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    Sold Voodoo V-Plex 50 head

    This is the non master volume version. Neil
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    Sold Voodoo V-Plex 50 head

    This is an amazing amp. A total rock and roll machine. It is very loud! Amp is in great condition. Selling for $750 plus shipping. Trade (partial or straight trade) for something with fender showman cleans. I had this for sale last month but had to go out of town for an extended business...
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    Hiwatt DR504 output transformer help needed

    I just picked up a 1975 DR504 (4 hole) amp. I knew it had a non original output transformer when I bought it. The replacement transformer has a sticky label with Drake Transformers. TXOP 00005 09 98 I am guessing TXOP is 'transformer output' and it was made in week 9 of 1998. There...
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    Tough decissions.

    Hi, Just came across this post. I had a 1x12 Bonneville and thought it was a great amp. The only downside was the lack of a footswitch. I wish I still had it. Did you make a decision on keeping it or did you sell it and get the Vox? Cheers Neil
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    Plexi cleans help

    Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. For clarification, I was not stating the Germino is a thin sounding amp, only that that is the reason I have in mind as to why I sold it. I know I sold a lot of amps without really working hard to get the sound I wanted from them. I hadn't heard of...
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    Plexi cleans help

    Hi TGPers, I am GASing for those big plexi cleans and would appreciate some help with recommendations for around $1000 (more if the resale is solid). I know there are a ton of threads on this so apologies for the repeat but I have found it hard to get a consistent understanding from these...
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    New Nova System Pedal Board (pic)

    I have been struggling to accommodate my Nova System with off the shelf pedal boards. Your solution looks great. Would you share some more details? Dimensions, construction techniques, sources of materials (e.g. the case)? Thanks Neil
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    Peter Green (w/Bluesbreakers) The Supernatural tone

    A TGPer (forget his handle but I think his name is Pete) has written that he was at the studio when this was being recorded and an element of the sustain comes from the engineer riding the faders. Maybe he will chime in on this thread. Cheers Neil
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    Can anyone give me the lowdown on the Matamp 1224?

    I have had 2 1224's. Then first I ordered when they were first announced and then waited and waited for it to ship to the US. I do not have it now so this is from memory - I do know I wanted this amp to be amazing! It is a versatile amp with many tonal options and is well made. However, it...
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    saddest guitar solo ever?

    Lots of great suggestions. To which I will add Billy Gibbons on 'rough boys'. Not the saddest maybe, but close to it.....
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    Tele vs (Hardtail) strat. Help needed.

    I have a nice strat (with trem) and an OK Tele. I prefer to play the Tele. I like the way it feels and I like the tones. The strat has good tones but doesnt feel as good to play (despite being a better guitar in terms of set up and wood quality). My main guitar is a Les Paul. I wonder if the...
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    Open blues jam… I'm intimidated

    There are quite a few jams in the area. Val King (King Amplification, Tabernacle of Tone - very cool store and worth checking out) lists a bunch of them in his email newsletters:- Sunday Night Blues Jam - Quarter Note - Sunnyvale hosted by Craig and Second Cuzins. Monday Night Blues Jam -...
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    Bassman Blues - strange distorted sound

    First off, thanks for all the help. The amp is now working great and sounding like a bassman should. It is both quiet and extremely loud as it should be. It has had a few hours burn in and appears to be stable. Here are the work/fixes done: 1) New tube socket for one of the power tubes...
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    Bassman Blues - strange distorted sound

    Thanks for all the great replies, I really appreciate it. To clarify, the bias isn't set at -58v. Thats just the biggest number of volts available from the bias supply (indicating it is probably working OK). The bias is set to ~35ma (via a biasrite) which (from memory) was about -46 v on pin...
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    Bassman Blues - strange distorted sound

    I am posting this in the hope that someone can point me to some things to try out. I have searched on TGP and the web in general but have not found any help. Which may say more about my google skills! The headlines:- The amp: ~67 drip edge bassman with some mods. The problem: Notes...
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    What's the consensus @ TGP on the Trace Elliot Speed Twin?

    I have owned 2 or 3 Speed Twin combos, a Trident and a Bonneville. (As well as 4 or more Velocettes, including the 1x12 version and a rare single ended model). They all have reliability stories of one sort or another and to be fair one of my Velocettes and the Trident were broken when I got...
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    Certificate of Authenticity for LPR-0

    Have just moved and come across the CoA for a Gibson Les Paul LPR-0 I used to own. I think I sold it to someone on TGP. The serial number is 0-5137. If you now own that guitar (or know who does) and want the CoA email me. All the best Neil
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    Help needed - 1975 Fender Twin Reverb value

    Thanks for all the great replies. The amp is at a local store and the sticker price is around $750. Thanks again Neil
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    Help needed - 1975 Fender Twin Reverb value

    I am looking for some help on the value of a 1975 Fender Twin Reverb. It is a silver face with master volume. It has a pair of JBLs which look to be original. I have been looking for a good fender amp for a while and have owned some nice ones in the past only to sell them again to try other...
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    Hermida Reverb

    My experience has been that overdriven amp tones always make it seem like there is much more reverb than the same reverb settings with clean sounds. Whether an internal reverb or an external effect is used. I dont know why this is.
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    Trace Elliott Speed Twin, Anybody own one, or played one?

    I have the manual in pdf. Let me have your email address and I will send it to you. (And anyone else that needs it)
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    Teaching Major scale vs Pentatonic - help needed

    I am teaching some 13 year olds to play guitar. They started from scratch and are doing well. I am trying to keep a balance between the instant gratification of banging out a tune and learning something about the theory. I am not a teacher nor do I have any formal music training. So we worked...
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    NorCal/ Bay Area Jam: It might get LOUD ;-)

    Thanks for arranging this Ted. I couldnt stay long but really enjoyed the guys playing lap steel. Hopefully you can do it again. Cheers Neil
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    Anybody play electric with a 1.75" nut?

    I had a Les Paul type guitar by northwood. Fantastic instrument. It had a 1.75 inch nut and I recall a 25.5 inch scale. It played really well although switching from a standard neck to this one took a while to adjust to. No downsides to this setup but the extra room didn't help me with chords...
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    NorCal/ Bay Area Jam: It might get LOUD ;-)

    This is very cool of you to arrange this. I have put it in the calender and hope to be there. Cheers Neil