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  1. cameron

    What type of pedal can you not stop buying (what type has the most usable variability)?

    That article, and its categories, are kinda useless, because it groups pedals together with no regard to how they actually work To understand pedals, you can't get around the nerdy disquisitions about op-amps vs discrete transistors, and different kinds of clipping. Anyone who ignores those...
  2. cameron

    How is a boost pedal in front of a pedal different from turning up the gain knob on the pedal?

    That depends on what the gain knob on the pedal controls
  3. cameron

    No More Barber Pedals????

    I watched that video earlier this evening. If I recall correctly, his categories are (1) soft-clipping op-amp designs with mid-hump, (2) soft-clipping op-amp designs with no mid-hump, (3) hard-clipping op-amp designs, (4) Klon-based hard-clipping designs, and (5) discrete transistor-based...
  4. cameron

    From Rat To Rattish & Back Again

    I prefer the Turbo RAT over the classic original. Since most of the boutique versions are based on the original, I haven't been much tempted by them
  5. cameron

    Crash - The Primitives

    I can't find it on YouTube, but the earlier version of "Crash" with a much heavier guitar part, is available on various comps like the one called Buzz Buzz Buzz
  6. cameron

    Scottish Busker’s Guitar Smashed; Jack White Bought Him a New One

    Whackos - in Edinburgh? Say it ain't so!
  7. cameron

    One Hit Wonders

    Like "Spirit in the Sky", "Little Girl" has the distinction of being a one-hit-wonder twice over, 10 years apart. The Banned (terrible band name) was one of the UK one-hit-wonders of the first punk wave, here they are on their TotP appearance: The Dead Boys also did a good cover of that one...
  8. cameron

    Gain pedals that clean up with your guitar’s volume knob...

    "Cleaning up well" generally means reducing the amount of distortion without reducing apparent volume
  9. cameron

    Ace Frehley WHOA!!!!

    Ace had the only solo record with anything listenable on it
  10. cameron

    One Hit Wonders

    After "Airport", their highest charting song was "Forget About You", which peaked in the UK at #13. Neither "Dancing the Night Away" nor "Love and Loneliness" cracked the top 40. I love the line in "Airport" about the foreign food being "so much cheaper" . . .
  11. cameron

    One Hit Wonders

    This was a hit in a whole bunch of places, but not the US. They were so unable to follow it up that when their record label put out a compilation album of their stuff, they called it Greatest Hit.
  12. cameron


    The Palladium?
  13. cameron

    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    But the irony with this complaint is that it was the example of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Kinks, along with Dylan, that made it the expected norm for rock musicians to write their own material. Prior to the British invasion it was all about songwriters and publishers...
  14. cameron

    What do you call a mastered collection of originals now?

    "Record" is too broad. A single is also a record.
  15. cameron


    This is a favorite of mine. Uptempo heavy number:
  16. cameron


    Joni Mitchell cover. They chose their cover songs well.
  17. cameron

    What do you call a mastered collection of originals now?

    Album. A collection of songs sold as a unit is an album.
  18. cameron

    Ace Frehley WHOA!!!!

    It's cold gin time again You know it'll always win It's cold gin time again You know it's the only thing That keeps us together It's a beautiful love song, really . . .
  19. cameron

    One Hit Wonders

    For some real music trivia: Toni Wine, the woman who stepped up to the mic and sang the line "I'm gonna make your life so sweet" in "Sugar Sugar" (thereby launching the song from mere pop masterpiece status to the exalted status of Holy Thing of Odin) was also one of the voices going "meow...
  20. cameron

    One Hit Wonders

    If you'd asked me what Scandal's biggest hit was, I'd have guessed this one:
  21. cameron

    One Hit Wonders

    And it's kinda cool that another one-hit wonder (one US hit anyway) had their only hit with a cover of that one:
  22. cameron

    Is “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship the weirdest arrangement in pop music?

    They also had a brief "new wave" period, which produced this one zany classic:
  23. cameron

    Plumes v. Plumes (the plumenning)

    I'd leave Westwood always on and boost it with the Plumes when I thought I needed a boost . . . I'd also want a fuzz in front of both. But that's just me
  24. cameron

    How to isolate Ge fuzzes from your other effects

    The 69 shouldn't have any noticable effect on effects placed after it, when the 69 is bypassed. It's the equivalent of maybe a couple more inches of cable, should be negligible
  25. cameron

    Since The Other Is Cool Rock N Roll Pics!

    That's one way to keep Joey from towering over everyone else, and also to keep everyone from towering over Tommy