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  1. esoteric pete

    FS Mad professor mellow yellow trem HW

    Blue collar is sold, MP trem still available!
  2. esoteric pete

    Best guys to refinish a pre-CBS body?

    id recommend carson hess. look him up.
  3. esoteric pete

    WTB Octron 3

    PM me with pic and price if you have an octron 3 you’d like to move Can also offer a handwired menatone blue collar OD or handwired mad professor tremolo in trade.. TIA!
  4. esoteric pete

    My late-60's hippie refin tele has come back to life!

    yeah, i wanted to match the necks wear, which is played in, but not "worn" quite yet. i think carson really nailed it.
  5. esoteric pete

    '65 Strat on Ebay, No Reserve

    that’s always been the gamble with buying any guitar online. Some people are comfortable spending that kind of money and taking the chance. It’s a bit much for me without handling it first for that very reason. Not all vintage guitars are good guitars.
  6. esoteric pete

    My late-60's hippie refin tele has come back to life!

    the saddles that were on the guitar when i got it were the threaded ones but the ones in the pic are rutters strait-comp, which is why they look so even, its also possible that i took the pics before final intonation tweaks.. hey @gkoelling ! thanks man, i think the hardware is original, or at...
  7. esoteric pete

    ‘66 Tele with vintage wiring - change to modern? (Pics Added)

    i greatly prefer the modern wiring....i personally wouldn't find much use for vintage wiring on a telecaster specifically.
  8. esoteric pete

    FS Mad professor mellow yellow trem HW

    Menatone blue collar OD (4 knob, handwired from 2019) this is a KILLER OD. harmonics, fatness, plenty of gain...huge sounding! like new, with box. - $old shipped/PP'd MP handwired mellow yellow tremolo. there’s Velcro applied to the bottom, No box, excellent shape otherwise as a bonus, it...
  9. esoteric pete

    Green Thang! Post your green thingamajigger

    my healy guitars "healer" model.
  10. esoteric pete

    My late-60's hippie refin tele has come back to life!

    i agree 100%. the cool thing about the replaced neck is that, it was ordered as a replacement for THIS body.. and because of this the neck didnt simply get swapped from another guitar, which is the typically what you see/assume. so even thought its not the original neck to the body, there is...
  11. esoteric pete

    Does anybody market him/themselves half as hard as Joe Bonamassa?

    i say whatever, and good for him. im a fan if his instagram account but not a huge fn of his band/music. great player when hes not doing the EJ thing (although, thats a feat in itself, id just rather hear him not) i highly doubt that hes the sole owner of the collection. i believe there are...
  12. esoteric pete

    My late-60's hippie refin tele has come back to life!

    thanks! yes, the finish is aged a little. nothing matches the wear on the neck appropriately. This is Carson's specialty and his work is really amazing. I like to think of it as more of a restoration than a refin. (although its technically refinished, for sure!) but its been brought...
  13. esoteric pete

    My late-60's hippie refin tele has come back to life!

    I had posted this guitar a while back but wanted to share in its recent unveiling! This past February a friend got in touch with me about a guitar he couldn't snag at the time, so he was passing the offer to me. His co-worker wanted to sell it and i only had one pic to go off before committing...
  14. esoteric pete

    Do all Bassmans sound like this?

    I have an AB165 that i put into an oversized combo cab with a single 12. That amp sounds very similar to the one the OP posted. It’s an excellent amp and if that’s the sound you’re after, I’d just try and figure out a way to get there. They are loud but tamable.
  15. esoteric pete

    Cathode Bias Amps With Good Clean Headroom

    lots of carr offerings, which sound incredible
  16. esoteric pete

    ONLY : ONE overdrive + ONE fuzz + ONE distortion + ONE boost

    zombie thread from 2009! ill play BC183 sunface> menatone blue collar> original zendrive
  17. esoteric pete

    AB165 Bassman combo

    i dont believe so, on any account - fender had some weird stuff slip out during that era, employee built personal stuff, etc. but ive never heard or seen an original from-the-factory blackface bassman COMBO.
  18. esoteric pete

    AB165 Bassman combo

    thank you, not looking for a British style speaker in this amp.
  19. esoteric pete

    AB165 Bassman combo

    not too worried about the jensen right now. no gigs happening which gives me time to sort of a different speaker if i choose. right now its only getting played at home at moderate levels at best. ill probably figure out a way to order weber's version of the C12N (a 12F150) in a 4ohm (as i like...
  20. esoteric pete

    Bossanova guitarist - available for parties and bar mitzvahs

    he looks incredibly uncomfortable.
  21. esoteric pete

    68 Bassman Opinions

    i have a 67. killer amp. and i mean KILLER. go buy that thing. you wont regret it and if you happen to, you wont be losing any money!