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  1. bigtone23

    Speaker help for Marshall 1965A 4x10

    You already have the speakers on the way, but I was going to suggest the G10S-50. Big lows, smooth top end. I have 4 of them in my closed back Bassman Ten combo. They really shine with overdrive.
  2. bigtone23

    G12T75 vs. G12B150

    TBH, I really like the G12B150 in that clip. The Seventy 80 is also a pretty underrated speaker. These two are more closely related to what I like about the Mesa Celestion MC90.
  3. bigtone23

    EVM 12L question

    I have two. One is a 1989 OEM labeled version, the other a 300W Mesa Black Shadow. Both are really great. The OEM is a recone and sounds a little darker.
  4. bigtone23

    Wiring a 2X12 cab with Two 8-ohm EVM12L's

    Yeah, I have an old, thick ply 1973 Orange 4x12" loaded with Mesa Black Shadow MC90 Celestions and their 90s era track lock caster set. 108# cab that sounds huge! It doesn't come out of the basement anymore.
  5. bigtone23

    JCM800 2203 VS ????

    Pretty sure my friend in KS still has his 2203X for sale...
  6. bigtone23

    SS version of 12AX7???

    These are akin to Brazilian rosewood, ivory, ebony, etc... of the future.
  7. bigtone23

    Cab for low volume vintage pre-rola pulsonic G12M25's? 1x12 or 2x12? Open or closed?

    You could be very safe with 1x12". However, I do find Greenbacks to really shine when used in multiples of 2. They are somewhat mid forward, so the coupling and larger cabinet size of a 2x12" really makes it a cool low volume cab.
  8. bigtone23

    How I beat coil-rub

    Nice! I like your go-get-'em way to fix the issue!
  9. bigtone23

    Cab for low volume vintage pre-rola pulsonic G12M25's? 1x12 or 2x12? Open or closed?

    2x12" no question. Greenbacks work best in pairs. For the cab, I would go with some sort of convertible cab. I like closed back best, but if you play quiet, having an open back can sound a little bigger.
  10. bigtone23

    Wiring a 2X12 cab with Two 8-ohm EVM12L's

    From what I understand, and through some poor listening tests, there is a little more air and grunt on the 4 ohm setting vs 16 with tube amps. However, that is also head/amp dependent. You are also hearing the signal go through more winds on the output transformer in 16ohm for a tube amp (which...
  11. bigtone23

    Wiring a 2X12 cab with Two 8-ohm EVM12L's

    I vote for the above panel jacks that give you all the Stereo/Mono, 4 & 16 ohm options. I like having stereo options on my cabs with higher wattage speakers. I have a cab with my Dual Rec on one half and DSL50 on the other. If you are just hard wiring it, 16 ohm series.
  12. bigtone23

    Looking for amp w/ BIG & BOLD cleans

    Purple was 100w, Red is Simul. Both get/got run in the higher power mode. The primary difference is the purple was smoother sounding and had a touch less gain. I haven't the ability to directly compare them side by side, but overall, the red has more 'it' factor. I still use the same cabinets...
  13. bigtone23

    Looking for amp w/ BIG & BOLD cleans

    Mesas, well pretty much every cool used piece of gear, have jumped a lot in the last 2 years. MKIII, in particular have really shot up. I picked up my Red Stripe DRG head for $800 in 2018. It was a 1/2 bro deal from an acquaintance, as I let him know the amp is for me, never to be flipped, as...
  14. bigtone23

    Looking for amp w/ BIG & BOLD cleans

    I was a Bandit fanatic, my faves are the Solo Series Bandit, Bandit 65 and Transtube silver stripe. Probably owned 8-10 of them over the years. I would get one and give it away to someone in need. Did this until the Solo Series Special 130 came around. It's a Bandit with twice the power and...
  15. bigtone23

    Looking for amp w/ BIG & BOLD cleans

    Another really killer, big & bold clean amp is the Mesa MKIIA. I have a 100W combo with reverb, graphic EQ and a EVM12L. This particular model is the closest to a BF/SF Fender Twin/Showman type tone I have found from a non Fender amp that wasn't trying to directly clone a Fender. Plus, it's got...
  16. bigtone23

    Looking for amp w/ BIG & BOLD cleans

    It's been said a million times already. A Twin Reverb (or Showman/Dual Showman head) is pretty much the definition of big, bold cleans. Used SF, or a new Tone Master will do the trick. Otherwise, look into Hiwatt, but keeping it under $1K is a unicorn hunt.
  17. bigtone23

    Mesa Fillmore: Truly “Identical” Channels??

    It must be pot tolerances, if the two sets of pots control the same circuit. I have a Rev G Dual Rec with channel cloning. It states in the manual that when cloning either channel to the other, the presence controls will remain different, as they are tuned with the orange channel presence high...
  18. bigtone23

    1 amp + pedals...Fender or Marshall

    This is a good comparison. The JTM45 is certainly the most Fender-y Marshall I have experienced. Jump the channels and it's off to the races! I like how the KT66 adds that extended bandwidth to the tone, brings out that Fender signature. I got my Bassman Ten (it's a 73) almost 20 years ago for...
  19. bigtone23

    1 amp + pedals...Fender or Marshall

    I get cool Marshall tones out of my Bassman Ten with a Wampler Plexi Drive or a BOSS DS1 that I did the Wampler JCM800 mods and some other minor tweaks to tune it for the amp-I focused on rolling off the highs around 3-4K and brought up the mids in the tone control. However, the Bassman Ten is...
  20. bigtone23

    NAD: Mesa Boogie Rocket 44

    Never played the Rocket 44, but have played the Subway Rocket and DC3 and really liked them. I see how the 44 bridges those two amps. Good luck with the tubes and have fun with the amp!
  21. bigtone23

    Clean to mean 1 amp 1 guitar.

    I get the full range of clean to mean with either my Strat (EMG SA set/SPC) or Tele (EMG T set/SPC) going into a Mesa MKIIC+, MKIII or Marshall DSL50. Oh, I only use a crunchy, medium gain setting on one channel of the amps. The Lead channel on the Mesas, the Green Crunch Mode on the Marshall...
  22. bigtone23

    The next Howard Dumble?

    I had two of those around 1983-1986. I should have kept them, they are probably gonna hit 6 figures soon. Oh well...
  23. bigtone23

    Would I like a Mark if I don't get along with a Recto?

    +1. I use EL34s in my Dual Rec (Rev G), they help tame some of the low end and lend a little push to midrange. However, even with those tubes with the amp set for red channel/modern/bold/diodes, it's still not as tight as my Marks. The Triple Crown is a really cool middle ground between the...
  24. bigtone23

    Mesa Triple Crown TC-50

    Gotta chime in. I was painfully out of the loop with the TC series of amps. I'm deeply ingrained with Marks, Studios, Rectifiers, Blue Angels, Fillmores, Cali Tweeds, Stilettos, Badlanders, etc... A friend of mine has the TC50 head in a really cool blue flame maple cab. It looks and sounds...
  25. bigtone23

    What can you tell me about my "new" EVM-12L?

    I vote for 29th week of 89, too. I have the Black Shadow labeled version from that same era. Killer speaker!
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