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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    at what price break do you guys think the slant 6v would be a steal. 2.4k?
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    I fear this dreaded drive channel that everyone keeps saying is really bad. I have a tonemaster head that I think is probably similar to the Slant 6v on the drive channel. Just way too much gain. used in controlled doses it sounds great but it can cover some pretty heavy territory (which I never...
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    this will be used at clubs. I am not sure that I want to make that jump in price range when vintage is so much cheaper.
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    Amp Advice carr / two rock

    I have been looking at the Carr slant 6v and the Two Rock pro 22/35 I am wanting something that will get me decent breakup at a low volume. I really like the Carr amps and don't know too much about the Two Rock. Should I pull the trigger on one of these amps or should I save my dough and...
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    Two Rock Studio Pro35 and Hard Truckers cab...speaker suggestions?

    EVM 12L's are super clean but very heavy.
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    Komet 19 on order for November!

    I have to say that I am quite jealous of anyone who is in line for one of those amps. I can only dream from here.
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