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  1. Porschefender

    Help identify older Weber speaker VA12

    Picked this up recently, never seen the VA12 on any other Weber and the label is not like my other early Weber VST labels. The magnet appears to be 40oz, but is this a British cone with the H dustcap translating to Vintage American 12"? ?
  2. Porschefender

    Sold Goodsell Valpreaux Custom MK IV amplifier Tacoma, Wa

    Pick up in Tacoma, Wa Excellent condition 30 watts, four 6973 output tubes, Hi-Lo power switch, reverb & tremolo, 8 & 16 ohm outputs. Hi-Lo inputs, gain, volume, reverb, treble, mid, bass, speed, depth. I believe the speaker is a WGS Reaper 50 watt labeled/made for Goodsell. Tremolo switch...
  3. Porschefender

    Randy Bachman's '57 Gretsch 6120 stolen/found

  4. Porschefender

    Sold Scumback S75-PVC as new Tacoma, Wa

    8ohm, 65 watt, pickup in Tacoma, Wa $210 Questions by PM please
  5. Porschefender

    Sold 2005 Gibson Historic SG/LP Standard

    Excellent condition, very minimal wear, great frets, neck depth .84 @ 1st, .93 @ 12th. Weight claimed to be 7lbs by previous seller. Questions by PM please. $2650 plus shipping in lower US
  6. Porschefender

    Sold OX4 Carter Vintage pickups

    Nice pair with nickel covers, heard them in a '63 SG Standard and an '05 Historic SG/LP Standard, great in both. $225 shipped in lower US 7.86 ohm - 13.5" lead wire 8.17 ohm - 11.5 lead wire
  7. Porschefender

    Sold 2014 Collings I-35 with Throbaks

    Excellent condition, tobacco sunburst, standard neck, Throbak SLE 101 Plus MXV pickups, original case. $3,700 shipped to lower 48 states in the US Local pickup in Tacoma Wa also available for less Please PM me with any questions Thanks <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en"...
  8. Porschefender

    Sold Louis Electric Columbia Reverb

    $1,800 shipped or $1700 local pickup in Tacoma Wa Received new to me in Dec 2019, purchased directly from Lou. Excellent condition, Jupiter 12LC-P speaker, 6V6 tubes, negative feedback switch on rear panel, less than 20 in home use hours. LeCover slip cover and footswitch. Ships in original...
  9. Porschefender

    Collings I-35 stop tailpiece spec

    On my 2015 the treble side of the tailpiece is 3.5mm further forward than the bass side, anybody else? Measured from the back of the tailpiece to the front edge of the bridge pickup surround. 117-113.5 These appear similar...
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