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  1. J

    The Never Ending Search for a Simple Delay

    Moog Minifooger Delay. Dead simple, amazing sound.
  2. Fuel Tank 1

    Fuel Tank 1

  3. MF Flange

    MF Flange

  4. Fuel Tank 2

    Fuel Tank 2

  5. J

    Gibson-Scale Neck on a Telecaster?

    i'll add another consideration to the "conversion neck" pile - best guitar parts. i got one from them for a firebird build i did and it's quickly becoming a favorite. though that said, i also have warmoth and USACG necks which are dynamite. your quickest and cheapest route is to find a tele...
  6. J

    Help powering Neunaber Slate v2...

    do you have a one spot or something like that so you can power it on it's own without the PP? or try a different lead from the PP? maybe that's the issue and not the pedal itself. the EXP is designed to run off the power supplied to the slate, and if i had to guess 100mA is likely more than...
  7. J

    Champ/Vibro Champ Users: Favorite 12"?

    it's been a few years, but i ran a VC into a Weber 12A125A for a while. in a fit of stupidity sold them both, but that was a pretty awesome setup. i had a separate cab, really should have gotten a 1x12 combo cab like in your pic. it's hard to go wrong with Weber, particularly if you can find...
  8. J

    Fender BassBreaker Series

    i think you answered your own question - they're different models with different features. would you feel better if they had names instead of numbers? (champ, princeton, deluxe, vibrolux, etc....)
  9. J

    General Guitar Gadgets Octavia Build

    i think you've got way too much going on with the octave switch. the purpose of that switch is to lift the diodes out of the circuit that bring in the octave. this can be accomplished with a SPST (or in other words, just one row of the 3PDT). i can see that you've added the LED indicator to the...
  10. J

    General Guitar Gadgets Octavia Build

    are your switches/wires close together? sounds like you're grounding out the effect somehow. check/recheck your switch connections, and check/recheck your solder points. it certainly is not working correctly. i've built the same circuit (someone else made the PCB) and it's a fantastic pedal...
  11. J

    Delay pedal w/ top-mount jacks

    Moog Minifooger Delay is another very nice option
  12. J

    Direct/clean/wood mount pickups and adjusting pickup height

    another option is foam/weather stripping under the pickups - that's what you'll normally find in jazzmasters
  13. J

    Going to see Jason Isbell tomorrow night!

    one of the best shows i've seen, ever. the band is SO locked in, but not in a natural, non-synthetic way. he's engaging, funny, serious when necessary, and the songs speak for themselves. not to mention he can play his ass off. and from the TGP angle - if you haven't seen his PG rig rundown...
  14. J

    Tele bridge p/u to go with a mini-hum in neck

    i'd suggest two 'types' to investigate, and each will have tons of variations that come down to personal preference: 'broadcaster' 'p-90 in a tele bridge' you'll generally find more 'beef' in these styles than in most other tele bridge pups.
  15. J

    Dynamic tremolo option?

    keeley dynatrem!
  16. J

    EarthQuaker Devices Teaser: 7 New Pedals For NAMM 2016

    Night Wire sounds great...some crossover with the keeley dynatrem (some, they're definitely not the same thing) so it looks like a side by side is in my future :) Can't wait to hear the Avalanche Run though, that's definitely still in spot #1 on my list. I've been wanting pretty much exactly...
  17. J

    EarthQuaker Devices Teaser: 7 New Pedals For NAMM 2016

    Avalanche Run and Night Wires....got my eyes on you.... These all look great. EQD FTW!
  18. J

    Overdrive question?

    there are no rules in rock and roll baby
  19. J

    Vibe Comparison...

    point of technical clarification on the depths - it is photocell based, but uses an LED instead of a lamp. it also doesn't have a lighthouse over that assembly. so construction is slightly different, though the sounds are similar. for me, it had a low end 'WHUMP' that i didn't always want, and...
  20. J

    Sold USACG CBS Strat Neck

    i've had a few spec questions so here's some updates. i don't have the original spec sheet on this one, so these are my measurements (and i don't have calipers, so consider them to be very solid ballpark) nut width - 1 11/16 inches neck depth - 0.8 in, looks and feels like a D profile. doesn't...
  21. J

    Sold USACG CBS Strat Neck

    listed on Reverb as below. discount for TGP folks! $140 shipped and PP (reverb link removed)
  22. J

    Sommatone Roaring 20 prototype

    yeah...kind of why i was thinking about it :) there are always going to be some that got away though, right? :)
  23. J

    Sommatone Roaring 20 prototype

    Kind of a random thread here. I was thinking about amps that I've had in the past, specifically an early Sommatone. I bought it from someone here, and it was allegedly a Roaring 20 prototype. Cream tolex, don't think it even had 'Roaring 20' on it anywhere. Sold it on TGP years ago too. Was...
  24. J

    Good delay combinations . . .

    DM2 into an RV3 was one of my favorites. i like running washy analog into digital delays, particularly of the digi has tap tempo. can cover lots of sounds that way for sure.
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