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  1. gururyan

    Basic Audio "Zippy" Fuzz

    Spent the afternoon with my Zippy, plan to spend the evening with it too.
  2. gururyan

    Mojo Hand Fx Zephyr & One Ton Bee Fuzz Tour Box

    Well, once again my prejudice has proven me wrong. I was "interested" in the Zephyr and "excited" about the Bee, and I ended up "thrilled" with the Zephyr and "amused" by the Bee. The Zephyr is one hell of a pedal, a jack of all trades if you will. I was able to dial in several existing pedals...
  3. gururyan

    Mojo Hand Fx Zephyr & One Ton Bee Fuzz Tour Box

    Can't wait! Is there going to "bee" another tour box by chance?
  4. gururyan

    New "must have" pedal about to be released!!!

    Pssh, sounds like a Valnøtt clone.
  5. gururyan

    Gearmanndude...meet FuzzBoxGirl

    I love her demos and her playing.
  6. gururyan

    Going to see Interpol tommorrow night - anyone seen them?

    That's hilarious, I was waiting for it to crawl in his ear or something and him start freaking out.
  7. gururyan

    Going to see Interpol tommorrow night - anyone seen them?

    Two more days, looking forward to seeing them again!
  8. gururyan

    New effects pedals at Musikmesse

    How is Cioks pronounced?
  9. gururyan

    Best looking pedal

    Just got my custom Pale Rider that I requested in a western theme since this fuzz handles all my spaghetti western tones. Beautiful job by John as usual. And before you get any ideas, he said he would never try to use one of these mini-enclosures again hahahahaha. You're looking at the one and...
  10. gururyan

    Show your Pedal Boards #14

    That thing is deceptively huge!
  11. gururyan

    Neunaber WET vs Dr. Scientist RRR

    They would have fallen into a reverb void/hole and would not be able to answer your post.
  12. gururyan

    Going to see Interpol tommorrow night - anyone seen them?

    Now Pajo is out, Brad Truax is in.
  13. gururyan

    Batteries ~ any one still use them ?

    This, and my kids' gaming remotes.
  14. gururyan

    35 Overdrive pedal shootout + a special premier

    Cool, I too have been eagerly awaiting this.
  15. gururyan

    Fender in a box

    That's a Silvertone in a box.
  16. gururyan

    Basic Audio Tour Box!

    Been rocking the Zippy and Futureman this evening. ...I think I blew a tube.
  17. gururyan

    Psychedelic Machine

    Paisley Vibra Fuzz is the clone you seek.
  18. gururyan

    LONG awaited NPD: The Pete Cornish straight flush!

    Fun to read about pedals I will never have the privilege to own; thanks for sharing.
  19. gururyan

    MXR 45 Reissue... what do you think?

    I just traded mine off after A/B'ing it with the Nebula for almost a year. I got a very slight volume drop with it, the 45. The Nebula has 9v, LED, true-bypass, and even had a wider speed range. They sounded identical effect-wise. I'm a long time vintage MXR fan, user, owner...but I had to give...
  20. gururyan

    any sonic difference between old and new london fuzz?

    I've had two old ones, outstanding pedals.
  21. gururyan

    What is an original early Big Tone Triboost worth? pre BYOC

    No clue. I've got one too, but he built it in a hammond box. I took a pic of the original one, before even those housings. As far as the value, are you buying or selling?
  22. gururyan

    What is the most convincing AC30 pedal?

    I regret selling my MAD Effects DD30, so my eyes are usually open for one...there are only a handful. I'm picking up a Lovepedal Englishman tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.
  23. gururyan

    A Brief History of The Black Keys and My Take On Brothers

    I can't wait for Dan's next solo album.
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