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  1. mad dog

    P-90s do you like em?

    "Like" does not cover it for me. Full on P-90 love here. So many good ones. The Lollar P90s in my Eastman T64v are outstanding. Same goes for the original "Franz" pickup - sort of a low wind P90 but not quite the same - in a '61 Guild X50 archtop. Ditto the Ian Anderson wound P90s in a spanish...
  2. mad dog

    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    Playing guitar has been a steadying behavior in times of great trouble, a real positive for mental and emotional health. I cannot generalize on this. That has been my experience.
  3. mad dog

    Any opinions on the Fender Eric Clapton Tremolux?

    You're right. I never used the built in trem, never thought about whether it was usable. Traded into a used one at a good price, so wasn't too concerned about a sky high price either. Had it been a question of buying one new, I would not have owned it.
  4. mad dog

    Best 1x12 cab you’ve ever played through?

    Pure 64 ported 1x12, with the custom ceramic speaker it came with originally. A very big, room filling sound for such a small, light cabinet.
  5. mad dog

    Guild GAS

    I've got it too. Bad. Gassing for old and new Guilds. My '61 X50 sounds so fine, I keep looking for older CE-100s and X-175s, anything with the original Franz p/u. The newer Guild I most want is the X-350 Stratford. Not sure why I think this, but the X-350 strikes me as the better guitar...
  6. mad dog

    Jazz Guitars

    It comes down to personal taste, playing comfort, and how you want to sound. I've come to love P90 equipped hollowbodies for jazz practice. To the exclusion of pretty much everything else, for that purpose I mean. But that's just me, how I want things to sound. You have to experiment, see for...
  7. mad dog

    Where are my SS friends at?

    I'm playing two, with hollowbodies and archtops only so far: A late 90s Evans SE-150. 15" speaker, 150 watts. Has reverb, but I never use it. Prefer a pedal. Still has the stock 4 ohm ceramic speaker. Has a MV, but it can't be used to dial in distortion. Strange. A very rich, fine sounding amp...
  8. mad dog

    Just discovered Tisziji Munoz...looking for other recommendations

    A beautiful cut. I saw this band a couple years ago. Impressive music. Immersive and spiritual in a way I didn't really expect.
  9. mad dog

    Reverend Guitars

    I have owned more than a few Reverends. Some really fine guitars. The 20th anniversary Double Agent I have now is the best one yet. A seriously good and useful guitar, out of proportion to the price.
  10. mad dog

    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    My worst experience selling a guitar was not due to the buyer ... it came down to the guy who'd sold me the guitar, or a previous owner. A really nice Heritage H525, purchased on another guitar site. Nothing disclosed as far as mods/changes, and I noticed nothing. Couple years later, I have to...
  11. mad dog

    What's Everyone Playing Today?

    '60 Guild X50 archtop, into an old Evans SE 150 amp.
  12. mad dog

    People you were surprised to find out were good on guitar

    Man, does that ever hit the spot. What an excellent show that must have been to see live.
  13. mad dog

    Your Favorite HB/P90 Combo Guitar

    Reverend Double Agent. Mine is the 20th anniversary model with roasted maple neck, trem. That P90 in the neck spot is something special.
  14. mad dog

    Silly CL/Reverb negotiation tactics

    Had a guy last year low ball me on a guitar I had up on CL. A ridiculous offer on a rather modestly priced guitar. I responded "No thank you." He came back a day later, all pissed off. "That's not how this works. I make an offer. If you don't like it, you make a counter offer ..." And so on...
  15. mad dog

    Question re pre T tops in 67 es335

    The stock pickups in my '66 ES 335 were the best humbuckers I've heard yet. Quite lively, twangy with this beautiful edge as the volume went up. I've played other 335s from that era that didn't even come close, though they no doubt had the same pickups. Why that would be, I have no idea.
  16. mad dog

    Did You Buy Any Guitars Amps & Kit During Lockdown

    I sold more than I bought. What came in: a late 90s Evans SE 150 1x15 SS amp ... a Gretsch 5422t hollowbody ... an eastman T64V hollowbody.
  17. mad dog

    "Only Selling Because This Guitar Deserves To Be Played"

    Just cause you can't relate to that feeling does not make it a pitch. Oh, I'm sure it can be just a sales pitch. But I've felt that way often enough to recognize the validity of the feeling. I've sold several fine guitars because I just couldn't stand seeing them not get played nearly enough.
  18. mad dog

    At what point does music become Jazz ?

    This thread is a good example of how elusive genre definitions and borders are. I doubt most capable jazz players spend a lot of time defining like this. The music is as much environment and culture as it is product/output ... experiential. A consensus, shared discipline. That kind of thing is...
  19. mad dog

    Musicians with best stage presence

    Many come to mind. Elvin Bishop first. Loose, funny, warm. John McLoughlin commands the stage in a very different way. Some kind of dark force. Serious, compelling.
  20. mad dog

    Sold Lightweight Pine 2x10, matte finish

    That's beautiful. Good job!
  21. mad dog

    NGD: Heritage H-530 H530

    I tried one once. Should have grabbed it.
  22. mad dog

    WTB Celestion Fullback 15" speaker

    Looking for one within driving distance of the greater NY metro area. I have a WGS G15C for trade if that would help.
  23. mad dog

    Tremolo Pedals?

    I love the clips of the bard. Thinking on getting one. Are there any more affordable pedals that come close to the warmth and depth of the Bard bias vary trem?