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  1. gururyan

    Got to pop the cherries on some Basic Audio prototypes.

    Forgot to share my initial experiences with some pedals John sent me that he'd been working on. I've already got a custom Pale Rider being built, loved it. Here are my initial thoughts on his latest projects. The Lady Finger can be elegant and draw you in like a siren, but you'd better check...
  2. gururyan

    Pulled from multiple Strymon threads, a question about mono ins and stereo outs.

    It's come up time and time again, why do Strymon pedals continue to have mono in and stereo out? It would seem that 4th jack that is always used as an expression jack would be better utilized as a stereo input. Both delays, the rotary, and the flanger opt for the exp jack, whereas the reverb and...
  3. gururyan

    Pixies setlist from last night, 9-18-10

    Finally, having seen Frank a few times over the years I finally got to see The Pixies. Had a great time, good show. It was also nice to be able to walk out with a copy of the concert on CD.
  4. gururyan

    Crazy Tube Circuits — Tourbox Review

    *Don't use image without permission, particularly if you are a certain magazine that has stolen my pics for publication before. So I got this package from Greece the other day, and inside were two pedals from Crazy Tube Circuits. The first one I grabbed was the Ziggy. Crazy Tube Circuits...
  5. gururyan

    Do I see the new Strymon pedal in this pic?

    No, not the "Favorite" pedal...look up. What is that grey pedal with the script title?
  6. gururyan

    Sole-Mate Jr question

    In the component reverb system, VanAmps' Sole-Mate Jr., does the control part that goes on your board look like it could be rehoused to yet an even smaller footprint? Is there more in there than just a switch and some pots/jacks? Can you post a gut shot? Can you at least visually confirm that it...
  7. gururyan

    My Silvertone 1471 rehouse/tune-up is done! PICS

    Randy at The Blues Box just finished updating and upgrading my old Silvertone 1471 and is packing her up to send back home! It's got a new cabinet, larger speaker, updated wiring, tuned up, and ready to rock. He was referred to me after hearing and playing a friend's 1481 that he did the same...
  8. gururyan

    Basic Audio pre-tour prototype tour box review

    The following are reviews of some of John's Basic Audio pedals that are current productions, future productions, and possible productions. These were reviewed using the following: GuitarsKay Jazz II with Barney Kessel "Kleenex Box" pups Fender American Deluxe V-neck Strat with SCN pups...
  9. gururyan

    Why are amps "right" when they are wrong?

    Randy, from Blues Box Amps, got my 1471 chassis in that I sent for a rebuild/mod and alerted me with an issue regarding its placement in the new cab he is building for it. He brought up an issue that I have been confused over for most of my guitar playing life. He said if he mounted the chassis...
  10. gururyan

    Ok all you LP fans, answer me this!

    I get so frustrated over this, and after spending the day at the Dallas Guitar Show yesterday I figured I would pose this question to you all. If the crème de la crème of the guitar world (obviously subjective but humor me here) is a pre-'57 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, why oh why is it damn near...
  11. gururyan

    Guitar thief busted

    Get a rope. Larry's got quite a collection of nice guitars, wonder which ones were stolen/returned.
  12. gururyan

    I can't figure out what's up with my truss rod! Help! Strange, strange issue.

    I have an '05 Fender American Deluxe V-neck. The truss rod has become loose and I can hear it rattle inside if I knock on it or hit certain notes. At the nut, it's just a plug...nothing down in the hole to turn. So today I removed the neck expecting to find it at the heel, nothing! I'm so...
  13. gururyan

    Great picture, you must have a nice camera. Great tone, you must have a nice guitar.

    We all know that buying a $4,000 guitar and $5,000 amp does not make you sound like somebody that actually practices, studies diligently, and has some talent/skill thrown in. This is where we get the "tone is in the fingers" saying. Why should this not carry over into other hobbies? I get so...
  14. gururyan

    What old Gibson amp did I just find and bring home?

    Obviously it has water damage, it was in a storage unit. I haven't opened it up yet to see if there is even anything left of it, but the speaker and tubes appear to be fine.
  15. gururyan

    New guitar day, my first vintage.

    I've been searching for some "Kessel/Kleenex Box" pups for a long time, finally got some with this guitar attached to them. It's a 1963 Kay Jazz II and it's in superb condition. The neck is an extremely comfortable C, very straight and meaty. The guitar actually fits me like a glove, it felt...
  16. gururyan

    Question for those who have played or worked large tours

    What is the best way, if even possible, to get an artist to play something not on the predetermined setlist? I'm seeing Eric Clapton on Tuesday, killer seat right up front, and was hoping he would play "Strange Brew." His playing on that song is what created the monster today, this 8 yr old...
  17. gururyan

    Toadworks - Who are their customers? I never see any users!

    Toadworks have been around for awhile now, yet I never see anybody using their products. The site, the R&D, the products, the multiple awards...everything would appear as though they are moving lots of product, yet I seriously never see or hear anybody using Toadworks pedals. Anybody else...
  18. gururyan

    Austone Vibro-stomp — anybody?

    I have wondered about this elusive pedal for years. Only once have I ever seen one used, and that was years ago. Aside from the ones on the official site, I have yet to find a single clip or video of it . . . particularly the vibrato settings. Does anybody have one or know where some more clips are?
  19. gururyan

    New Strymon pedals, are they stereo out AND in?

    Looking at the NAMM shots of the new Strymon pedals, they appear to either have exp. pedal jacks OR possibly stereo INs as well as outs. Can anybody confirm?
  20. gururyan

    You just lost your "music room"...what do you do?

    Lucky for you, the reader, my computer replacement has not arrived and I am still limited to this little IBM ThinkPad in the meantime...which I can't stand using or typing on, feels like a little toy with little buttons and...anyway, this will cause me to keep it short...short for me at least...
  21. gururyan

    Mojo Hand GYRO (pic)

    The Gyro is proving to be quite the sweet toy, more details to come. So far the mix setting (mix of rotary and vibrato) is my favorite. I'm without a computer at the moment so clips are impossible. I took this shot and borrowed a laptop to post it, that's the best I can do at the moment. Off...
  22. gururyan

    vintage '77 MXR DC vs custom shop '76 MXR DC RI (pics)

    I literally just got this in today from yet another smooth trade/sale on TGP. I wanted to put the new custom shop MXR '76 Dyna Comp RI up against the pedal I have owned longer than any other, my trusty ol' 1977 DC. My '77 has never left my board, the only pedal that can say that. For years other...
  23. gururyan

    Emporium Trend regarding "FT"

    Anybody else notice how many people apparently have no idea what they are typing in the title of their emporium ad? They are putting "FT:" or "FS/FT:" at the beginning of the title, then in the post they write "No trades" and wonder why people keep offering trades. ...maybe they think "FT"...
  24. gururyan

    Guitar Robbery in South Tulsa today, please keep a look out...

    My friend's house was robbed today (south Tulsa), among the loot was three of his guitars. I'll get pics and info as soon as I can. I would appreciate everybody in OK and neighboring states to keep a look out on your craiglists and pawns. Guitar thieves are like horse thieves, and I think in TX...
  25. gururyan

    Is there something wrong with this tube? (pic)

    So I noticed my amp sounding a bit crappy the other week, fast forward to today. I'm pulling the Sovteks and putting in some JJs. I'm no expert, but there seems to be a wee bit of a problem with one of the tubes I pulled out of my amp. Do you think that maybe, just maybe this could be the source...
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