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    Keith Jarrett unlikely to perform again
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    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    In my case, maybe no...
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    P-90s do you like em?

    Like them, use them with my current band (LP Special), but can't say I like them better than HB or Fender single coil.
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    Les Paul: P90 vs Humbucker

    I have most- humbuckers, mini humbuckers, and p-90s on my Les Pauls. I currently use a LP Special w p-90s with my group. However, I Probably prefer HBs with my Gibsons, as I prefer single coil sounds from my Fenders.
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    Hendrix songs where he uses Fender amplifiers

    Precision I think.
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    Alternative to a Boss SD-1

    There're not many clones of a pedal that sells for $50 new and $25-$30 used.
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    Hendrix Tribute Strat

    You might have to redo the nut as it's cut to be played righty.
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    Hendrix Tribute Strat

    I have one. It's a lefty strung righty. I like it alot. Just like a late 60s Strat- 3 way pickup selector, positions 2 and 4 not hum canceled. Low output pickups with a glassy sound.
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    Is there a pedal out there that you've always wanted, but couldn't bring yourself to spend for?

    Roger Mayer Vision Wah. Played one over a decade ago and loved it, but don't use wah enough to spring the $500 plus.
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    Les Paul GoldTop, do you prefer P90s or humbuckers?

    That's what I have- A LP Special with p90s that I'm currently using with band. My r8 and Deluxe have regular and mini humbuckers.
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    Zoom MS70CDR good pedal or good for the money?

    Like and use mine. Plus, it has a tuner to boot!
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    Popol Vuh in Chevy Trailblazer commercial

    So I have TV on, and there’s a Chevy Trailblazer commercial, and my ears perk up to the music of Popol Vuh, one of my favorite dream drone outfits of the last half century, Fack.
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    First fuzz face - what to get?

    I like the Dunlop Minis, the Germanium and Hendrix models in particular.
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    Your favourite boost / overdrive for a Marshall

    I like the Timmy (Super Lead) and the Zvex Box Of Rock (JTM45.)
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    Silicon Tonebender MKII roundup

    Throbak Stone Bender's germanium.
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    7.25 radius and vintage frets, why do people hate these?

    I'm used to 7.25" and small frets on my Fenders, they feel more 'Fender' to me.
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    Masters of the Wah

    Miles Davis.
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    Steve Grossman, RIP

    Steve Grossman, saxophonist with Miles Davis during Jack Johnson and Big Fun sessions.
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    Did JHS ruin Behringer for a lot of us? Social media and gear availability

    ! have the behringer dc-2 clone. Stereo outs.
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    Desert Island..u got 1 fuzz pedal to take...??

    Zvex Fuzz Factory, Zvex Machine.