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    Sold TCM FLE #5

    And sold!
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    Sold TCM FLE #5

    Absolutey, Rob. Killer guitar & effing wailed through the H&K Duotone & 4x12 in Terry's shop when I picked 'er up. Ton of sentimental value as well, but she needs to go to someone who'll do their level best to wear her out. Jim, no worries. I still have a Harley & a gun/shooting/hunting habit...
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    Sold TCM FLE #5

    TCM Forum Limited Edition, #5 of 30. EXC+ condition. Chambered swamp ash body, mahogany neck, locking Sperzels, trem, original TOL pickups. Mild V neck carve. Incredible sounding & playing guitar, as all of Terry's creations are. Arthritis in both hands & severe tendonitis in my left, however...
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    Anyone dig the non fret marker look?

    My preference is for no markers or 12th fret only. Besides, why besmirch this beautiful cocobolo?
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    (SOLVED) Happy medium between Semi/full hollow body?

    McInturff Royal? (not mine- Willcutt's photo) Killer guitars. Come alive at stage volumes & will take all the gain you can throw at 'em & come back for more. Great for alternate tunings, as well. <wish I hadn't sold mine>
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    First "production" CCG!!!

    Thanks, Jason! Wish I could've gotten 'er up to you for a test drive, but it took me SO long to get 'er done, that I didn't wanna wait any longer to get 'er out. She is/was a nice 'un. Terry, go where? ;)
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    First "production" CCG!!!

    Thanks! I was trying to make the Ken Lawrence-type headstock a bit more reserved/classier. Was a PITA for me to draw/layout & get the tuner spacing & string pulls right, tho.
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    First "production" CCG!!!

    Finally got 'er all wrapped up & shipped off to Austria. I feel bad that it's taken so long to finish 'er up, as my dear friend has been waiting over a year & a half (retirements/moves/deployments suck up an AMAZING amount of time). Can only hope he feels it was worth the wait. Raunchiest...
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    Calling to all builders: Neck Carving Jigs

    I use a cheap-o radius gauge to find the basic shape of a neck that I like (got a couple of guits with "to die for" neck carves) & decide how thick I want the neck. Then, rasps to rough in the shape at the nut & heel & a spoke shave/draw knife to join them. Elbow grease & sand paper from...
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    What the first and last small builder guitar you purchased

    McInturff. Started with a 3-P90 Royal & the most recent, a gorgeous Taurus Std in "Honey Bee". Picked up a "Supernatural" Polaris Pro, my FLE (#5), a beautiful Empress & cherry Polaris in between. Down to the FLE & Taurus now & those 2 are never leaving.
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    McInturff Royal question

    Just heard from Strong. He & the Hall-meister have both been really busy, but they're on it.
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    Back in the mid 80's, a Les Paul........

    In '88, I passed on a '62 SG for $400!!! In my defense, I was trying to sell my early '70's LP Std for the princely sum of $350 (what I paid for in '83) :(
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    McInturff Royal question

    Dunno, Josh. I keep getting redirected to-
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    McInturff Royal question

    Check out this beauty at Willcutt's- This 'un's kinda speakin to me, too-
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    McInturff Royal question

    Semi-hollow. OEM pickups were Dimarzio's, tweaked to Terry's specs. SN indicates that it was the 5th guitar out of the spray booth in Mar. '00. Can't speak to the shock protection circuit, but I think it's just a cap across the ground to the bridge. Jake, Kevin H., Terry? Terry's always used...
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    Which low wattage Marshall clone is best?

    Reinhardt 18! :dude
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    Out of interest.... the P90 fad fading a bit?

    Love me some P90s! :JAM
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    Reinhardt 18 at home

    Bob tweaked my Titan for a smidge more gain (w/o giving up the 18/Titan's essential character) & Bob was rawkin' some pretty convincing Ratt & Dokken through it when I picked it up :dude Mind you, we were running it full-throttle (in his living room!). Just give Bob a call or shoot him an...
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    Just picked up this baby!!

    18? MI-6? Titan? I gotta Titan w/oversized 2x12 (Bob's "65s") that RIPS. Bob & family are good peeps & Sue does a killer job with the tolex.
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    Guitar into bass amp ....pros & cons ?

    I gotta '73 Superbass that'll crunch & thump with the best of 'em.
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    The latest from Scott Walker

    That is crazy! Not my taste, at all, but gorgeous in it's own right. You couldn't pay me to work that much cocobolo. Stunningly beautiful wood, but T-O-X-I-C. I won't even sand a fretboard without goggles, mask & long sleeves.
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    Has anyone tried the WCR Herc set?

    I don't know any metalhead's who've tried the Herc's that didn't like 'um. The clips on Wags' website are sho 'nuff noice, as well. I've got a set of Hercs, but haven't put 'em into anything yet- they're for a V I'm building. Check out the site- & listen to some clips. The Iron...
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    Titan/18 vs Lead 55 LoVo

    The Hitman is Bob's A/B/Y/Boost pedal. I've got it & never (thanks to deployments) really had a chance to try it out. I will say, tho, that my Titan just roars. Would be no prob hangin with most any band, yet gives up the goods at a level that won't kill you when yer jammin in the basement with...
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    Any Flying V's Out There?? Pics!!!?!

    Here's mine, along with it's close companion- Gothic, $500 MF blow-out. Replaced the plastic w/16 ga. diamond-plate, replaced the pots w/575K+ CTSs & wired so the tone pot's only in the circuit in the middle & neck positions. Positively roars. You can hear/feel that bridge 500T kicking the...
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    CCG #2, aka, the Austrian Special, is almost done!

    Many thanks, bro. 'N yes, Glyn sho am handy with the ol' spray gun :cool: