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  1. Slideman

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    modulated delay for me....but it's very convenient to shut the delay down and use just the mod too.
  2. Slideman

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Using this through a Magnatone Twilighter and I’m extremely happy with this board. The amp covers reverb, trem and vibrato. The board covers boost, distortion, overdrive, tape delay, chorus/vibrato and slap. Yes I have 3 delays :). But they’re like presets for me . I could probably have the...
  3. Slideman

    *YOU* rocking a Tele

  4. Slideman

    Catalinbread tap tempo pedal

    So this Tap works great with the BED! One difference I did notice is that the "echo sustain" when using the tap is more pronounced than the default position on the knob if you hadn't used the tap. Flipping the V/D switch between the two is quite noticeable.
  5. Slideman

    Keeley Fuzz Bender - 9v Battery Or No?

    Remember use the ever ready heavy duty batteries...much better with fuzz :).
  6. Slideman

    Keeley Fuzz Bender - 9v Battery Or No?

    BTW...these are an amazing versatile pedal....muff to bender to fuzz face by altering the bias and tone knobs. I went for this as I'm not a fuzz nut like others on the forum and thought it would provide the most versatility for someone who wanted to get a variety of fuzz tones without going...
  7. Slideman

    Overdrives for Magnatone Twilighter

    Updating my previous response on overdrives - I've been using a Boss OD-3 through the amp and it sounds amazing. Great combo.
  8. Slideman

    Any DM2 owners have advice for someone thinking of buy a DM2w...

    I've had a DM-2 and a DM-2W - they're really close - the original may be a tad darker. For comparison, I also have a WH Aquapuss - which I tend to prefer as it has a bit more presence...but that's splitting hairs.
  9. Slideman

    Jean Luc Ponty.

    ....and Darrell Stuermer of Genesis fame - plays some great lead guitar as well.
  10. Slideman

    Overdrives for Magnatone Twilighter

    you will never look back, trust me :).
  11. Slideman

    Overdrives for Magnatone Twilighter

    Interesting - on the stereo twilighter video, while it gets very loud before breaking up, he's about just under half way up. On my 1x12....it needs to be up around 3/4 before you get breakup...maybe the preamp tubes? But those amp OD tones are killer with a full band.
  12. Slideman

    Is Dispatch Master worth it if I'm mainly using reverb only or should I go with a WET, etc.?

    I have the DM...but for Reverb, the EQD Ghost Echo is highly recommended (it's a reverb despite the name).
  13. Slideman

    Overdrives for Magnatone Twilighter

    I have a lot of experience with this as I've had mine for about 4 years and gigged with it and used it in the studio. The amp is not as scooped as Fender...it has a bit more mids...it could be the speaker. It loves a Boss Bluesdriver (I have a Keeley), the Timmy too (but prefer the BD-2 live)...
  14. Slideman

    Saw Blue Oyster Cult last Night,amazing.

    I've seen them a dozen times. My favorite band of all time. My first show was 1982 at Radio City - Zebra was the opener. I saw them at the 40th anniversary show in NYC at the Best Buy Theatre and had back stage passes. The guys all signed my laniard and poster - it's framed. Chatted with...
  15. Slideman

    Carbon Copy delay vs Supa Puss or…?

    IMO you will be totally thrilled with any of the the DMM TT to meet these needs.
  16. Slideman

    Huge Bands that Vanished

    Still touring and released a new album this year....but in fairness they've experienced large gaps in their discography and touring - 1988 to 1998/2001....then releasing another one 20 years later.
  17. Slideman

    Jeff Buckley live reverb tones in pedal form?

    In an uncomplicated manner and those who may prefer simplicity without going nuts (depends on how much you want to get there)...I found the EQD Ghost Echo combined with an amp that has reverb really comes close to these tones. The Ghost Echo has some pre-delay and the slightest modulation -...
  18. Slideman

    What 90's Guitar Effect Is This?

    Vibrato. Could be an old school DMM with the vibrato up all the way.
  19. Slideman

    Any Fulldrive 3 fans?

    I have the FD-3 20th anniversary. The drawback for me is that it is very dark...even with the tone knob cranked. However, the mid-heavy sustain is excellent for cutting through and it excels at slide guitar IMO.
  20. Slideman

    DMM XO: older Japanese MN3008 vs new Chinese chips?

    I have an Analogman Bigbox DMM and a 500-TT with Panasonic Chips. Sonically they are incredibly close....I would say that the delay repeats on the Bigbox swirl and decay longer, while the 500-TT fade out sooner. However, I find the modulation on the 500-TT to be more pronounced in a good way.
  21. Slideman

    Boss RE-20 Space Echo Club

    So how does everyone think the RE-20 tape echo is “aging”? Still competitive, still has ”that” sound, others come close in pedal format, but not quite? I still really enjoy and am inspired by the pedal when I bought over 10 years ago….and never let it go..unlike other pedals. However, other...
  22. Slideman

    Spot on Klon clone for under $100??

    I've had one....and it sounded excellent...although it had a background hiss I wasn't fond of. As an aesthetic aside, I think this would have looked great in a larger WH enclosure.
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