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  1. Motterpaul

    Joey at 13

    I never saw this before, but man, for 13 y.o.
  2. Motterpaul

    Help building out my lesson business?

    What things have some of you more successful guitar teachers done to build out your independent guitar lesson businesses? I am looking for local people to do live lessons (I prefer to get away from Zoom) and also I am not looking for students here in TGP, so don't worry about giving me your best...
  3. Motterpaul

    Wah into Fuzz tone

    I just had a client who had an inductor0based Buddha Wah and also a Germanium Sonus 1968 Jimi Mod Fuzz. These two things would not play together. Both of them like to see an impedance that is coming right off of a guitar, but if you put the Wah before the Fuzz the wah output impedance is too...
  4. Motterpaul

    Sonus 1968 Jimi Mod Fuzz - HELP

    Hi - I took on this job to add an LED to the Sonus 1968 Jimi Mod Fuzz. Important - this is a PNP pedal so it is wired with a "positive gound." It's very hard to find schematics or pics of this pedal guts, so I hope someone here has one or has worked on one. On the DC jack is hard wired a...
  5. Motterpaul

    Budda Wah into Sonus 1968 Jimi Mod Fuzz

    I have these original pedals - Budda Wah feeding a Sonus Jimi Mod Fuzz (germ NKT transistor). When the Fuzz is turned on the Wah drops in volume and gets far less "wah." I know it is an impedance issue and I have seen a few fixes; 1. Put a buffer between them - problem? the buffer is always...
  6. Motterpaul

    VHT 12/20 Reverb

    I have a VHT 12/20 head and a VHT 12/20 combo. One of them has reverb although I cannot remember which. It seems to me that the price on these has gone up a lot, selling used on Reverb for $600, I even saw one for like $1700. Am I crazy or is this the new going price? I am pretty sure I paid a...
  7. Motterpaul

    Minor Blues with IV-minor - Since I Been Lovin' You

    There are not a lot of really good ripping solos for a blues with a I-minor and a IV-minor chord (this one goes to V7 dom, but only briefly,) the turnaround has minor blues chord-tones throughout otherwise. The playing here just mesmerizes me, and it is cool to take note that Jimmy Paige plays...
  8. Motterpaul

    Peavey Ultra Series Bass

    This Peavey Ultra Series bass has three knobs: a precision style pickup and a jazz style pickup. It has one volume control for each pickup and a master tone control. I need to see a schematic of the bass. Only the first and third knobs seem to work. The bass will sound, but turning knob two...
  9. Motterpaul

    Why use the large pots in guitars?

    Why do we use the 15/16" wide pots in guitars? It isn't like the incoming signal is high wattage. Won't the smaller Bourns pots just as well?
  10. Motterpaul

    What are the correct chords for Louie Louie, and what key does that make it?

    I wonder how many people have really looked into this one and have an opinion...
  11. Motterpaul

    Ideas for guitar lessons

    I am giving lessons to a few people and actually starting to like it. I think it's because I am starting to see what I need to teach them. Most learning guitarists seem to struggle the most with tempo; keeping time. You can explain it to them but not all of them understand the importance of...
  12. Motterpaul

    Get Your Songs Mixed for Free - Contest

    First - I hope I am not doing anything here that is not allowed - but I believe TGP has a loyal enough following that my mentioning another website will not cause any problems. You songwriters who have original recordings from a DAW where your individual tracks are Wav files can submit them to...
  13. Motterpaul

    79 patch cables compared

    This has not been posted for a while so I figured I would do it again. A lot of interesting information here:
  14. Motterpaul

    Luck is with me - DAW computer

    I have a Windows 7 DAW computer that was state of the art when I got it (retail cost was about $1700 but I found it on eBay from another musician who for some reason bought it and decided it didn't work for him - so I paid about $700). It shipped in a box that broke open. I have an interface I...
  15. Motterpaul

    JCM800 2204 - why no channel switching?

    I wonder why no one has solved this with an outboard mod for MV Marshall 2204, 2203 Okay - the low input has a normalled jack that disables the high input if you plug into it. BUT you should be able jump across the disconnect switch to make both channels active at the same time. Of course...
  16. Motterpaul

    Pedals on JCM800 2204 - High or Low gain input?

    The 2204 is a one-channel Marshall that gets a great overdrive tone in the high gain input, and a nice clean tone on the low gain input. I just got my 2004 re-built and it sounds beautiful, and I played it all night with a band just going straight in on high gain. That channel has crunch but it...
  17. Motterpaul

    Analog Chorus stuck on one sound?

    Has anyone ever had an analog chorus that worked for one setting, and the dials moved but did not change the sound settings? So, it was stuck on one sound. Were you able to get it working again? I have a Meistersinger - Jacques BBD analog chorus pedal with that problem.
  18. Motterpaul

    Reminder - Give us more details

    There are a couple of "How to ask for advice" stickies at the top here. I don't think you need to follow every rule in them, but at least tell us some basic things when you ask questions: 1. What DAW are you using? 2. What operating system? 3. If it is hardware - what model numb er of the...
  19. Motterpaul

    JCM800 2204 Jake E Lee Spec Mods - Headfirst Amplification

    This youtube shows the main Jake E Lee mods for Marshall MV amps. It includes changing the 10k cathode follower, a resonance boost, changing up the presence components, mods to the cold clipper circuit. Etc, This is not the diode mod he is also known for. This video demos the amp and shows...
  20. Motterpaul

    Non-electrolytic Cap Polarity

    Is this a thing I should pay attention to? Or is it just voodoo and an oddly badly made cap? Generally, I would only use these in a tube amp or maybe a pedal.
  21. Motterpaul

    Fire in Marshall 2203

    A reissue with a "Hum control" - this thing fried, don't know why yet. https://www.marshallforum.com/threads/fire-in-marshall2203.118531/
  22. Motterpaul

    JCM800 2204 - preamp section not working

    I have an 1980s JCM800 2204 where I seem to be getting output but no audio getting through the 12ax7 preamp stages (especially tubes 1 & 2). I have some decent electronics skills, I build pedals, I installed a Metropolis loop on this amp five years ago and it has been working fine (it still is...
  23. Motterpaul

    Dozens of Sessions to Practice Mixing

    I just ran into this library of sessions you can download to practice mixing. Looks like about 50 songs. You can preview them as MP3s and then download the individual tracks as .wav files. They have all styles and session sizes. Keep scrolling down the page to see them all...
  24. Motterpaul

    New McCartney Songs

    Paul McCartney just posted quite a few new songs to youtube in the last 16 hours. Here is one. If you find this you should see the rest:
  25. Motterpaul

    Pensado's Place

    Not sure how I ever missed this before, but this YouTube site has tons of interviews with pro engineers (mostly mixers) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjBJJayPe01TraFuwaKmMw
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