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    Group pic of amps
  2. Group pics

    Group pics

    Photos of grouped gear
  3. luv2playm

    Favorite 335 alternatives?

    I like the guitar, but I LOVE that beachfront home and view!
  4. luv2playm

    I miss Michael Burks.

    Great artist. Great guitar tone.
  5. luv2playm

    Looking for some funny blues songs - what are your favorites?

    Hey Bartender, There's a Bug in My Beer:
  6. luv2playm

    What’s your best guitar?

    My 1980's Les Paul Studio, for its relatively rich tone and long sustain even compared to several Les Paul Standards I've tried/owned.
  7. luv2playm


    As an example of the good aspects of the TGP amp discussions, and as a sincere expression of thanks to the OP, I recently pulled the trigger on a Fargen Olde 800 combo due in part to the OP's positive posts about that amp, and I'm extremely glad I did. It's a great amp for me.
  8. luv2playm


    The op makes a good point, especially when it comes to topics like "What's the best (desert island, high gain, low gain, low volume, tube, solid state, modeling, etc.) amp." However, for me, and I'm guessing most other tgp'ers, it is helpful and interesting to read detailed reviews and...
  9. luv2playm

    I'm in love with my Mark Kane Dumble 183 ...

    That's amazing that it sounds so fine at such low volumes. I'd bet it's glorious with the master volume up to stage volumes. Enjoy!
  10. luv2playm

    Torn between the powe and tone of a Tube and vs the portability and convenience of SS..

    Stick with what sounds and feels good and inspires you, no matter the weight, and get and use one of these: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/R2RT--rock-n-roller-r2rt-micro-multi-cart
  11. luv2playm

    Practice Amp with Effects Loop

    Good to know. Thanks.
  12. luv2playm

    Practice Amp with Effects Loop

    Thank you!
  13. luv2playm

    Practice Amp with Effects Loop

    Interesting. What changes in tone and/or functionality did you observe with that speaker change? Thanks.
  14. luv2playm

    Practice Amp with Effects Loop

    I'd appreciate any informed suggestions and reasons for a speaker upgrade for the Blackstar. Thank you.
  15. luv2playm

    Budget, Low Volume Practice Amp Suggestions

    Blackstar HT 5.
  16. luv2playm

    Practice Amp with Effects Loop

    Blackstar HT 5.
  17. luv2playm

    2x10 amps....

    I agree.
  18. luv2playm

    Carl's Custom Amps Octal Deluxe?

    That's a nice amp. Thanks.
  19. luv2playm

    2x10 amps....

    Vintage blackface Super Reverb here. It's 4 10-inch speakers provide plenty of full-bodied tone, and even more when pushed a bit with a good overdrive pedal.
  20. luv2playm

    Carl's Custom Amps Octal Deluxe?

    Bump. Anyone?
  21. luv2playm

    Carl's Custom Amps Octal Deluxe?

    I'm considering getting one of these Octal Deluxe amps by Carl's Custom Amps, but there's not much information about it beyond the few clips and descriptions on the company's website. Anyone who owns or has owned or played one of these, please share your experiences. Thank you!
  22. luv2playm

    Videocamera for gear demos?

    Thanks. I'll research those cameras as well.
  23. luv2playm

    Videocamera for gear demos?

    Thank you. This looks like what I had in mind. Nice to see a favorably rated, general purpose videocamera in this price range. While investigating this camera, I noticed some similar cameras, by other manufacturers, in a somewhat comparable price range. I'll investigate further, but would...
  24. luv2playm

    Videocamera for gear demos?

    Thanks. That's an interesting option. I hadn't thought about using a sports action camera for gear demos. I could use it for downhill skiing, too. :)
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