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  1. valvestate

    BOSS Katana for home usage?

    Fathers Day coming soon and I just want to treat myself for something nice. Planning a BOSS Katana and this will used with our med-sized home apartment (headphones) usage but potentially jamming with my buddies and Church once pandemic is over. I just have a Yamaha THR10 and VOX AC15 and I love...
  2. valvestate

    Angled pedalboards with Volume / Wah Pedal

    Hi. I'm just wondering if you guys prefer to have your volume or wah pedal on the floor even if your pedalboard is tilted or elevated? My current one is slightly tilted and I notice a bit of strain when on my calves when I rock it back and forth. I'm planning to purchase another inexpensive...
  3. valvestate

    Got these free cheap stuff from my neighbour !

    Her husband passed away I think 2 years back and leaving today, we gave her a farewell mug ang she asked me if I wanted these items. I asked if her husband still had the guitar but she said that her kids already took it... darn. Oh well, everything works fine :) and it's free so fun to play...
  4. valvestate

    NPD! Plexi Crunch! Amazing

    Just received my new NU-X Plexi Crunch from the mail and I was pleasantly surprised by the sound and quality. I ordered it from an overseas shop in Indonesia for like $36 and I'm sooo glad that it was not a scam as they're the cheapest I can find online :) The good * Definitely a hard rock...
  5. valvestate

    Affordable FRFR Speaker/ Cabinet?

    I think I'm beginning to understand the appeal and portability of digital technology. I'm usually a VOX tube amp guy but I wanted to ditch that and go full digital using my Zoom G3 stomps! I'm kinda noob with IRs and Cabs but I read that you need a FRFR cab to fully utilise the IRs and CAB...
  6. valvestate

    Super FLY by Blackstar

    Just saw this and I think it is great! https://www.blackstaramps.com/uk/ranges/super-fly Anybody here has it? So I think the main different with the previous FLY is that this is louder and with the XLR input? It is not that cheap though
  7. valvestate

    Collecting a portable mini amp?

    Anybody here has a collection of mini portable battery powered amplifiers? I want to start to collect them and just put it on my work desk just because they look cool. I only have at the moment a Yamaha THR10 which I really like but I would not really call it a 'mini portable amp'.Waste of...
  8. valvestate

    Bacchus Roasted Maple Stratocaster BST-2-RSM/M - any love?

    I don't see any threads related to these guitars from the Far East. https://bacchus-guitar.com/BacchusGuitars/Guitars/bst2/bst2-rsm Anybody has some experience with these? Specs wise looks good as well as the very affordable price tag. I like there vintage colors although I have not really...
  9. valvestate

    NGD! I think I'm done buying guitars...

    ... well for now! Wife told me to now STOP buying guitars but I told her only when I reach 40 yrs old! :D I was window shopping for guitar that my wife will give me for my birthday. I know I have already decided to purchase a Player Series Strat due to the overwhelming good reviews I read...
  10. valvestate

    Buying a Fender Highway 1 Strat - Are they good guitars? (Photos attached)

    I stumbled upon this amazing looking Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster in Teal Green Transparent color and I immediately fell in love with the sound and overall condition of the guitar. The guitar tech from the store told me that it is in consignment and the guy who's trying to sell it was a bassist...
  11. valvestate

    Cort X700 Duality Guitars

    Looks good on paper but price a bit on a high side for an Asian made guitar. Anybody tried this before? Just for stainless frets alone are something that you don't see often on a high end Fender nor mid-range Ibanez models...
  12. valvestate

    Any love for a Shijie STE HSS Stratocaster?

    GASsing so hard with this shell pink stratocaster http://www.shijieguitars.com/home-products-info-id-133-catId-31.html :) price seems right but... I believe these are Made in China ? Not that it matters but just concerned with the overall quality of it. Any users here and your thoughts? Worth...
  13. valvestate

    Using a headphone input sucks the tone out of my Vox!

    I have Vox Pathfinder 15R which I use for simple recording via a V8 Soundcard. Whenever I plug in my headphone to the input jack, the sound becomes so thin and brittle that I almost have to turn off the Treble knob. Is this normal? I don't really use the headphone jack that much. I have a...
  14. valvestate

    Yamaha THR10 Screen Issue

    I just suddenly noticed that the mini display on my THR10 is showing a "#" (sharp) sign eventhough I am not tuning it. It works well though but that sharp sign really annoys me. :( Any ideas?
  15. valvestate

    True-bypass looper that does not emit a 'pop' sound from the amp?

    Thread explains it all. I'm sick and tired with my mini true-bypass looper I purchased from Reverb that emits a loud POP sound from the amp when I hit it!
  16. valvestate

    Good alternative for DiG and Neunaber WET?

    Had to finally returned my loaned effects from my buddy so my board have 2 empty spots. :oops: I mostly play Church stuff and I currently have a BOSS DD7, RV-3 and Zoom CDR MS-70 on my board. What's a good and affordable delay or reverb to replace the DiG and WET? Cheers!
  17. valvestate

    Ibanez WH-10 V3?

    Any love for these? I had an original silver color before, sounds great but it has a massive volume boost! https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/detail/wh10v3_01.html Cheers!
  18. valvestate

    Query: Adjusting the screws from a 2-point trem system

    I had to loosen the screws of me Elite Stratocaster to rectify the stiffness of my tremolo arm. It also caused the bridge to life a few millimeters from the body but I liked that my trem arm is now very smooth to press. Any harm in loosening the screws ? Why did Fender had to really tighten...
  19. valvestate

    Zoom GCE-3 Recording and Connecting to an amp?

    Hi folks! I'm really a noob with interfaces. I'm planning to purchase this so I can do some home recording. Can I record my self in my iMac desktop say if playing over a YouTube backing track? Which apps do I need aside from the app that I need for the GCE-3? Can I also connect this to an amp...
  20. valvestate

    Why do people remove the bottom BOSS sticker?!?!

    ... and they still have the nerve to post it as 'good condition'! and even sell it at a high price :mad::mad::bkw I know some people will say that you will put it anyways on your pedalboard so you will not see it BUT still... for me it really loses its value and aesthetics. OK RANT OFF...
  21. valvestate

    Zero Neck Relief ? Am I the only one?

    I always prefer all my guitars to always have ZERO relief and set the neck as straight as possible. This means that I sometimes max out the truss rod (super tight!) Main advantage for me is that it makes the action really low in the lower frets! Will this cause an issue with the neck in the...
  22. valvestate

    Is it wrong to still G.A.S. even if you just purchased a new guitar?

    I just purchased this lovely and awesome sounding Elite HSS but I still cannot stop think about purchasing the Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster :dunno:cry: Still GASsing badly for this bad @ss Aztec Goldie! I just spent 1 grand for the Elite and now thinking how I can finance this LB...
  23. valvestate

    Popping sound from true-bypass Loop Switchers =(

    Hi folks! I have 2 of these mini true bypass which my Zoom MultiStomps are connected. Problem is that whenever I press it, a noticeable popping sound emits from my amp! Drives me nuts! I'm using mostly EBS cables to my 11 efx pedalboard.. this is totally annoying especially with quite...
  24. valvestate

    Setting up a low action on a compound radius Strat

    Folks, first time to acquire a compound radius strat (9.5 - 14) on an American Elite. Question is, which curvature of the saddles am I going to follow? I'm trying to lower it down to around 1.25mm thinking that I can go lower as it has flat board on upper frets above but it still chocked...
  25. valvestate

    Upper fret access on a Les Paul style guitar

    I love everything about this guitar but I'm beginning to dislike the inability to easily access the upper frets when soloing. I was just jamming with my bandmates last Sunday and no matter how high my Strap is, it is just very difficult to easily play up from 15th fret standing up. I never...
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