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    Tuning new strings sharp to stretch them?

    Never...too much tension on the neck. Tune to pitch, stretch each individual string by pushing down with your thumbs while pulling up with the rest of your fingers, then retune to pitch. Depending on your individual setup and string gauge you may need to do some additional stretching/bending on...
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    When did Taylor discontinued their Solid body line?

    As soon as they realized they should stick to just making acoustics.
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    Philly Guitar Show This Weekend...

    The "show" gets worse every year...Philadelphia has so many conventions and shows going on year round and it's really sad that the promoter can't figure a way to have it downtown somewhere.
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    Advice for shipping a guitar across country?

    All good suggestions. Make sure you pack the top and bottom of the shipping box securely so that the guitar isn't taking too much impact when it drops from the conveyer belt. I'd also suggest insuring the guitar for whatever the recipient paid so that you're covered for damage or if you have to...
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    Good little humbuckers for a strat?

    The Duncan's are great...either the Lil' 59 or JB Jr work great in a Strat.
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    Joe Till Guitars?

    He sells his guitars on eBay once in a while. The ones I've seen look really well made...definitely has his own thing going on.
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    Buying high end guitars online

    Hard to beat Wildwood for custom shop guitars. They always get the best stuff and usually have Greg Koch video demo the majority of the guitars they sell so you can see and hear for yourself. Not sure about the haggling on price but it's always worth a try. I wouldn't worry in the least and just...
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    Fralin Unibukers, Lollar Imperials, others?

    I have a Grosh ElectraJet Custom with Fralin Blues single coils and a Fralin Unbucker(9K) and I absolutely love the sound of the Unbucker in that guitar...extremely clear sounding humbucker that's splits incredibly well. Everyone's ears are different and it also depends on other variables such...
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    Repairing broken headstock in Austin Tx

    Pete Skermetta is a member here and was on TGP earlier today...PM him and I'm sure he'll help you out or recommend someone else who can.
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    What do you think of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Squier tone?

    Cool video, thanks for posting it. Who was the other guitar player?
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    Continually blown away by my Grosh Electrajet!

    I own 3 EJ Customs and they are incredibly versatile guitars. Definitely more of a Strat/Tele vibe because of the 25.5 scale length and the lightweight alder bodies.
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    Fender Telecaster with rosewood fingerboard?

    I'm sure you can get a rosewood board with any of the stock finishes. Just go to Fender's website and it should list all the available finishes and options.
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    Best locking-tuners and why?

    Gotoh Locking Klusons...they just work better than any of the others I've used and also have that classic look.
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    John Mayers stratocaster lead sound.

    As previously stated, a good tube amp on the edge of breakup along with some kind of clean boost or TS will get you in the ballpark, but a big key is also having a very strong pick attack. JM has used all kinds of pedals over the years(FD2, Keeley Katana, Boss BD2(Keeley Modified), TS808/9/10...
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    Awesome G&L ASAT Classic, but need pup recommendation

    I've always thought the best thing about the ASAT Classic was the unique sound of the stock p/u's. Give them a chance before you swap them out for something different. That's a killer ASAT all the way around...enjoy!
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    Prestige Guitars

    Awesome quote! I don't have any knowledge on these guitars but that movie is one of the best comedies ever.
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    Keith Urban talks about "the Telecaster" VID

    Thnx for posting these. I'm a huge fan of Keith's playing/songwriting/singing...one of the most talented people in the entire music industry and one of the most genuine as well.
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    The best way to ship a guitar?...USPS!

    Never shipped a guitar with USPS but I've shipped a bunch of high-end guitars w/UPS and Fed-Ex all over the country without any problems whatsoever. The most important thing is that the guitar fits securely in the case and the case is packed tightly in a HEAVY DUTY guitar shipping box surrounded...
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    LP alternatives... still looking

    I've owned a ton of guitars over the years and the best LP-style guitar I've ever played/owned is the Washburn Idol(Custom Shop) WI68/WI568. Boutique-quality guitars that are very underrated and well worth checking out!
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    Gibson factory flooded!

    Dude, you must be a complete loser to make light of such a horrific situation. If I ran this forum you'd be banned for life and hopefully the people that run TGP feel the same way.
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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I'm sure you probably think you packed it well enough but chances are you didn't. You need to pack everything securely enough so that it can withstand a 5 ft. conveyor belt drop. I ship guitars/amps with Fed Ex all the time and have never had one problem, and...
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    Guitar for Session Work

    I do a fair amount of studio work, mostly jingle sessions, and lately I've been getting by with my Grosh Electrajet Custom(s/s/h).
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    Recommend me a good under $600

    Washburn WI66, Epiphone LP, Tokai Love Rock(if you can find one)...search eBay, GBase.com, the TGP Emporium etc.
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