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    NGD !! 59 ES 345 TD

    Wow Rob - CONGRATS, you're STOKED! I can't wait to hear it, even see it if we can make the time! So stoked, Dana O!
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    Kirn Signature trans red!

    Very nice - love the binding too, on the Red! Dude, you're STOKED! Thanks for the pics, Dana O.
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    NGD Les Paul Junior

    Gorgeous - you're STOKED! Thanks , Dana O.
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    Fret/fingerboard radius vs String/saddle radius for 7-1/4" "Fender-like"?

    It's presumptuous of me to answer as a "Pro", but ... IMO, the 'right way' to set up the action, after adjusting the relief, is to start by setting each individual string at around 4/64" measured at the 17th fret, with the high strings a fraction of a hair lower and the lowest E a tiny bit...
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    Let’s talk a bit about Naylor

    I sometimes play a Blonde Bassman head through it - sounds great, and is easy to hear (LOL - It's loud). It's sad - great cab, but it doesn't get much use. I do not own a Naylor amp. I LOVED the Duel 60, missed out on one at Rockers Music in San Fran in 2005 or 2006 - a head and 4x10 rig, brand...
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    Let’s talk a bit about Naylor

    What's your geographic location? I have an original Naylor 4x10 cab - I live in Santa Barbara, CA. Great sounding cab - darker than some, but great tone. Thanks, Dana O.
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    Anyone remembers Taku Sakashta?

    Taku was a great designer and a great builder, and he was starting to wind some excellent pickups too, before his senseless murder in 2010. And he was a really cool cat too - friendly, polite, engaging - mostly he was interested in doing the best work he possibly could. I still feel for his...
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    Yesterday was a good day....

    Those '54 neck pickups are their own thing - I've never heard anything like a stock '54 neck pickup - great tone! Hogy knows way more about 'em than I do, but I dig 'em. Thanks, Dana O.
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    NGD: 1959 Les Paul Jr TV model

    What a great find - you're STOKED! I have yet to play a bad sounding stock vintage LP Junior. I've preferred some over others, but never once have I played a vintage LP Junior that I thought didn't sound good enough to gig with, double or single cut, red or TV. Congrats, you're STOKED, Dana O.
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    New Guitar Day (Vintage Junior Content!)

    Dude, you're STOKED! LP Juniors, in my opinion, are fairly unique in the vintage world because of their high average quality. Of all the vintage guitars I've played, LP Juniors are pretty uniquely great sounding and playing. I've played ones I liked better and one's I've liked less, but since...
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    RIP Annie Ross

    A true legend - great pipes, great all 'round! RIP Annie - ya done good! Thanks, Dana O/
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    Return of Black Beauty

    Willie's American Guitars is a wonderful shop. I go there whenever I'm in the Twin Cities. My Mom's from MN - I spent all my summers there growing up, and I still have relatives there. I try to visit every year. Mark Robinson turned me on to Willie's. Nate's a cool kat too. When I first started...
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    The Most Beautiful Vintage Guitar I've owned (NVGD)

    I'm late to the party, but WOW - Dude, you're STOKED! Great find, play it in good health! Thanks, Dana O.
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    Electric guitar setup advise

    Hey Y'all - Having the frets leveled and crowned is not part of a regular setup - the tech will charge extra for that, propably $75-$100 ish. However, the tech should take a look at it first - maybe it doesn't NEED a level and crown, maybe all it needs is a basic setup, which I agree should be...
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    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    In around 2001 I went by a guy's house in LA who collected Braz fboard PRSs - he had a number of them for sale - a total of 7 PRSs, 5 w/ Braz fboards. 1 of those had a noticeable tonal difference - it sounded great! Another had enough tonal difference that you could tell with your eyes closed...
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    When did 50's & 60's instruments become so desireable?

    No, not today's dollars - 1974 dollars. A friend and I helped 2 other pals buy a mint condition 1960 Les Paul Standard Sunburst in 1974. The price was $2400 - most of my friends were scandalized at the price. All the hang tags & case candy, all original, 10 out of 10 condition, mint. It was a...
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    When did 50's & 60's instruments become so desireable?

    I graduated from high school in '74 in Los Angeles, and in my circle of friends, 50's and 60's guitars and amps were well known and desirable by then. They were also more plentiful - a '58-'60 Les Paul was @ $2200, 50's Strats were $1500, 60's Strats $1100-$1200. Also helped by the fact that...
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    Tele builder up to $2399?

    If you extend you're budget up a couple hundred, Tom Kelley in Santa Barbara is fantastic. Check it out: I own several - they're all excellent! Thanks, Dana O.
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    Happy Birthday, Lester William Polsfuss

    Ha - Happy Birthday Les Paul!
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    Zorko El Basso!

    Thanks Hogy - very interesting. The Baby Bass was in use in LA when I was in high school - I heard a couple cats play them at gigs. At the time, they were about the only 'crossover' bass instrument I knew of that had elements of acoustic and elements of electric in it. and that shape - pretty...
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    Zorko El Basso!

    Looks vaguely Ampeg-ish to me? Love the logo! Really cool, Hogy! Thanks, Dana O.
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    You Own Kauer Banshee #351 ... What Do You Do Next???

    Well, did the truck arrive yet? Any clips yet? They both look so cool - any Kauer is well worth owning and playing, but those two look fantastic! I've been exposed to Big Mike's so I was able to keep from passing out when I saw the pics! LOL! Dude, you're STOKED! Great job Doug, and great...
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    Hey Greg - My contacts at the two guitar stores in Minnesota haven't got back to me with any usable info on Rob's contact info either - sorry, I tried. Best, Dana O.
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    1961 Gibson ES-335TD

    Gorgeous - you're STOKED! Thanks, Dana O.