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    Help me select a Phaser!

    Retro-Sonic Phaser...has Speed, Depth, AND Level controls. Runs much quieter than most and also has a wider range of speed than most Phase 90 type phasers. Love it!
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    BOSS ES-8 Discussion!

    Hey guys, I bought an ES-8 several months ago with hopes of incorporating it into my setup but unfortunately I'm forced to sell it before putting it to use. It's brand new in the box and ready to ship out. If you're looking for one please get in touch and I'll give you a great deal!
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    What's your favorite Analog Delay with Tap Tempo?

    My favorite is the EH DMMTT1100...just an incredible sounding delay and the tap tempo works flawlessly.
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    Early BB Preamp vs current version

    Long time BB Preamp user and I've never seen anything like that before. The earlier run of pedals had a bit more built in compression but other than that the versions are the same. Yours may be some sort of prototype before they settled on the final design. You might wanna contact Xotic and see...
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    Mogami Cable Customer Service

    Mogami makes great cables and has excellent customer service as well. Pretty sure you could have just returned your cable to the retailer you bought it from and they'll exchange it for a new one no questions asked. Next time check the warranty before going on a forum to bash them.
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    Musicomlab switcher... Which version for me?

    There were a couple of used ES-8's on Reverb.com yesterday. Much more flexible than the MusicomLab stuff.
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    Keeley 4 knob... I am shattered!

    Contact Robert Keeley and he'll take care of,you...awesome customer service!
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    WANT! Compact Cali76 compressor coming.

    These pedal waiting lists always create problems. Companies continue to promote their pedals for many months in advance of the pedal's actual release date. Most never seem to have enough product to fulfill orders and then use the ridiculous excuse of underestimating the product's demand. Here's...
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    Main OD for alt country / roots rock/ midwest country rck

    Get yourself a Timmy and a Fulldrive. Tons of versatility with just those 2 pedals, whether you use them individually or stacked.
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    Vpick players - how is the consistency these days?

    I've been using V-Picks for about 3-4 years now and the consistency has been tremendous. The customer service is great and the shipping is fast...I can order on a Sat or Sun and have the picks 2-3 days later.
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    Chorus or Phaser first?

    I would run your Phaser before your OD's and Chorus after. There are really no steadfast rules...ultimately it comes down to what sounds best to you.
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    Best compressor pedals to be used for lead guitar?

    My advice is to try an Xotic SP Compressor. Killer little compressor found on a ton of pro boards because it's small, cheap, easy to use, and it sounds great! You can probably find a used one for around $100.00. Don't go spending a lot of money on the latest compressor of the week when there are...
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    TheSooze's Summer NAMM 2015 Photo Thread

    I look forward to this thread during every NAMM show. You always do such a great job covering the show it almost makes the rest of us feel like we're right there with you. Thanks so much Sooze!
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    Timmy Sounds Great with my Tele, Awful with my Strat

    All my guitars and amps sound great with the Timmy. You're not going to find one setting that sounds great for every situation, but if you work with the eq controls and the different clipping options you should definitely be able to produce some great tones. I also love that it stacks really...
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    Thin picks for better soloing?

    I never use a standard thin pick because they don't give enough attack and they make way too much noise. Mainly used Fender heavies for years until I started using V-Picks. If thin picks are your preference, check out some of the ultralight and light gauge V-Picks.
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    Bradshaw CAE RST-LS

    No doubt that Bradshaw makes great stuff but the problem is that as usual it's seriously overpriced for the average musician, and these days there are a number of other more affordable alternatives.
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    BadCat Unleash v2 - NAMM 2015

    I've been hearing about this updated version for 6 months and yet still no mention of it anywhere I can see on the BadCat website and the few dealers I've talked to say they no nothing about it... and they are still receiving shipments of the current version. I'm curious to see how they plan on...
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    Belle Epoch Settings

    Absolutely love the Belle Epoch! It's one of those pedals that no matter where you turn the knobs it sounds great and just inspires creativity.
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    barely breaking up/pushed amp tone - Xotic RC or AC booster?

    No problem John. I wasn't trying to say you were wrong, just trying to give some additional info to help the OP in his decision. I originally had similar thoughts about the abbreviations but after reaching out to Xotic it put things into a better perspective for me. I ended up buying all 3 but...
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    Wampler Velvet Fuzz - Instant Classic or Flop?

    Had one and thought it sounded great but didn't use it enough to keep it. That being said, a number of pros have it on their board...Brad Paisley and Andy Timmons are currently using it on tour.
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    barely breaking up/pushed amp tone - Xotic RC or AC booster?

    After contacting Xotic myself several years ago in reference to the various pedal abbreviations I was told the RC stands for "Rig Conductor", AC is a reference to a Vox AC30 amplifier, and BB is a reference to a Marshall BluesBreaker amplifier. Having owned all of them previously my...
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    I was about to buy a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET until...

    I've owned a bunch of different Fulltone pedals over the years and the few problems I've had were repaired by Mike for just the cost of the parts...pots, switches etc. The FD2 is a great pedal and is one of the first pedals that started the whole boutique pedal market and has been used by some...
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