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  1. cottonmike

    Creston - Off the Shelf?

    Just for reference: Anybody know about this band? I thought they were great. Creston offset and bass.
  2. cottonmike

    Chasing Vintage SuperBird

    I got moist.
  3. cottonmike

    Show your Huber !

    I can see people in that finish.
  4. cottonmike

    New custom guitar from Roman Rist

    Flamed Korina-Wow! Looks like a pool of liquid gold.
  5. cottonmike

    Yanuziello photo gallery

    Thank you for the detailed description of the PU's along with their arrangement to the wood. Very interesting.
  6. cottonmike

    Yanuziello photo gallery

    Surely it's been covered, but could somebody tell about the PU's? Mini hums, single coil...?
  7. cottonmike

    NGD: Something Different by M-tone

    How much do it weigh? Looks thick!
  8. cottonmike

    Just did business with Brian Monty

    Love the "order" review! Good for you. If I ever learn to play a lick, I hope to hire Mr. Monty.
  9. cottonmike

    Roman Rist Darkhorse -- Review and Demo

    I really liked the music you chose to demo. Beautiful playing and tone. Very melodic. One sweet axe. I know it's probably in the other (build) thread, but what was the build time?
  10. cottonmike

    I've played my new Ronin Kingbird every day for 2 months (now with 100% more clips)

    Very inspired review. Clever writing. That's quite a lot of wear for just 2 months, even playing every day.
  11. cottonmike

    Roman Rist Dark Horse -- Incoming

    It's beautiful. The only thing missing is to have some photos of Scarlett's long skinny legs wrapped around that baby.
  12. cottonmike

    Kauer Daylighter Express Supreme

    Like the one piece with the grain patterns flowing with the contour of the guitar. In both directions. Never have seen anything quite like that.
  13. cottonmike

    Sweetwood guitars

    Everything is pretty about those pictures.
  14. cottonmike

    What guitar is Lance playing here?

    I enjoy his gear reviews more than any else I've seen. Something about how he addresses the instrument. Very natural relationship, it always appears. He has the ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner, without being over-the-top.
  15. cottonmike

    Guitar Player YouTube review of Gil Yaron's Bone Guitar.

    sounds like David Grissom playing, more than a little bit.
  16. cottonmike

    Any Pensa-Suhr owners out there?

    Do you remember much about the two guitars you built for Ed King just previous to the '87 Lynyrd Skynyrd reunion tour? About ten years ago on his forum he got some semi-negative feedback from a few hardcore fans about opting to use active instead of passive single-coils. He, however, was quite...
  17. cottonmike

    NGD: Ian Anderson Burst

    Agree. That burst is pretty damn close to being perfect-color and flame.
  18. cottonmike

    I got my Asher Model T !!!

    Not to be a kiss-ass, Lance, but I really like the way you demo guitars. You have an approach and attitude toward the instrument that is very natural. And, you're not all "jacked" up. I really like that Ribbecke Les Paul. THX Michael
  19. cottonmike

    Probett Rocket III....the best of both worlds!

    Well,,,,,,,,,,,,that's gorgeous! Mercy.
  20. cottonmike

    New Probett Double Cut

    The clear knobs work because the entire view has an "ice" vibe working. They further accentuate that frosty, cold look.
  21. cottonmike

    New Probett Double Cut

    Love the way everything aesthetically going on fits together perfectly. That light blue accents well with just about any natural wood color. The clear 'ish knobs are perfect for the blue. Hope it stays in your family after your gone, even. Nice heirloom piece.
  22. cottonmike

    My new Cardinal!

    Sam, Could you talk about "sinker" cypress as a tonewood, and what it looks like finished in various grain cuts? By "sinker", I assume this means the submerged part of the cypress trunk/knees? I grew up in the Mississippi Delta and thus have always been intrigued with cypress as a guitar...
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