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  1. newb3fan

    Starting jazz at older age

    Yes I’m in this category of player for sure. I started when I was 13 playing the rock of the time, which is now classic rock. I took lessons and had/have a good theory background. I played in bands after college and was a serviceable rock and blues player with some interest in jazz. I enjoyed...
  2. newb3fan

    FUCHS amplifiers appreciation thread

    Yes it's possible. My understanding of my ODS 30 which was purchased new in 2016 is that every one of the controls on the 4-way footswitch is controllable as well from the front panel. The pots are labeled as to which ones are pull for which feature i.e. mids, gain, and OD. You can always email...
  3. newb3fan

    The Real Book

    That's the one I have as well. Acquired circa 1980 when I was taking private lessons for the first time from a guy at the local music store. Still have it but it is now in a 3 ring binder.
  4. newb3fan

    1st Time Builder - Capturing the Process of Building an Archtop

    I figured I'd create a thread for those interested to watch along and comment on my 1st attempt at building an archtop guitar. I started a thread in the jazz guitar forum here.... https://www.jazzguitar.be/forum/builders-bench/82954-another-new-newbie-archtop-build.html#post1082367 And I'm...
  5. newb3fan

    Good app for making Tablature?

    Can you be more specific as to what you are trying to do? You want to move notes to a different position/set of strings on the guitar neck?
  6. newb3fan

    A tip how to practice to find chord tones/getting familiar with a new chord progression

    Connecting chord tones....an absolute must when learning to improv over any jazz standard. Eventually....and IMHO this takes a good while...the fingers just magically start finding the right notes the first time without having to think about it. Nice tip thanks a lot!
  7. newb3fan

    Writing arpeggios and licks on a fretboard diagram

    As I was reading the OP I was thinking of this exact book which is Linear Expressions by Pat Martino which I have and have been using off and on for the last six months.
  8. newb3fan

    Georgia on my mind_ES125 with two Gibson amps

    That sounded awesome. I could tell you were a classically trained guitarist from the very beginning of the piece. Learning some expanded chord voicing and extensions and alterations does not take a lot of effort and is quite intuitive if your knowledge of the fretboard is solid, which I'm...
  9. newb3fan

    Can anyone identify this Gretsch Archtop?

    I don't know but that was a darn tasty rendition of Autumn Leaves!
  10. newb3fan

    Sourcing wood for guitar project?

    Hi, Where do people recommend sourcing wood? Do you typically use a local supplier or do you order from an online outfit? I'm going to restart my journey to build an archtop and I'm curious. I started carving a top some 15 years ago and then starting a family took the priority. Now I'm immersed...
  11. newb3fan

    Logic Pro X 10.5 just released

    This update is going to be SO much fun. I'm already loving the way the live loops view interfaces with the track view. You can pull in some loops after sampling and finding what you want and drop them into track view and then live loops and it creates a scene for you. Then just keep building and...
  12. newb3fan

    Logic Pro X 10.5 just released

    Open your App Store app and click updates. If you don't see it hit CTRL-R. It should appear.
  13. newb3fan

    Logic Pro X 10.5 just released

    I upgraded my late 2013 iMac 27 to Catalina within the week it came out. It's been running flawlessly since. I have Logic Pro X with NI Komplete 11. I also run Final Cut Pro and a few other music related apps like GP7 and Translate. The only thing I've done to it is max out the ram to 32GB DDR3...
  14. newb3fan

    Online lesson experiment..who wants to join?

    I had too many life priorities and could not stick with the practice regimen required for his teaching method. Ejay has a really sound philosophy and approach to learning and internalizing language. If you are interested in it I would not hesitate to look him up.
  15. newb3fan

    Opinions of Truefire for learning jazz

    I'm a member of Frank Vignola's "Jazz Studio" Channel on TF. I think the going rate is $10/month. I'm not currently an all access member although I used to be. Frank focuses his students on learning songs...melodies and chord progressions. He is a very active poster on his own channel. He...
  16. newb3fan

    Moment's Notice playalong

    Amazing stuff guys thanks for posting. I long for half of your chops someday! Stay safe... ~Mike
  17. newb3fan

    About Martino's Linear Expressions...

    Got it and thanks very much!
  18. newb3fan

    About Martino's Linear Expressions...

    For those of you that have used Linear Expressions as a practicing and learning tool I'm curious to know how you handled and approached phase II of the book. Did you literally commit all twelve key line forms in one position to memory and then advance yourself up the neck to different positions...
  19. newb3fan

    Good app for making Tablature?

    I've tried the much more expensive Scoring software Finale. You don't want to go there. I've been really happy with Guitar Pro 7. It's very easy to input note either via the staff or the TAB. A little bit of a learning curve but once proficient it is a breeze.
  20. newb3fan

    About Martino's Linear Expressions...

    I'm practicing activity #s 1 & 2 right now over a I-VI7-ii-V in F. It's actually sounding good! I'm starting the lines in different spots within the activity and playing continuous 1/8th notes. I feel like this is such a huge breakthrough. Going to move on to other keys today as well. I have an...
  21. newb3fan

    About Martino's Linear Expressions...

    Cool! Would definitely like to know the chord sequence you played over thanks.
  22. newb3fan

    About Martino's Linear Expressions...

    Got it thank you for that tip!
  23. newb3fan

    About Martino's Linear Expressions...

    Resurrecting this thread because I'm in the middle of learning those 4 activities having purchased the book about a week ago. All I have to say is practicing those lines over a G-7 vamp track is working wonders for my ability to connect the sounds to my fingers and seamlessly finding the notes...
  24. newb3fan

    George Benson method, Peter Farrell

    Huge Barry Greene fan here! Been and off and on subscriber and purchaser of his lesson material over the last 1 1/2 years. Since being on quarantine I've re-upped my monthly subscription and been diving back into his tutorials. Huge talent for playing and instructing. Regards, Mike
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