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  1. Blix

    2 amps using both effects loops in stereo. Doable?

    The common way to do stereo with two amps is using the send from one of amps, into the effect(s) then into the returns of both amps.
  2. Blix

    Mid-price (<$120) neck humbuckers favored for shred leads?

    Another vote for DiMarzio Air Norton here. Fantastic pickup.
  3. Blix

    Ibanez Quamtum pickups

    They got this grating exaggerated pick attack to them. I recorded a quick clip, you can hear the DiMarzio Dreamcatcher bridge pickup has a solid even tone and you hear the pick squeak of the Quantum neck. It doesn't sound all that bad, but to me it need replacing.
  4. Blix

    Ibanez Quamtum pickups

    They suck. I have a Jem Jr, replaced the bridge pickup, need to replace that Quantum neck pickup ASAP.
  5. Blix

    James Tyler USA vs PRS Core models

    Yep, that Tyler looks much better than that gaudy PRS.
  6. Blix

    George Lynch Delay in FRONT of Amp?

    Exactly, OP didn't say when. And listening to old tracks live, any delay would be from FOH. IIRC, he had a bit of an epiphany with the w/d/w stuff, as he never got delay in front to sound like he wanted to.
  7. Blix

    Synergy modular thread

    Yes they are. But at least they have BMT per channel, I really wish my HBE had that.
  8. Blix

    George Lynch Delay in FRONT of Amp?

    Today. You didn't specify when.. :) I'm listening to some 1986 Dokken live right now, Lynch is bone dry with no delay.
  9. Blix

    George Lynch Delay in FRONT of Amp?

    No he doesn't. He does wet/dry/wet with a pair of Roland delays.
  10. Blix

    What is your favorite 2-channel amp?

    Mezzabarrba M Zero Overdrive I have on loan here now. Amazing amp! Based on an SLO.
  11. Blix

    Rounded picks

    Not really . I like pointy picks like Jazz III. But I do sometimes use the rounded edge for a different sound, that's cool.
  12. Blix

    Was EVH a good singer?

    Ed and Mike had a magical sound together. He's singing here:
  13. Blix

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I'd be totally happy with that amp list. Needs a Tri-Chorus though! :D
  14. Blix

    Mesa Cab Clone or Two Notes Captor X

    The EVH 5150 50w has a headphone output with rudimentary speaker simulation you can use silently btw. I used a Suhr Reactive load with my EVH when I had it, for recording mainly, I'm not a fan of guitars and headphones. I listen through studio monitors.
  15. Blix

    Mesa Cab Clone or Two Notes Captor X

    You'll never get a "quality headphone experience". with a load straight to headphones really, if you can swing a Captor X you can just as well buy a Line 6 POD Go, which will be much more satisfying for headphone practise IMO.
  16. Blix

    Splitting send/return signal for wet dry

    It will work, but won't sound as good as using a proper line-out box.
  17. Blix

    Real amp loaded down into modeler?

    I've done that for years with my Suhr load. And a huge benefit is the less latency compared to using an IR-loader in your computer, as long as you have the moniters hooked up to the modeler.
  18. Blix

    screen capturing

    Hehe, I had to demonstrate the audio was recorded at the same time :p
  19. Blix

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    UK is still technically in the EU economically, the transition period ends December 31th this year.
  20. Blix

    Question about re-amping volume

    This will depend on the level you send from the Suhr Load, for best signal to noise ratio, set the level as hot as you can without clipping the inputs on the effects downstream, and that sets the max for what you power amps have to work with.. :)
  21. Blix

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I just estimated quickly from the original price, which is VAT included, it will probably end up around the same in the UK, but don't hold me responsible if it gets more expensive :D
  22. Blix

    screen capturing

    Thanks for asking, now I learned how :p You can just use Quicktime, I just tried and it works! The audio from my guitar can out a little lopsided to the left , but I'm sure that's just a setting I need to fix. Just scroll down to "use Quicktime"
  23. Blix

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Just use google: XXXX EUR to GBP and you get the price in pounds.I'll estimate around £1450 depending on VAT.
  24. Blix

    WTB Barefaced Reformer 1x12 cab

    For the op, don't think there's many of them over on your continent, just as well order direct and be done with it. I have two of them with Celestion Redbacks, sounds killer! :)
  25. Blix

    Splitting send/return signal for wet dry

    You will be surprised how fun it is, even the little Peavey will make it sound huge! :) Also using the line-out box is better than splitting from the preamp send, you'll get the whole tone of your amp with the line solution, much better.