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  1. gearscrubs

    Compact JTM45 head options?

    I'm looking for a small-ish JTM45 head. Who makes one? Preferred features: Tube rectifier PPIMV or power scaling Would love to keep it under $1000, but up to maybe $1500. Thanks.
  2. gearscrubs

    In praise of the Way Huge Havalina

    I just did an informal shoot out of all my Tonebender style fuzzes and, man, the Havalina is something special. Super aggressive and midrangey with tons of harmonics (even octave sounds in places). The tone knob has tons of sweep. At certain settings, it sounds like a kazoo, in the very best...
  3. gearscrubs

    Fender Tre-Verb

    Well, I certainly don't need any more reverb pedals, but this looks/sounds quite decent to me. I bet it will put a dent in the Flint market, especially if you can get it at a discount.
  4. gearscrubs

    Anybody combine a G12M-25 and a G12M-65 in a 2x12?

    I really like the stock Chinese G12M-25 Greenback, but am looking to add something slightly different to it in a 2x12 configuration. From clips I've heard, the Creamback seems to have a little more top and bottom, with a slightly different midrange character. Would it be a good pairing with the...
  5. gearscrubs

    New Hotone Nano Legacy Heads

    Looks like Hotone is expanding their nano legacy line with Bogner Shiva, 5150, Engl, SLO, & Friedman BE voiced mini SS heads. I have the Mojo Diamond and Thunder Bass and they are great fun in a tiny package. https://www.hotoneaudio.com/products/nanolegacy/
  6. gearscrubs

    Vertical slant 2x12: MX212a alternatives?

    I'm looking for a relatively narrow 2x12 vertical cab, preferably with a slanted upper speaker, to pair with my Ceriatone 2202. The Marshall MX212a seems to be what I'm wanting, but the reviews are mixed, plus I have no use for the included 70/80s. Does anybody make a similar looking cab with...
  7. gearscrubs

    Rivera Modified Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Discuss: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Rivera68Dlx
  8. gearscrubs

    Ceriatone 2202 cleans?

    I'm looking for a lower-watt compact Marshall head that has good cleans and crunch. Anyone have an opinion on the Ceriatone 2202 clean tones? Most of the demos out there seem to focus on the crunchier sounds. I'm looking for something that will do that RHCP "Under the Bridge/Scar Tissue" or...
  9. gearscrubs

    EHX Canyon Delay/Looper

    Just when I thought I was done with delays. Darn you Bill Rupert.
  10. gearscrubs

    Bogner Telos

    There is a new video out for this amp. I'm liking what I hear.
  11. gearscrubs

    MONO Pedalboards

    Just got an email about these. They look cool.
  12. gearscrubs

    Digitech CabDry VR

    I want this...now...and the Rubberneck...and the FreqOut! Tom, you are killing it.
  13. gearscrubs

    Mr. Black Big Payback Compressor

    Just saw this on the Youtubes. Thought I'd pass along. I'm a total compressor junkie. This sounds really clean.
  14. gearscrubs

    Digitech Dirty Robot

  15. gearscrubs

    Mr. Black FwonkBeta

    WTF...I don't even know what it is, but I want it. http://mrblackpedals.com/collections/pedals/products/fwonkbeta
  16. gearscrubs

    PSA: Gold Timmy @ Prymaxe

    Looks like Prymaxe has a batch of gold Timmy pedals in stock for anyone who's never tried one, or for those with a Pokemon addiction to these things. http://www.prymaxe.com/collections/paul-cochrane-audio/products/paul-cochrane-timmy-overdrive-gold
  17. gearscrubs

    EHX 720 Stereo Looper

    Video just posted:
  18. gearscrubs

    PSA: EHX Deluxe Memory Boy $168 on Amazon

    Not sure how many are in stock, but seems like a great deal. Normally $210.
  19. gearscrubs

    Joyo Power Tune JF-18R

    Just saw this and thought it was interesting. 6x 100 mA outputs, 2x 500 mA outputs, they claim are all isolated, for $90. Tuner is only +/- 1 cent, but still a neat idea. I know the Pitchblack has a single power jack, but I wish more tuners had this type of functionality...
  20. gearscrubs

    Which of these speakers/cabs for Rectoverb 25 head?

    I have a Rectoverb 25 head on the way and am looking for input from other ROV users about cabinet and speaker pairings. I am not planning on buying any additional gear, so will be choosing only from the current collection. Obviously, I'll be spending some time experimenting, but wanted to know...
  21. gearscrubs

    Orange Rockerverb 50 mkiii vs Mesa Rectoverb 25

    Looking for a small-ish head with nice cleans, goods crunch and distortion tones, reverb and effects loop. Mostly play roots/Americans, indie/alt, but would like the option of higher gain. What say yea about these two?
  22. gearscrubs

    Digital Pedals at 18v - real or placebo?

    I see a lot of posts about people running their digital delays and reverbs at 18v and claiming that they sound better. I'm not discounting experiences, but am wondering about the logistics of such claims. It would seem to me that increasing voltage would/could only affect the analog part of the...
  23. gearscrubs

    Bogner Harlow: what type of compression circuit?

    I'm fairly enamored with the clips I've heard of the Bogner Harlow Boost/Bloom. Shnobel's videos, in particular, seem to highlight how big and round it can sound, even when compared with heavyweight compressors like the Cali76, Ego, etc. Does anyone know what type of compression circuit the...
  24. gearscrubs

    Deal Alert: EHX 44 Mag

    FWIW - Prymaxe seems to be blowing these out @ $94.50 (normally $151). http://www.prymaxevintage.com/electro-harmonix-44-magnum-power-amplifier/
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