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  1. NashSG

    Finding the Right Slide

    I've owned a slide about as long as I have had a guitar, but mostly I have made nonsense with the thing. Starting to get some progress, I am getting a few notes here and there ringing out well. I'm playing some real basic lines that almost sound musical. The big thing that I think would...
  2. NashSG

    Dave Alvin & the Blasters

    Dave Alvin is so good. I love the Blasters and really anything he has done that I have heard. That old Strat always sounds amazing too. Some of his music are like movies set to song.
  3. NashSG

    Classic Soft Rockers, effect pedalboard pioneers?

    Waiting room deep listen of Player's "Baby Come Back" got me digging on some of the modulation and chorus on the tonez. There is some nice double tracking I think going on too. The production on this is pretty lush 70s sound, don't know if it was a studio guy or one of the guys with the...
  4. NashSG

    Bigsby question

    I've got a parts guitar that has an issue. It is a Warwick fb body type that has a Gibson style Tuneomatic bridge with a regular Strat style neck, which makes the radius pretty weird. Bending strings up the neck doesn't work so well. I know I can get a conversion neck made that would fix...
  5. NashSG

    How the heck did they do that?

    The tune/recording that just blows my mind in how it is constructed considering the time period is "Are You Experienced" by Jimi Hendrix. You really start taking that track apart, it is a really amazing production for the day considering recording technology. It would be much easier but...
  6. NashSG

    Louisville, KY - Saturday 8/19 @ Mag Bar

  7. NashSG

    Screaming Trees

    Screaming Trees might be the lesser known of the big Seattle groups of the grunge era. They did have a big radio hit and album, but in a way they seemed to always have a bit lower reach than even Mudhoney in some ways. Did a search and couldn't find a thread on these guys, since they have...
  8. NashSG

    Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep is one of those old 70s warhorse hard rock bands that I really only knew through a couple of songs on classic rock radio. A few years back along with deep diving into other 70s rock, I went ahead and checked out a few of their records. Pretty good, similar to Deep Purple's...
  9. NashSG

    Digging back into the Stones

    I've been on a big Stones kick for a few months listening deep to them for the first time in quite a few years. It is good to come back to music you know with fresh ears after a while, you hear things you might not have appreciated in earlier takes on the songs. Parachute Woman - This is one...
  10. NashSG

    Indianapolis, Indiana - Friday, July 25th

  11. NashSG

    Lexington, Kentucky - Saturday, May 17th

    http://www.reverbnation.com/massdriver4 http://www.reverbnation.com/rustnbones http://www.reverbnation.com/atomicthrillride http://footsteps.bandcamp.com/
  12. NashSG

    Lexington, Kentucky - Friday, April 25th

    C0Lt4X92oas gwGDf9oA45M EXibhIQGD4M
  13. NashSG

    Louisville, Kentucky - Saturday April, 19th

    http://www.reverbnation.com/atomicthrillride http://www.reverbnation.com/rustnbones https://www.facebook.com/LetheanRocks https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heavens-Gate-Gospel-Revival/195526547238031
  14. NashSG

    Dummy Load for bass head

    I'm getting ready to do some recording and was trying to figure a way I could use my SVT 5 head alongside my main bass rig without having to have it going through a speaker. It would have to have the dummy load features like say a Palmer PDI, but really the audio output isn't needed as just...
  15. NashSG

    Fender Lunch Box head (or something similar)

    I was thinking it would be cool if Fender did a real stripped down lunch box head. What I think would be cool is to just make the circuit the Normal side of a Fender 65 Deluxe RI. Just keep that same signal path, low and hi inputs with volume, treble and bass knobs. Keep the power...
  16. NashSG

    Flamin Groovies Teenage Head

    I had heard of the Flamin Groovies for years, but had only heard some of their later music. I saw Amazon had their CD "Teenage Head" up for $3.99, so I went and checked out some tracks and picked it up. It's definitely a cool early 70s rock and roll record I had missed. It's alot more dark...
  17. NashSG

    Big drum kit recording question

    Hello all, I know there are some pros on here tat probably have had to work through this kind of situation. I just recently recorded a metal band with a double bass kit for the first time. What kind of microphone do you use when the kit that kind of encircles the snare and you can't...
  18. NashSG

    2nd & 3rd Tier Early 70s Hard Rock

    I'm always amazed that I keep finding these cool early-mid 70s (late 60s) bands and records. Drummer in my band turned me onto Leaf Hound's lone LP "Growers of Mushroom". It's a good listen and they had a nice 1971 bluesy crunch and there are still some strains of psychedelic rock in some...
  19. NashSG

    Hard Rock/Metal/Punk Guitar Tones You Like

    I've been going back and checking out a bunch of older metal, hard rock and punk bands that I missed. Past couple of days got Saxon's "Wheels of Steel" after checking out some songs on Youtube. I knew the name, but never got onto the radio or anyone's stereo where I grew up. I would...
  20. NashSG

    Disco Demolition Night

    s5L3v3oxyTk&feature=plcp Atomic Thrillride- Disco Demolition Night Hope you like it.
  21. NashSG

    File Under 'Quirky'

    There always seems to be that odd feature on some guitars that devotees say is no problem, it's you, but many others find to be a pain. This thread is dedicated to our guitar's quirks. Let's see off the top of my head... File Under Quirky : Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge Firebird tuners...
  22. NashSG

    Arena & Shed Rock shows

    I'm kind of to the point that I don't know if I really want to see any band playing some huge hall for like 60-100 a ticket. Unless you drop serious cash, you just end up watching them on TV. I think I realize it just kind of sucks. Haven't been to a shed show in a couple years. I guess the last...
  23. NashSG

    Electric Mud/After the Rain

    Any fans of these 'sell out' or really 'cash in' records by Muddy Waters. I can see why people that loved Muddy probably didn't dig 'em as they definitely were a break from the real sound but they are really cool for what they are. Pete Cosey and Phil Upchurch play some crazy stuff ont...
  24. NashSG

    Bigsby B5 on Tele Body - what kind of bridge?

    I'm starting to get together the parts to put together a Tele body guitar. The body I have doesn't have any routing done for the bridge yet, so I was thinking instead of a top loader going with a Bigsby B5. What kind of bridge would work with a tele style body? It looks like in the tele B5...
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