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  1. Goldwing

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    My January 2018 version..
  2. Goldwing

    How many of you guys stack dirt pedals?

    I Like to use pedals as.. "preamps". So I have 2 sounds: 1.- JHS ANgry Charlie for Heavy Rhytm. 2.- Mesa Flux Drive for "less than crunch" OD I see it as having 2 amps. So I stack a EHX SoulFood on those resulting in Stacking with 1.- A more HEavy sound for Rhythms stacking with no 2.- a...
  3. Goldwing

    Using one overdrive with a boost for higher gain?

    WOrks for me Soul Food + OCD.
  4. Goldwing

    JHS for drive, lead and crunch?!?

    Andy Timmons is using an Angry Charlie for his lead tones... I admit, I don't know anything about JHS reputation around here, so this is just a cold fact. Hope it helps
  5. Goldwing

    New Carl Martin Compressor? - Andy Timmons Pedalboard

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kn0MqGQFq0 Seems like 2 compressors in one pedal with a remote switch. 2 or 3 controls so it seems less knobs than in the regular CM comp/limiter... edit.- Knobs are Thresold, Level and Comp.
  6. Goldwing

    New Carl Martin Compressor? - Andy Timmons Pedalboard

    Found it! It seems that it's a Signature Dual comp which will run into production shortly: https://www.facebook.com/Carlmartineffects/photos/pb.117100894975012.-2207520000.1430416213./981980668487026/?type=1&theater
  7. Goldwing

    New Carl Martin Compressor? - Andy Timmons Pedalboard

    I've just checked the Andy Timmons's pedalboard on his facebook page. What it seems a new signature (it's signed) Carl Martin Compressor is what got my attention immediately. No news of it on the Carl Martin's website. Maybe I'm mistaken and it's not new? Maybe it's a prototype? It has 2...
  8. Goldwing

    Show us your Pedaltrain NANO (part 2)

    Nice board! I assume that you stack the 2 overdrives, am I correct? IF so, how it sounds? I just can't find any demo on youtube of a Mesa Flux Drive stacked...
  9. Goldwing

    Boss ES-8 - the ultimate switcher?

    :agree :aok I honestly don't know why this shouldn't be the best of the switchers on the market now.
  10. Goldwing

    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    This is my current pedalboard: The bluesdriver is set pretty high for a heavy-classic-rock sound. I can get all the OD tones that I need with just adjust mi guitar's volume. IF I need a even heavier sound I kick the SoulFood to boost it. THe OCD is set for solos. It lacks the...
  11. Goldwing

    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    Love it! simple and nothing you can't do with it..
  12. Goldwing

    The Eventide H9 Owners Thread ..... Part 2

    I'm not intending any offense here, but honestly I've never believed that the H9 should be use it without a midi pedalboard. It's like having a ferrari to drive on vecinal roads. I know that I just wouldn't be able to use it on its own. And to be honest, I think that this also applies to the...
  13. Goldwing

    Delay with presets

    I would go with the Nova. The empress tape delay would be my choice but as mentioned, the tap tempo doesn't work in preset-mode, so it may not be what you're looking for. I've had the Nova and the zoom CDR and, in my case I hated the way the CDR worked live, because you need to scroll...
  14. Goldwing

    The Eventide H9 Owners Thread ..... Part 2

    Thanks!!! Anyone knows of an on-line in-depth review of this algorithm? I haven't found any. :band
  15. Goldwing

    The Eventide H9 Owners Thread ..... Part 2

    Hi H9 users. I've been trying to find a good in-depth review of the EchoVerb algorithm. Do you know of any link-video-blog to have it? I think this algorithm is key to get a good bunch of sounds that I need, like a flanger and delay (My guess is that I'll just set the reverb to 0 and should...
  16. Goldwing

    Rotary Sim: Boss vs. Digitech

    I know this is not your main question but just my 2 cents: TO my ears the RT-20 (I had one) sounds more close to a Yamaha RA-200 than to a leslie. It's a little more choral-chorus sounding that any other rotary speaker simulator if that makes any sense. WHich is good if you like that sound So I...
  17. Goldwing

    Programmable Loop Switchers and their different features... HELP!!!

    As I understand it. the Decibel 11 Dr Switch can do it. YOu can select 3 Midi channels and in 2 of them you can send whatever PC command that you like and CC commands as well. The Musicomlab can do it to, but on the LIte6 you need the software to properly program it, otherwise, doing it on the...
  18. Goldwing

    Progammable Loopers: Whatcha got and how are you using it?

    Is the software editor on the Musicomlab already compatible with Mac? I believe is only Windows compatible but not sure, that's a bummer for me.
  19. Goldwing

    Looking for a Mid-High gain OD for solos

    HI! Well yes the Maxon sounds really great, I haven't found many more useful demos though... The TS is basically not considered because it lacks gain for what I want and also I would like a little less mids The rat opinion again...well is it so hard to read that I don't want the same sound...
  20. Goldwing

    Time to choose a Modulation-MIDI-Multifx

    HI TGP! After searching ways of getting the sounds I need with single pedals, I've decided to go digital and MIDI controlled. Here is my req list: - MIDI controllable (PC, CC) - Store presets - Budget Friendly The modulation fx that I'll be using: - Tremolo - Vibrato (pitch vibrato) - Rotary...
  21. Goldwing

    Name some pedals not marketed as Dumble like, that can approximate those tones

    I've only found one usable demo of this pedal on youtube. Could you elaborate if you can get this sound with the OD or the Distortion section? Thanks!
  22. Goldwing

    Looking for a Mid-High gain OD for solos

    After a way too large research I think the Simble set high can do the trick for me. I know I know, hehe I've said that no-amp-emulator pedal, but that sound seems the one that I'm searching for. Maybe I can boost it for more gain with the SF before. OR the Arc Effects Soothsayer. Funny world...
  23. Goldwing

    Users of Tremolo and/or Vibrato

    I think the best for me would be to go in the multifx direction. Eventide Modfactor or Mobius seem to me the ones to choose. Thanks to all for your answers.
  24. Goldwing

    Fuzz Friendly Programmable Switching System?

    Why not use one of the Switches relays on the musicomlab to control a remote switch looper where you place your reverb? You can use all the 8 loops on the musicomlab->mobius->timeline->remote looper. The remote loopy of gigrig is expensive but I've seen another brands in this days charging from...
  25. Goldwing

    Source Audio Orbital Modulator - replace my boutique mod pedals?

    Yes, but you can only have 2 presets... so basically you need to adjust settings-effects for each song you play. And although most of the times we stick with just one setting for one effect, still with this pedal, you need to adjust it when you need flanger..oh wait next song needs a phaser and...
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