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  1. K-Line

    Opinions- Cream or Aged white Buckers on build

    The raw nickel is cool but the cream match the tuner buttons
  2. K-Line

    Fender Custom Shop Fat 60's pickups??

    I do as well. My Signature S set is A2. Nice warmth with bite when you hit the string harder. Very dynamic magnet for a strat pickup.
  3. K-Line

    Help upgrading Bridge on my CS CC Stratocaster Please

    Gotoh 510TS-SF1
  4. K-Line

    Can you identify builder of this Tele neck?

    I concur with Ron.
  5. K-Line

    Is there anything "Boutique" similar to Dimarzio FRED/PAF Pro combo?

    I would say look at a set that is mid 7's for neck and about 8K for bridge, A5. I know a guy who does this set....:)
  6. K-Line


    There is no supply without demand!
  7. K-Line

    No "rationally" staggered single coils? Current stagger convention makes no sense to me.

    Many are trying to gain an edge. Maybe it is because they are following the vintage recipe?! I personally like flat poles except in the lower output formvar sets. It is all just spins on tradition I suppose.
  8. K-Line

    P.A.F question

    Materials are about the only thing you can control. Otherwise they wound scattered and random. So tight, some looser. Some hot, some low. Played many PAFs and as stated above, most were good, some great, and some were not good. Just like any guitar made back in the day.
  9. K-Line

    Ergonomic guitar manufacturers?

    Forshage. He is a great dude, builds a mean guitar.
  10. K-Line

    Wow Alnico 3’s!!!!!!!!

    I can.
  11. K-Line

    My dream Stratocaster Neck Pickup... trying to find it!

    I would say the flat pole (not flagpole) Signature is the most scooped and closest to the Blonde as it is alnico 2 magnets which has a softer attack. The 64 is a bit hotter and A5 so it is a balanced, clear attack like a piano.
  12. K-Line

    Strat nut/string tree issue

    I use butterfly trees and never have an issue. The slots are 90% of the issue 100% of the time.
  13. K-Line

    My dream Stratocaster Neck Pickup... trying to find it!

    The 64 flagpole would be the pickup. Now you have to make sure they will all work together properly. I wind mine S up and Clockwise.
  14. K-Line

    Guitar as a consumable?

    When I saw a consumable I was expecting to see a guitar built out of a funnel cake or filet.
  15. K-Line

    Strat nut/string tree issue

    You just need to dress the nut slots properly.
  16. K-Line

    Seeking color mixing advice fender white blonde

    I have been trying for year to fill spots on guitars that I have using the original paint. Any semi trans finishes are supper difficult. Someday I hope to figure it out but not yet.
  17. K-Line

    How hard is it to do faux binding myself

    auto body stripping tape is the way to do it. Just make sure the sealer coats are very level. Not hard to make it straight really. Far less work. You can buy the 3m stuff off amazon.
  18. K-Line

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    Early 80's Fender Princeton Reverb II with all old RCA tubes and Eminence Wizard speaker. Still own it and will go to my grave with me.
  19. K-Line

    Brazillian rosewood worth all the hype?

    I think the difference in two solid bras necks would be the same as the difference between an Indian and Braz.