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    Cab makers? Go!

    Best two cab builders i have ever heard, played or owed is.. Kerry Wright and Port City. Kerry Wright has long been the standard and gotten the label as "Best Cab Builder" and Port City are the innovative and newer company. If you want a traditional cab (Fender, Marshall, Vox or anything...
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    15 - 20 Watt Marshall Style Amp Recommedations

    Suhr Badger, Blankenship or Roccaforte amps make all great killer low wattage plexi style amps.
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    Best Small Clean-OD Amp for Apartment Use

    If your budget allows it go with one of the Diamond Amp's they have made a few different small style amps ranging from vintage plexi sound up to more modern sounds. If you can't afford that nothing comes close to the Tweaker not only do you get different sounds you get an FX loop and it will...
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