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  1. bigtone23

    Fender S-1 Switch Problem

    Sorry. It's frustrating. My first S1 lasted about 4 months with minimal use. This second one is doing much better, but I also rarely use it. Both are the non plastic shroud versions.
  2. bigtone23

    Fender S-1 Switch Problem

    Arg! I hear ya. The S1 is a really cool idea in theory, but in application, it falls a little short. You are not the 30th person I have heard that had major issues with the S1.
  3. bigtone23

    Fender S-1 Switch Problem

    Another S1 pot/switch. However, for that instrument, if it goes out again, I'll replace with just a push/pull pot since it's only doing series/parallel. No need for the DP4T, only using DPDT.
  4. bigtone23

    Fender S-1 Switch Problem

    I have had issues with the Tele/Pbass type knob & actuator getting a little bent and not working well. I gave up trying to fix it and just replaced it.
  5. bigtone23

    How to wire a Les Paul bridge pickup - simulating an always on Vari-tone setting

    If you need a small 1.5H inductor, the Wilde guitar Q Filter is a 1.8H. That might be a good start, using a RLC calculator found online with a little experimentation with the cap value might get you your results.
  6. bigtone23

    250k/250k Concentric Pot for Tele?

    250K volume 500K tone is my standard for the last several years. 500K tone controls can be turned back a couple numbers to sound just like the 250K counterpart.
  7. bigtone23

    Does Harbor Freight sell a string action ruler?

    Same. General brand. I have two from General. One has the 32nd and 64th on one side, 10th and 100th on the other.
  8. bigtone23

    Need help finding this wiring schematic. Can you help me?

    This. You need a pair of DPDT switches to do what you are wanting to do. It would require two push/pull pots. You can do this on a single pot with a S-1 switch/pot. It's effectively a 4PDT switch on a pot.
  9. bigtone23

    S-1 switch and Gilmour Mod???

    If the guy doesn't care for the myriad of S1 activated switching options, It would be rather easy to rip all that out and just repurpose the S1 for the neck-on mod.
  10. bigtone23

    Where to buy lower valued 500k volume pots (425K, 450k,...)

    I do a similar thing when I buy pots. Measure and mark for future use.
  11. bigtone23

    Considering a Baritone parts build...some questions?

    I built a hardtail bari Strat as my covid furlough project. I wanted to keep it nice, but not go overboard with expensive parts as this is a niche instrument to fill the gap between my 7 string and Bass VI. I got a new Subsonic 27" scale neck (which were just released before the lockdown) from...
  12. bigtone23

    Cleaning oxidized frets

    I do a full on fretboard taping and then use Never-Dull for just removing the oxidation.
  13. bigtone23

    Got new switchcrsft output jack and 3 way toggle for my epiphone g400

    Good on ya to upgrade the two biggest issues on an Epi! It's not a hard job, just take your time and do a clean job.
  14. bigtone23

    Humidifying Electrics while out of town

    I also live in the dry CO climate. Been here all my life and have been taking care of instruments for 40 years. I would just put the electrics in the cases to slow the dehumidification process. I would get a humidipack & oasis OH1 and case up any acoustic that is less than a few years old and...
  15. bigtone23

    Adding a 3-way toggle to a PJ bass

    I have an idea: perhaps you can find out the resistance of the bridge pickup's volume pot when you do your preferred blend setting? Then you can add a parallel resistor to the bridge pickup to get that same resistance and replicate that lowered volume setting..? To do this the most accurately...
  16. bigtone23

    Reversed the control plate on my AmPro Tele

    That's how I like the control plate, too, as I also stay on the bridge pickup and ride the volume and tone. It's a much easier transition from a Strat to have a reversed Tele plate. It's a bummer that you had to do so much chiseling and such to make it work. I got lucky with my parts Tele and 88...
  17. bigtone23

    Adding a 3-way toggle to a PJ bass

    You are correct in that the wiring goes pickups>respective volume pots>switch>tone control> jack, if you want to still be able to do some blends. However, unlike what I gather from your post, I only run the following: neck pickup soloed, both pickups equal, rarely soloed bridge pickup. 4 holes...
  18. bigtone23

    Phase vs. Polarity...

    I see polarity as how something reacts: for example whether a pickup's magnetism is North or South up. Also, whether a speaker pushes out or sucks in with the same signal applied. Phase, to me, it's one pickup or speaker's relationship to another one. Do they work together, or cancel out?
  19. bigtone23

    Single pole piece on strat pickup shorts out when string touches it

    Oooh. Can you imagine all the frustration that caused for those that bump into the middle pickup all the time?
  20. bigtone23

    Which volume pot for Seymour Duncan JB with no tone control?

    I looked into the myth, and was rewarded with fact... https://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/latest-updates/the-jb-the-sound-of-rock
  21. bigtone23

    Which volume pot for Seymour Duncan JB with no tone control?

    Came in to say just the same, but will now mirror the wisdom of WalterW! It's all about simulating the parallel loading of pots and how the 250K just tends to sweep and sound better as a volume. FWIW, as I have heard, the JB was designed to sound good with a 250K pot. I figure that has to do...
  22. bigtone23

    Pickup Wiring - HSS Pots

    From personal experience... Log vs linear volume: Log is preferred if you play primarily a dirty tone and use the volume knob to clean up. You need that quicker drop in resistance to get to the cleaner setting. Linear is preferred if you play a clean tone and want finer control of your volume...
  23. bigtone23

    Bought $200 worth of repair gear from Stewmac to fix a $100 acoustic guitar

    Nice! Not only did you learn something, but you have the tools to do it next time. It's a win/win!
  24. bigtone23

    Pickup Wiring - HSS Pots

    Kinda hard to find, especially in stock now-a-days. Found these solid shaft ones... https://www.ebay.com/p/1439984354
  25. bigtone23

    Pickup Wiring - HSS Pots

    If it's a lower wind humbucker, I'd just put in 250K audio tapers and wire it VTT, perhaps a tone on the bridge PU and the other tone on the singles (or just the neck PU). Since you aren't going for any extra brightness, etc... the 500K will be lost on it. Plus, if you keep the coil split...
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