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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    My god I can't believe I never thought of that lol. I tried just plugged into the amp no guitar even and it made the popping, random static and digital humming sounds. Must be tubes so I ordered a full 2 6L6 and 3 12AX7 set from the tube store
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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    Yeah tubes makes the most sense. I just am wondering if maybe something in the pedalboard or power/going stereo has anything to do with it but it only started recently. Nice vt40 by the way! Those old heavy mofos hit hard. I miss my old vt22...
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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    Hello fellow ampheads. I have been having some issues with my reverb rocket RI 2x12 and was hoping someone could shed some light on it. I run the ampeg in stereo with a Traynor yba1. The past few weeks i have been noticing these intermittent pops and static/crackling along with volume cutting...
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    Pre amp or power amp tubes dying? or guitar

    Ok thanks I will change all the tubes and see if it helps.. I'll try to grab some contact cleaner too thanks! If it is just tubes that is relief
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    Pre amp or power amp tubes dying? or guitar

    Just wanted some quick advice here.. I plugged into my Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2x12 this morning and cranked the reverb and it made a crackle as I moved the reverb up and was working fine but when I switched to my much higher powered bridge pickup after a few minutes the volume started cutting out...
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    Seriously thinking about going back to a half stack

    dude I bring a 2x12 ampeg combo, old traynor tube head and heavy ass PA 1x15 peavey cab and a 4x12 to gigs..... What I am trying to say is stop being a wuss :)
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    Marshall JCM 2000 DSL tone stack EQ?

    I use two JCM 2000 DSL half stacks at rehearsals with my drummer and they sound awesome with my pedal setup. I was wondering if anyone knew their EQ curves on those amp heads.... I usually have the EQ knobs on the heads all around noon with none of the bass boost or mid shift switches on... My...
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    Opinions on old Peavey Deuce II head+cab

    Anyone.. I know this is not a Dumble clone or a 65 amps amp but someone here has had to have experience with these and pedals ?
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    Opinions on old Peavey Deuce II head+cab

    might trade my Ampeg combo for an old Peavey Deuce II head with 4 6L6s and a Peavey cab (still waiting to hear what is in the cab) I want this setup cause I would like more power and headroom BUT does this amp take fuzz/dirt pedals well ? Hard to find info on these online. Is it much different...
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    Marshall Valvestate 4x12 any good ?

    the traynor is a lot smaller so should be fine.. Thanks for the insight guys. I like volume and low end headroom but if these don't sound absolutely terrible it doesn't matter.
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    Marshall Astoria Series revealed

    "hand wired" all the TGP wankers go buy 2...
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    Marshall Valvestate 4x12 any good ?

    Was wondering if this cab would sound good with my '66 Traynor Yba-1 ?It is the backline at a gig and never used one before. I use a Russian muff as main fuzz sound...
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    Question about running 8 ohm AND 4 ohm cab

    alright thanks guys.. I might just use the 4x12 for now so I don't mess with my old trusty Traynor. GCDEF, would using the 16 ohm setting make the two cabs roughly same power ? the PA cab has a high powered speaker anyways... I mainly just like that ported cab for the huge tight low end hence...
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    Question about running 8 ohm AND 4 ohm cab

    Ok I would try searching but this questions is pretty specific... I have a 1966 Traynor YBA-1 head with two 8 ohm outputs for cabs... I have been running it into an 8 ohm PA ported 1x15 cab but wanted to add a 4x12 and the Traynor one I really want is 4/16 ohm. I know the Traynor can run 2 8...
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    What's your most SATISFYING amp?

    I have an Ampeg Reverb Rocket 50 watt 2x12 combo and Traynor 1966 script logo YBA-1 head into a Peavey 1x15 ported PA cab from the early 90s in my stereo setup and I love it and the reverb on the Rocket is my fave in an amp so far in my guitar life BUT I think the amp that is most satisfying is...
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    How to get a funky smell out of an amp?

    baking soda and lots of it and put a little cup full of apple cider vinegar or plain vinegar into the cab and let it sit for a few days...those two should absord the odours and then a quick little spray or wipe down with lysol and it should be ready to rock and not smell like unwashed..... Hair. :)
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    What was your worst amp decision?

    traded my mint Vox Tony bruno 2x12 amp for a vintage Ampeg VT-22 that ended up dying on me after 6 months with little use and I ended up selling it for 300 bucks just to get rid of it... Just to make the impact of this real....1200 dollar amp roughly new and in almost a year I got 300 and no...
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    Best Amp Head for Under $1500

    nothing beats a vintage Yba-1 for the price they go for.... you can get one from 400-800 easily. I got my '66 script logo model with upgraded master volume LarMar, modded bright channel and bias settings for changing tube types for a trade on a guitar I spent around 400 on.
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    Good solid state heads that are not digital?

    this thread has interested me too.. The new Orange CR120 head is supposed to be pretty nice. All analog no digital modelling and loud appearently. I use a Fender M-80 100 watt SS head from the 80s now which I switch between that and a Traynor YBA-1 1966 head. Depends on how much power I need...
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    Guitar + Cord + amp.....no pedals, effects....anyone else?

    I could see that yeah. I don't think I could get away with it in the 2 piece I am in now cause I use Bass Big Muff PI for main distortion which is hard to get from an amp! and I use Boss Octaver and Whammy V a lot. Honestly thinking about it now I could see using a minimalist setup in a 4 piece...
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    Truly rugged roadworthy amps?

    Service a vintage Traynor YBA-1 and have peace of mind! built to be played loud night after night with huge transformers.
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    Tone Master 2x12 Cab Price?

    I got mine for 300 online. I haggled him down from 400 If I remember correctly.
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    what is the base of your preferred AMP sound (overall circuit type/flavor)

    mix of scooped fender style amp and mid heavy Ampeg/Traynor style amp in my stereo setup. I can ususally make my setup work with most higher powered amps regardless of brand and circuit but I prefer those two the most together.
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