reasonable volumes! This is a tube rectified...
  5. J

    FS: Way Huge Echo Puss

    Way Huge Echo Puss analog delay - have the box and all the goodies. No velcro, in as-new condition. - $old shipped and PP in CONUS
  6. J

    First dive into multi-effects....

    Well, I'm going to dip my toe in the darkside :) Looking for suggestions for a multi FX. Features I'd need are as follows: expression pedal integrated or capable - will need to do volume and wah looper good modulation effects so where should i start? thanks!
  7. J

    Build advice - flat mount tremolo

    i'm in the process of spec'ing my next homebuild. plan to be doing a cabronita/gretsch kind of deal. pretty set on the tele thinline body style and TV Jones pups. i'd like to go with a trem on this and would like some opinions from the crew. first - am i correct in assuming that shimming...
  8. J

    PSA: EQD The Depths - tricks!

    Played around a lot with my Depths over the weekend. Still my favorite ever vibe. Then I thought 'what else can you do?' There's a lot of juice in that level knob. Turning down the intensity, rate and throb to 0, you can get some great boost from this guy. The voice knob is still very active...
  9. J

    Tele bridge pickup to go with a Supertron neck?

    i recently completed an all mahogany jazzcaster build and am flat knocked out by the TV Jones Supertron in the neck spot. everything i've ever wanted from a neck pickup - round, clear, no woofing or farting out on the low E, great output (i built this guitar with the intention that it be a rock...
  10. J

    Sudden pickup howling

    I have a tele where the bridge pup started to howl/screech under gain, ie fuzz being turned on. It never did this before and its only on the bridge pup or switch positions that use it (4 way switching on this one). I tried resoldering connections but everything looked fine. Any thoughts?
  11. J

    Modded Big Muff

    Thought I'd share... Started life as a standard NYC BMP. I made the following circuit changes: - standard 2.1mm power plug - Green russian tone stack - D1 and D3 replaced with germanium diodes (D2 and D4 left open) - added body (mid) control - based on the orman mod I played a green russian...
  12. J

    What to run in stereo with a Vox Night Train?

    I'm working on getting a two amp rig going (primarily for home/recording use) and would like some suggestions on something to run alongside a Night Train. The NT would mostly be set for edge of breakup sounds, would like the other amp to be cleaner and handle the heavier fuzz and distortion...
  13. J

    A different kind of cab question

    i'd like to get a very versatile speaker cab. and what i mean by that is something that i can run the following through and have it all sound 'reasonable': electric guitar (vox night train) - pedals (pogs, synths, octave downs, etc) acoustic bass synths/keys this is primarily going to be for...
  14. J

    Fender Silverface PA 135

    so i could potentially pick up a fender PA 135 head and two corresponding speaker cabs (each a 4x10 column) for what amounts to a song. been trying to find some good information on them and have had limited success here and on the google. my understanding is that this is darn close to a twin...
  15. J

    Esquire circuit with a different pickup type?

    i was thinking that it might be cool to build an esquire, but with a mini-humbucker or p-90 as opposed to a single coil pickup. anyone ever done this? yes, i know there are all sorts of single pickup guitars, but i'm talking about the esquire circuit specifically. could be cool with a full...
  16. J

    a slightly different filter cap discharge question

    i'm in the process of building a new head cab for my epiphone galaxie 10 amp (pretty cool little amp - nearly identical to the electar tube 10). for reference, i'm essentially doing the same project described in this link: http://www.rockdog.com.au/electar%20project.htm one difference being...
  17. J

    why does my fuzz sound nastier with the tone rolled off?

    noticed this the other day. if i roll the guitar tone off all the way, my NOC3 BC108 fuzz sounds downright nasty and filthy. this is a good thing, mind you :) i'm just curious as to the, well, i guess physics behind it. could there be some sort of phase cancellation going on when tone is...
  18. J

    two very different delays...

    the first question i think is easy. what's a very very clean delay (obviously looking digital here)? i'm looking for a delay to run last in the chain after an analog type delay, so i'd like to keep it really clean, but still not sterile if that makes sense. second, are there any delays that...
  19. J

    GFS/GuitarFetish 'on board' preamps

    has anyone ever tried any of the special on-board knobs from GuitarFetish? i'm thinking of building an Esquire type guitar and thought it might be interesting to include one of those. in particular i'm looking at the 'SRV Exciter' model. i'm not really interested in the on-board effects, i...
  20. J

    BYOC phaser, VL MicroVibe, Dano Chicken Salad

    So I found myself with a BYOC phaser, a VooDooLab MicroVibe, and a Danelectro Chicken Salad Vibrato. Quick history - I've had the dano for a while, built the BYOC for fun, and picked up a microvibe last week because i was curious. decided to compare them all against one another. only had one...
  21. J

    need some advice on a dirt pedal :)

    'just one more and i've got it!' --- yeah right anyways, here's what i'm trying to figure out. i'd like to pick up a dirt pedal for medium-heavy drive sounds. i basically need it to do two things. one is to stack into/out of a lower gain pedal for sustainy/gritty accent parts to songs...
  22. J

    Lacquer for a tweed cab?

    I've got a tweed cabinet that I'd like to lacquer. Anyone done this? What product did you use or would you suggest? Thought of using some leftover floor polyurethane that I have on hand...
  23. J

    guitar grounding idea

    a thought i had while wiring up grounding for a guitar: i like using vintage cloth pushback type wiring for guitars. but when you need to ground a bunch of wires together (like on a jazzmaster, for instance) it can be difficult sometimes to bundle them all up and get them all onto the back of...
  24. J

    carmen ghia! i think i'm in love!

    so not too long ago, madison was kind enough to let me take his carmen ghia off of his hands. for this i'll be grateful a very long time! i've used it at two gigs now and tonight had tone that i've only heard in my head before now! i've paired it with the now famous avatar V30/H30 cab. the...
  25. J

    amp decision - ghia/bivavle

    hey everyone! i love this site, figured i should start posting! so i'm looking to upgrade from my carvin nomad. i like the amp, but i want more. i am in a band and we typically play clubs that mic everything. i have guitars with buckers, p-90s, and single coils, but mainly am playing...
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