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  1. randykenepp

    Sold LAST ONE! Dr. Pedals Shofar Overdrive $95

    1 left, $95 with free shipping!
  2. randykenepp

    JRC4558 Tech Question

    I am looking at the spec sheet and it shows 10V min supply. Same with some other chips lm13700...yet the TS runs on 9v and obviously the 4558 works fine. Can anyone explain why this is?
  3. randykenepp

    Labor Day Sale: Dr. Pedals Shofar Klon Clone

    Okay these are for sale here: http://rvrb.io/2016-shofar-xqd and here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/474870329/dr-pedals-shofar-overdrive-klon-clone. There is a discount on the Reverb version so I would choose that link first!
  4. randykenepp

    Black or red knobs?

    Finishing up my first batch and decided to throw some black MXR knobs on my pedal. I really liked it...what do you all think?
  5. randykenepp

    Sold Strymon Timeline

    I WILL SHIP FAST WITH USPS PRIORITY MAIL. In good condition, in perfect working order. Original box included. I can't find the charger, but I will keep looking. $435 PayPal shipped
  6. randykenepp

    NPD Supermoon

    Just got it in the mail and it sounds so amazing especially paired with the El Capistan
  7. randykenepp

    Mogami 2319

    Built some patch cables. All of them test and work great but they cause a severe volume drop on my OCD v4. Tried every config and everything works perfect without it in the chain. What to do?
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