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  1. openbar

    Medical Grade Collings gas

    If you’re talking about Music Emporium, I’m sorry but you’re on your own buddy! (hangs head and admits to having bought 2 Collings instruments from them...)
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    NPD - The Boss I never knew I needed

    mine sounds GREAT running into a Deluxe Reverb, which is definitely not “cooking”. Run the gain around noon and it’s a great overdrive, though brighter than most.
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    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    Never cared much for them either, still I have owned several. Back in the 80s it was essentially the only fuzz available to us garage players. Every once in a while you’d see a Fuzz Face.
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    Incoming NPD: Aclam Dr Robert...

    Oooooh. Post clips!
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    Guitar through headphones, while couch surfing.

    Thanks, I was wondering about that one.
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    1965-1975: Horror Movie Fuzz'n'Wah

    Just seems like another Basic Audio fuzz demo...
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    Current State of the Pedal Demo World

    Remember when the only way you found out about a pedal was in Guitar Player magazine, whether it was an ad or a review? Well guess what, those reviews were rarely negative because they were, in some way, paid for. Some things never change.
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    Current State of the Pedal Demo World

    The only downside is you have to wade through lots of them which feature little to no playing skills.
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    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    Anyone get the fuzz yet? A hands-on review?
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    Ramble FX Twin Bender

    The 1.5 side was the best germanium fuzz I ever had, why did I sell it?
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    Marshall Pedal for Fender

    Save yourself a lot of money and headaches and get a DS-1!
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    Anyone else think they are done selling pedals on Reverb?

    A pedal recently listed by me: TGP: 143 views, Reverb: 231. Another pedal I put on FB marketplace, 19 views in 2 weeks. Then I put it on Reverb, 45 views in 2 days before it sold for a normal price.
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    Low latency vibrato pedal

    The Diamond is the opposite, copywriters would call it “warm”. I call it dreamy.
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    Low latency vibrato pedal

    Diamond user here. I HATE the slapback of all these boutique chorus/vibrato pedals, I don't sense it with the Diamond. Just pure, gentle bending of the time/space continuum.
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    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    I for one think it's a masterstroke by Josh/JHS. Their market share will explode, all whilst employing more Americans.
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    Best Vibrato Pedal??

    Did the original Boss VB-2 also not do slow vibrato?
  17. openbar

    Best Vibrato Pedal??

    My CE-5 with the dummy plug gives a great vibrato. Tone controls and effect level are integral to the sound, though it seems few people have noticed these. Bang for buck winner. That being said, as far as I’m concerned, NOTHING compares to the Diamond. I put it off because of the price, but in...
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    Anyone buy a pedal after it got way more expensive?

    One thing is for sure: the price drops when I go to sell it. :jo
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    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    Right. And in painting, you can make a great black by mixing blue, red, and some yellow. So it's not the absence of color. Or is it?
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    in 20 years, i wonder what effect we'll be accused of overusing?

    Couldn't agree more and I have a few years on you. Do you think they could sell a kazillion pedals a year if guitar were dead? People that claim that new music sucks are lazy or chauvinistic or both. Can hear a new act almost daily that is excellent, with great guitar playing and tone. In...
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    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    THIS is exciting, can’t wait to try it.
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    I don't really like Strats...(NGD)

    Congrats, what a fun guitar. And they are RARE in that color!
  23. openbar

    What makes Nash guitars to special?

    Anybody know exactly which Allparts neck profile he uses for the S-57? I've played about 6 of them and they all felt great.