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    2019 Gibson Pelham Blue SG Special (Original Collection)

    What’s the neck profile like on these? Is it wide/thin D shape or more rounded C ?
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    Van Halen to continue?

    Wolf was set to release his solo album. If he took it on the road, I wonder who would be in the band?
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    PRS CE-22 (1994) = my go to guitar!

    Still have my goldtop. Solid and dependable. Played it stock for many years. Tastes changed and swapped in some lower wind pickups, but kept the 5-way. I toy with the idea of putting a 3-way switch, but I like some of the tele/strat tones I can get. It covers a lot of bases.
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    Ahh nothing like a fresh set of strings on a tele. Also, flatwounds SUCK!

    new strings on anything, yes! :beer
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    Adrian Belew - Oh Daddy

    Don’t forget the fuzzy foxx tone kitty cat sounds!
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    Buddy Rich : Mike Douglas Show

    I happened to catch part of an old Buddy special on PBS last night. Great footage with Lionel Hampton and other jazz greats. For me, it is often difficult to separate the artist from the work. There are many I can’t tolerate any longer. I’ll leave it at that.
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    Guilds at Target??

    Strings and all sorts of things also available via MF. Interesting, change to storefront. the Guilds appear to be Indonesian btw
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    Gibson Pelham blue and no grain filler. Why?

    Hard to tell what model you’ve posted but there are some Epiphones with a TV Pelham Blue finish. PB is definitely one of my faves btw:)
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    Lemon oil on rosewood fretboards

    Neal Schon prefers salami grease :roll
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    Smaller bodied Semi hollows

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    Smaller bodied Semi hollows

    339 here
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    Thoughts on the PRS McCarty 594

    My eyes gravitate towards the singlecut version but I can definitely hear the differences when listening to the PRS videos of the 594 models. The double cut has a different low end. They’re different and one may prefer one over the other. Congrats!
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    Lemon oil on rosewood fretboards

    I have a bottle of Roche Thomas fingerboard oil that is probably 10 years old. A little goes a long way. I recall John Suhr recommended it here on a previous thread. That being said, I use mineral oil on my wood cutting boards. Thanks Mr. Kirn!
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    YouTube Ads Are Out Of Control

    Totally agree re the ads! Ad blockers do help if using a browser but not on the iPhone app. while I’m at it, I’m not enjoying Instagram as much since it turned into tiktok overnight with the introduction of “reels”. :bonk
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    Prs S2 594 Vs. Prs Core 594

    From what I understand, the necks differ. S2 594 necks are 3 piece construction.
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    Ozzy's "I Don't Know"

    Nice job! Were you double or triple tracking the solo like Randy? Great job!!
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    Prs S2 594 Vs. Prs Core 594

    The tops I’ve seen on the S2 594s so far aren’t matched up so well. I’m not big on flame tops, I wish they’d actually done more solid colors and a goldtop. They’ve only done a few limited solid colors on the 594 (except for the thinline which is all mahogany body). A used core 594 appears to be...
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    Prs S2 594 Vs. Prs Core 594

    Bumped for continued interest in the S2 594 guitars :cool:
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    Calling all Blue Guitars!!!

    Pelham blue
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    Has the Celestion A style speaker fallen out of favour?

    The V type isn’t discussed much either but it’s used in a lot of amps including the Suhr Hombres that was recently released. I’m am curious about both.
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    Grissom says the HX Stomp sounds more “digital” than M9?

    Maybe it sounds warmer or more analog in front of the amp?? Some players prefer the older rack units for the same reason.
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    NAD: Fender Pro Junior IV

    Congrats! They love pedals too.