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  1. Budman2k

    Anybody try Truefire All Access

    Thanks for all the responses. I had a three month free All Access through D'Addario and I really enjoyed it but didn't get to use it as much as I wanted.
  2. Budman2k

    My Two Rock has maybe called it quits

    Does your amp have an effects loop? I've had the same exact symptoms from a dirty effects loop. If it does have one try plugging in a short cable from Send to Return and see what happens
  3. Budman2k

    Anybody try Truefire All Access

    I like a lot of the courses but wanted to hear from anyone who's done the All Access deal. Did you feel it was worth it? Or better to just but the courses you want. Thanks, Budman
  4. Budman2k

    fuchs fullhouse 50

    I haven't replaced the tubes in mine yet but I'd check with Andy Fuchs and see what he recommends.
  5. Budman2k

    New rig is complete with my new 2021 Carr Slant 6V.

    Great rig! I still miss my Slant6v. Only reason I sold it was because it was a 2x12 and just got too heavy to lug around. My 335 and the Slant6v was pure heaven!
  6. Budman2k

    Amp Doctors in NE Ohio

    One more to check out: Brunswick Amplifier Repair 216-704-0122
  7. Budman2k

    Dr Z Nova

    @Zachary Seelye - I'll have to try mine with an extra 1x12. I don't have a Z cabinet but I've got a few I could try.
  8. Budman2k

    Dr. Z Nova

    I also picked one up on a Black Friday sale and I love it! I'd played one last March and knew I wanted it. Just needed the right deal to come along...and it did. I wouldn't call it a replacement for a tweed but there are some monster tones in this amp. With the clean channel and the master...
  9. Budman2k

    Temple Audio - Temple Board - My review

    I know this is an old thread but has anybody used the Temple Audio board with tie wraps instead of their system? Was looking at this as a cost effective answer to the Holey Board. I only use about 4 to 5 pedals max.
  10. Budman2k

    Budda SD30 Orange Rockerverb mk1 or a Mojave Coyote

    Haven't played the Coyote but between the other two I'd take the Budda. I bought one used almost 10 years ago and it STILL rocks!
  11. Budman2k

    Focus... and Jan Akkerman

    Nothing wrong with Kansas. Before they hit with "Dust in the Wind" they had some pretty good stuff IMO. But Focus/Akkerman were on another level. I was just in awe when I saw Akkerman play live. Amazing!
  12. Budman2k

    Any Bad Cat Cub 40R fans?

    I've owned the 40R head for about a year now and it's a great sounding amp IMO. Speakers do make a difference though. I have a Port City 1x12 and it sounds great with that! I also played it through an Avatar 2x12 with Celestions in it and it kicked but. I've been going back & forth between my...
  13. Budman2k

    PRS Swamp Ash Special … Thoughts?

    I had an early one...2001 or 2002 sunburst w/maple neck. Great guitar! I sold it because I was playing my Singlecut a lot more. Then I made the mistake of playing one of the SAS 25th Anniversary models with narrow fields and WOW! Bought it on the spot!
  14. Budman2k

    Dr Z amp sale?

    I picked up a Nova at a great price from Music Store Live. It's on the way!!
  15. Budman2k

    What a long, strange (expensive) trip it's been

    Filled in with a friends band last night and used my trusty Budda SD30 combo I bought 10 years ago used. It sounded great! Driving home I got to thinking about how many amps I've bought and sold since buying the Budda. I've puchased amps that cost 5x what the Budda cost me and I always seem to...
  16. Budman2k

    Fuchs Full House 50

    I've had the Full House head for a few years now. Versatile describes it well. The clean channel is really good and if you play somewhere you open it up....WOW. The drive channel offers a ton of options with the tone control from D type tones to Marshall. It's one of those amps that the more you...
  17. Budman2k

    Reverb is ending reverb bucks

    I'm going to miss this function and I'll probably wind up buying less gear from them. It was nice having a little "stash" separate from the bank account to buy and sell with. I'm going to try to set up a deposit to my Paypal account through the debit card. I really don't want the money going...
  18. Budman2k

    Whose music career will end because of coronavirus?

    Exactly. I think this will be the bigger problem for gigging musicians.
  19. Budman2k

    Matching cab came in for the Dr.Z Jetta - amazing!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Stone in Love
  20. Budman2k

    Dr. Z CAZ-45 thread

    Sound great so far. If you need some additional testers I'm in the Cleveland area :D:D
  21. Budman2k

    Another Guitar inspired watch

    thanks for posting that. I'd never seen that one.
  22. Budman2k

    String gauges 9 - 42 & 10 - 46

    I prefer 9's these days. Just easier for me to bend. I do use 10's on the guitars I play slide on. I don't have the lightest touch so I find 10's easier for slide.
  23. Budman2k

    Dr. Z CAZ-45 thread

    sounds very interesting. The Doc is on a roll lately with new offerings!
  24. Budman2k

    All this talk about strings... WHAT ABOUT 9.5s DUDE

    I've used 9.5's on my PRS for a couple years. Going back to 9's. Just not my cup of tea.
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